Friday Update on Cost of Love 16th April 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 16th April 2021

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Ahaan dancing and roaming around to check all arrangements. He sings Ainvayi ainvayi…. Poorva comes. Ahaan compliments her. Kaira jokes that Pankti won’t leave him hearing this compliment to Poorva. Sheetal sends Poorva to Pankti. Poorva comes to Pankti’s room. Pankti hugs her and cries.

Poorva compliments her, and says I have come here to celebrate, not cry, good happens with good people, we used to hear Ranbir Kapoor’s song. Pankti says I used to say we can just hear his song, we can’t get him in our life. Poorva says yes, he has come in your life, everything changed. Pankti says everything will change in your life too. Poorva says I have come to do a sister’s duty. Pankti asks did mum not come. Anita looks for a saree. She smiles and gets ready. Poorva says its your day, not hers, don’t think anything, don’t spoil this day, enjoy it totally, please for my sake. She makes Pankti ready. Ahaan continues dancing with the staff. Manav smiles.

Manav says you sing really good. Aparna asks did you hear for the first time. Manav says I heard him singing from heart, I have booked Ahaan to sing for my son’s engagement. Ahaan says your son is lucky to get a dad like you, I will give performance in your son’s engagement as if its my own engagement. They smile. He hugs Manav.

Engagement ceremony begins. Vikram asks JD what does he want. JD says Ahaan and Pankti’s happiness. Vikram says come on dad, I know you well. JD says I didn’t know myself too. Vikram asks are you happy that Pankti will become Ahaan’s wife, if anyone knows about you two. JD says no one will know, past has to be forgotten to find happiness in future, I m doing that, you too do this, go and get Ahaan for engagement.

Vikram gets Ahaan. Aparna and everyone smile and compliment Ahaan. He asks for Pankti. Sheetal says patience dear, she will come. She asks Aparna on whom did Ahaan go, Manav was not impatient about you, Ahaan went on JD. They smile. Ahaan senses Pankti coming and smiles. Poorva gets Pankti. Ahaan smiles and holds her hand. They have an eyelock.

Richa asks them to have some control, they can stare after getting engaged, they will have legal license to stare. They makes them sit. Ahaan saks Pankti is she fine. She smiles. Anita says I won’t let anything get fine, this engagement won’t happen. Aparna asks pandit shall we start engagement. He says there is still half an hour, call guy and girl’s parents for ritual. Pankti gets sad. Aparna asks Sheetal to do rituals from Ahaan’s side, she will do rituals from Pankti’s side, after all she is also Pankti’s mum. Anuta says I m your mum, your agent, I have right to encash you, I have sole copyright on you. She drinks. Sheetal says of course, Ahaan reminded us the true meaning of love.

JD says I want to give a special gift to Ahaan and Pankti. He asks Ahaan if he permits. Ahaan nods. Lady says JD loves Ahaan so much, we all know it. JD shows a diamond necklace. Lady says wow, beautiful solitaire. Ahaan says this is very expensive, your blessings are enough for me. Sheetal says my blessings are also involved in this. Aparna signs to Ahaan. Ahaan accepts the gift and thanks JD. JD says you are welcome anytime. He makes Pankti wear the necklace. Aparna helps him. Lady says couple is more beautiful than the necklace, just made for each other, JD has a big heart to give such a costly gift. Anita says I won’t let this drama happen, I m coming Pankti. She throws the wine glass at Pankti’s pic. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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