Friday Update on Promised Love 16th April 2021


Friday Update on Promised Love 16th April 2021

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Noor telling Dilruba and Mashuqa that she feels that Adil is making a real life film and fooling everyone. She recalls everything and thinks everything was scripted and drama. She thinks everything was planned, starting from love drama and all. She thinks every moment was planned and goes to her room. Mashuqa and Dilruba come there. Noor signs her to be silent and looks at the joker toy. She finds camera in the joker’s eyes and whispers to mashuqa and dilruba that there are camera in the room. She tells them that she is not getting her earring and asks them to search it.

Later Adil comes to meet Shayra in the glass house and asks why you have hiding your face. Shayra asks him to stay away from her, tells that Azaan thinks that they are having an affair and asks him to go and clear their misunderstandings. Adil says once Azaan is fine, I will go from there. The lady is not shayra not Noor and her dupatta falls off her face, but before Adil could see her, Noor covers her face again and leaves. Adil calls someone and asks them to come to hotel moon shine, room no 681. He says I will give you video of Shayra and I, and asks him to make it viral to ruin Mirza family respect. Noor thinks she has to find the video and she will not let her family respect ruined. She thinks there is nothing between Shayra and him.

Shayra comes to Azaan and asks him to say why is he upset with her. Azaan gets up and says because of this. Adil is keeping eye on them from outside. Azaan picks his laptop and says because of this. Adil searches for the chip remote. Azaan plays the video, but before it could play, Adil presses the remote and Azaan feels pain in his head. Shayra shouts calling Razia, Noor. She asks Azaan what is happening to him and cries. She calls Dilruba and mashuqa. Razia comes there and is shocked. Azaan holds his head in pain. Razia asks shayra to go and says he is anxious seeing you. Shayra goes. Razia calls Azaan. Azaan relaxes and falls down on bed.

Noor comes to Adil’s room and hopes there is password in his laptop. She finds Shayra and Adil’s real video in which she said elephant juice Adil. She watches all the real videos and the compromised ones. She thinks Azaan was right, Adil is not trustable. Adil is coming to his room. Noor hides hearing him coming there. Adil enters his room and looks inside. He looks at his laptop and takes it with him. Noor is hiding from him. She comes to hall and finds Razia standing. Razia asks why you are wearing Shayra’s clothes and says I don’t know that you will stoop low. She asks if you want to go to Azaan’s room. Noor says no and tells that she wants to fool Adil. She tells that Adil is going to hotel moonshine to destroy our family. Razia says I don’t trust you. Azaan says I trust her.

He says I trust Noor. He says I had a doubt on that Adil since long and tells that if Noor has a doubt then there may be a valid reason. Noor tells that she watched those edited videos and tells that he went to hotel to give video to someone. Razia says we shall take Shayra along with us. They call Shayra. Dilruba says Shayra went to dargah and was worried. Razia asks Azaan to stay at home. Azaan says I want to catch that Adil red-handed. Noor says we shall leave. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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