Friday Update on Complicated Love 9th October 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 9th October 2020

Mauli tastes the kheer and complements it to be really tasty. She says she had surprised Nandini, how she cooked kheer then? Nandini replies she cooked it by the way.
Outside, Kunal notices calls from Mauli and decides to call him. Mauli cheers watching the call. She tells him that she is having kheer made by Nandini, jealous? Kunal says he is returning from Pune’s conference? Mauli was happy and asks why he even left? After the call, Mauli claims her love to be a true one. She asks Nandini to let her go home as Kunal will soon be back. Nandini gives her the kheer as everyone home will like it. Mauli was sure Kunal is going to be crazy.
At night, Kunal lay in the bed awake. He thinks about near to being caught at Nandini’s place. There, Nandini was thinking about Kunal’s confessions. She decides to text him but rejects the idea as Kunal must be asleep. Kunal comes out of bed and eats the kheer. He texts Nandini that kheer is tasty. Both enjoy chatting with each other.
The next morning, Nandini was preparing Rangoli at her home. She sends Kunal a text of Good Morning, Greetings for Janmashtmi. What she should cook today, would he like Panjeeri? He already had Kheer yesterday. Would he go to hospital? Kunal was in washroom. Mauli was intrigued at the continuous messages on his phone. Kunal calls her to check the phone but soon realizes it might be Nandini. He hurries outside and before Mauli could unlock the cell phone he snatches it, explaining it might be the reports of a patient who was critical. Mauli tells him to relax, its Janmashtmi and only a good news would come today.

Dida and Molly prepared the sweet. Mamma was decorating the idol. Mauli says only one thing is missing, Nandini could have prepared a Rangoli as well. Dida says she called Nandini to come here, what would she do there at home? Kunal comes out ready, Mauli whistles. Dida asks Kunal to call Nandini on speaker? Kunal was worried and asks why? Mauli says its Dida’s order, that’s it.
Nandini was confused about selecting the right dress. She takes Kunal’s call and says Dida invited her to Janmashtmi. She feels really tensed even at the thought of… Kunal interrupts saying Dida is here with him and wants to speak to her. Dida was worried and asks Nandini if she felt tensed? She must come here soon before 3 pm. Afterwards, Kunal texts Nandini apologizing for the call. He tells her to wear her favorite red saree. Nandini smiles and dresses up accordingly.
Everyone was busy with preparations. Kunal was continuously busy on phone. Dida asks him to call Nandini. The doorbell rings then, it was Nandini standing in her red saree. Kunal didn’t blink for once. Mauli comes from behind.

Kunal opens the door to Nandini and was mesmerized as she stood in the red dress he had requestd. Mauli comes from behind and calls Nandini’s name. Kunal and Nandini turn around, Mauli asks for Nandini’s consent about her get up. Kunal notices she also wore a red saree. Nandini signals towards Kunal and follows him inside along with Mauli. Mamma compliments Nandini to look beautiful. Mauli sits with Nandini. Dida speaks a verse, ‘she was lost herself while finding Red’. Mauli says she wore the red saree for Kunal, but it seems for Nandini it was a co-incidence. She demands a complement from Kunal. Kunal says she looks really pretty, he has seen her like this for long. Mauli demands a complement for Nandini as well, she looks pretty but under confident. Kunal says Nandini also looks beautiful. Mauli’s parents arrive. Her mother complements Mauli to look really beautiful. She curtly speaks against Nandini’s red dress. Everyone turns for the Pooja.
Kunal takes a red rose from his pocket and place it on the table behind. Nandini picks the flower and tucks in her jora behind.

Kunal and Mauli do the aarti with each other. Kunal brings the aarti to everyone. He smiles as he comes to Nandini. Mamma says Nandini might ask anything from Krishna today. Nandini replies she needs nothing but their love for her, she only wish to thank God for granting her more than she wished.
At night, Rajdeep comes at Nandini’s house. He rings the bell and knocks at the door.
There, Mauli’s mother remember the Janmashtmi they had in past. Mauli says Lucknow never left them, though they left. Mauli’s papa jokes asking if Mauli as well cooked something in the food today. Mauli says she cut the salad. They leave. Dida sends Kunal to drop Nandini as its really late.
Rajdeep notices the name plate and says Nandini removed his name, if she wants to be a Miss World? Once connected, Rajdeep can’t be kicked out so easily.
Kunal and Nandini walk outside. Mauli asks where are they going without her and offers to come along. In the car, Mauli asks Kunal for his phone charger. She notices a bracelet in the car’s dash board. Nandini says she lost this bracelet. Mauli says she was sure it was Nandini’s. Kunal found it the day she hit his bracelet, it was their anniversary and her birthday. She says there must be a power that connected them repeatedly, and specially on the day of Janmashtmi today. Kunal watch Nandini happy to get the bracelet back.
Upon reaching the apartments, Nandini thanks Mauli. Mauli suggests Kunal to drop her upstairs. Nandini was ready to go alone, it’s already really late. Mauli gives Nandini a hug. She smiles towards Kunal who types a message for her. Nandini reads the message to wear the bracelet again, it’s a symbol of their first meeting for him. Nandini happy wears the bracelet again.
In the apartment, Nandini was pushed towards the hall. She was shocked to hear someone lock the door from inside. Rajdeep forwards towards Nandini who looked terrified. She resists his grip of her arms and joins her hands to leave her. She wants a divorce from him. Rajdeep pushes her down on the couch and says she is his wife. Nandini saves herself. Rajdeep says she looks really hot in the red dress. Nandini pushes him away but he drags her back forcing her onto his lap. Rajdeep says he is her husband, this means it’s his house. He pulls her dress off. She resists the grip.