Friday Update on Young Love 9th October 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 9th October 2020

Nimboli holding Mangla’s hand and tells her that she was saved from chokhi chudail. She tells when everybody refused to let her take to Jhalra then she decided to leave the house. She tells about meeting Madhura and the tantrik. Mangla listens shockingly. She says how I would have lived with you, and hugs her. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. Nimboli says I missed you Maa. Mangla says I am with you always and asks her not to cry. She says these people should cry. Nimboli says you didn’t hear me fully, and says Jagya and Anandi have saved me.

Mangla says they are the one who put you in trouble, and haven’t saved your life. Nimboli cries. Mangla asks her to sleep. She thanks God for saving Nimboli and thinks I wouldn’t have went without her. She gets angry, wipes her tears and goes to talk to all. Dadisaa tells that Mangla is holding us responsible for Nimboli’s condition. Anandi says we didn’t do any mistake. When I called her, she didn’t pick my call and also didn’t call me back. Jagya says it is good that we found her. Mangla says else I wouldn’t have forgive you all.

Mangla says you took care of her like this. Anandi says we didn’t know that she would take such a step. Mangla says you lost her in childhood, and don’t understand her. She says a mum should have a heart to understand her daughter’s feelings. She scolds Anandi. Anandi says stop it. Don’t you see your mistake. If you really care for Nimboli, then you would have called me back. Mangla says I don’t hold the phone always. She says you brought her here without taking her to Jhalra.

Anandi says Nimboli needed a doctor then as she was having fever so we brought her here to show her to Dr. Anant. Mangla continues to accuse Anandi and says you are her mum and have right to blame me. She asks her to tell Nimboli that she is her real mum and asks her not to blame her if things gets worsens. She says you have given birth to her, but I have taken care of her upbringing. I know her very well. She asks her to listen to her for Nimboli’s sake. She says she is taking Nimboli to Jhalra for her happiness and to save her from pain. Everyone is shocked.

Dadisaa says again the same thing, even after knowing Nimboli is Anandi’s daughter. Mangla says Nimboli left you all for you and I am her mum, not Anandi. She says I am her mum and is taking her to Jhalra with this right. Jagya says Anandi have the right to take a decision legally. Dadisaa says it was Anandi’s decision to let you stay here with Nimboli, but you took advantage of her goodness. She tells about an old story, and says Anandi might melt, but we don’t let you take Nimboli with you. If you insists then you have to leave alone. Anandi says once destiny took my daughter away from me, but I won’t let anyone take my daughter away from me, not even you. Mangla looks angrily and goes to room.

A thief runs away after stealing money from a woman’s hand. Woman gathers people and runs following him. Thief falls down. Akhiraj catches him and stops the crowd from beating him. Woman says he had stolen my money. Akhiraj asks her to calm down and says you will get your money. He checks the man’s pocket and asks someone to search in his pocket. The man says there is only change in his pocket.

Akhiraj looks on. Woman says he is the one who had stolen my money and cries. Akhiraj says what else can I do? He is the one who had stolen the money. The man wonders where is the money? Akhiraj takes out the money bundles and asks him to forget it. Thief asks him to take him under his supervision. Akhiraj agrees and asks about his name. thief says deen dayal/deenu. He says we will celebrate with this money.

Mangla tells Nimboli that she will make kada for her. Nimboli asks about Dr. Anant. Mangla says what he will do? Dr. Anant comes and says let me do her treatment. Mangla argues with him and says she will treat her daughter. Dr. Anant asks her not to be stubborn and says she can take care of her daughter well. Anandi asks her to try to understand and says Nimboli needs Dr. Anant’s treatment. Nimboli asks her to let Dr. Anant treat her, and says he is fulfilling his promise made to me. Mangla goes angrily. Dr. Anant sits on bed and asks Nimboli how she is feeling? Nimboli says she is having pain in her head. Anant checks her. Anandi wonders why Mangla is behaving indifferently with them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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