Friday Update on Promised Love 9th April 2021


Friday Update on Promised Love 9th April 2021

Noor receiving bouquet from Adil with a sweet message. Noor says he has sent bouquet for me and says he is trying to become more frank and fast. Mashuqa says few people don’t get that too. Shayra tells that Adil is nice. Noor opens the gift and sees punching toy. She reads the message and tells that both are joker, gift and the person sending it. Shayra asks her to send thanks and tells that Adil likes you. Noor says I am cute. Shayra asks why you are not giving him a chance.

Noor says it is not Adil’s mistake, first marriage couldn’t happen, second marriage broke and the people think me inauspicious. She says she wanted to marry since childhood, but now she wants to make her own identity. Shayra says she is with her. She tells that she has to make people understand what she is and what she deserves. Noor smiles. Azaan asks Noor to concentrate on her career and don’t think about Adil. He says marriage is a stupid thing. Shayra asks what you said. Azaan says he is talking about others. He asks Noor to go on a shopping. Noor says she has more important work than shopping. Shayra asks Azaan to go to office.

Azaan says I can’t stay away from you both, one is my heart and other is jaan. He asks Noor not to give any chance to Adil. Adil calls Noor. Azaan rejects the call. Shayra asks him to let her thank Adil. She comes out of room. Adil calls Shayra and tells that he wants to talk to her about Noor and calls her to his house. Shayra says ok and thinks I will tell Noor’s decision to him. She thinks he shall know this decision.

Dilruba dances seeing song on his mobile. Mashuqa asks if he heard what she said. He says yes and continues dancing. Mashuqa says she doesn’t get anyone. Dilruba says nothing can happen between Noor and Adil and says he will win the bet.

Shayra comes to Adil’s house. Adil asks her to come inside and sit. Shayra says I came to tell you something and says Noor is very dear to me and don’t want to get hurt emotionally again. He says I don’t want to hurt her and tells that he likes Noor as she is the only one who can understand him and share his pain. He says I have nobody in my family to talk about my alliance and says I called you here to talk about my marriage. He says Noor and I was in same situation and says I wanted to marry her, but didn’t ask for her opinion. He says he understood that she needs time as she is broken from inside.

Shayra says I came to tell you that Noor needs time and is not ready for marriage. She says she is happy that he understands Noor. Adil hugs her shocking her and then says sorry. Shayra gets some smell and asks Adil. Adil says his nose is closed and asks if it is inhaler’s smell. Shayra says this is LPG smell. She says gas is leaking and asks him to check. Adil says I will open the windows and asks her to go. Shayra runs from there. The house blasts. Her earrings fall down there while she is running. She sees Adil running out and jumping down the stairs. Shayra takes off her dupatta and keeps on his burning jacket to set it off. She asks are you fine? He nods yes.

Azaan calls Shayra and asks Noor about Shayra. He says she is not picking her call. Shayra comes home without her dupatta. Adil comes behind her. Azaan asks where was she and why she is not picking the call. He sees Adil and asks what is he doing here. Shayra tells that she went to his house to talk to him, there was a gas leakage and big blast in the house. Azaan asks why didn’t you tell me. Shayra says we went to hospital. Adil has no place to live so I brought him here. Azaan says he can stay in hotel. Adil says my ID cards and everything is destroyed in the bomb. Shayra asks Azaan to let him stay here. Azaan doubts Adil. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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