Friday Update on Dream Girl 27th May 2022


Friday Update on Dream Girl 27th May 2022

Ayesha throwing the fake bullets in bin. Ayesha comes to Shikha and asks are you ready. Shikha says great, you are very excited for my death. Ayesha says what do you mean, its important sequence of movie. Shikha says I m also saying same, what did you feel. Ayesha wishes her all the best. The scene starts. The goon scolds Shikha and she begs for her life. He loads the gun and says you have to die. She shouts for help. He shoots at her. Ayesha looks on.

Shikha screams and blood oozes out. She falls down. The goon laughs. Manav and Karan look on in the screen. Manav says very good shot. Shikha does not get up. Ayesha worries. Karan says Shikha you can get up, shot is over. Raghu looks on. Everyone clap. Ayesha thinks scene over and Shikha too. Karan asks Shikha to get up, and asks the man to clean this fake blood. He panics seeing her not responding. He asks Kushal to call doctor. Manav asks what happened. Karan says she is not opening her eyes. Raghu and Manav check her. They all take Shikha. Ayesha leaves with them.

Manav asks Karan where is doctor. Shikha gets conscious and Raghu makes her drink water. Ayesha comes and gets shocked. Manav asks how are you. Ayesha says how did this happen, I heard Shikha got hurt by real bullet, how did she get up. Shikha says I will clear your doubt, Karan explained me the scene, I have worn a bullet proof jacket, and I m fine after real bullet, I wore artificial blood pouches.

Karan gets doctor. Doctor checks Shikha. Manav says she is fine, she fainted. Doctor says I think she fainted by shock. Manav asks staff to prepare for next shot. He sends everyone. Shikha goes to Ayesha and says but I did not understand, why are you shocked seeing me alive. Ayesha says I was shocked by the miracle. I m very happy that you did not get hurt. Shikha asks Manav how can this carelessness happen, you said bullets will be fake, who changed the bullets, why does this happen with me, I did not come with this dream. Manav says I know its unfortunate, I will find out about this matter, your safety is out responsibility, please don’t panic. Manav asks doctor to keep this matter to himself, as it will ruin navrang’s image. Doctor says fine, but it was attempt to murder, it was good that she was wearing bullet proof jacket. He goes.

Karan comes and says shoot is ready. Manav scolds him and asks where is your focus, Shikha would have died, what are you doing, it was your responsibility to check this, if she died, I would have been in jail. Karan says I want to share one thing, can we end Shikha’s role and make her stay in hotel, all problems are coming since she came. Manav scolds him and says Shikha will tell this to media, navrang will be finished, Shikha will stay with us, pack up the shoot. Karan says fine, I m sorry. He goes. Manav messages Shikha. He goes. Ayesha looks on.

Shikha checks message. She reads great job, I did not think bullets will be real, you are smart. Shikha replies thank you, but who are you. Manav gets her message and is behind her. He asks how are you Shikha. She says better. He says we shall go home. They leave.

Ayesha packs the bag and tells Raghu that they will go to their home. Raghu says Aarti. Ayesha says I knew I said we will stay here, that time I was disturbed, but now I won’t stay here. He says you know our house is getting renovated, what will Manav think. She says you care for them, and not me. He asks shall we leave everything on Manav and Karan. She says you mean you won’t leave Shikha here. He says you can you think this Aarti that I m interested in Shikha, its limit and goes. She gets angry.

Karan tells Manav that someone changed bullets and put real ones. Manav asks who did this. Karan says don’t know, CCTV camera was not working. Manav says who will do this, Shikha is not a star, we should not take this lightly, its serious matter, increase security guards and fit CCTV cameras, this incident should not repeat. Karan says fine. Manav apologizes for scolding him in anger. Karan says don’t be sorry, that’s okay. He goes. Manav thinks who can it be.

Raghu drinks wine. Ayesha comes to him and stops him from drinking. He says I don’t know how did you become Ayesha from Aarti. He gets angry and says I was so happy, I was wrong as I loved Aarti, who was very caring and loving. My Aarti is lost somewhere, you know what, I feel like a loser, everything is over. He goes to sleep. She gets angry and says he is always giving lecture about Aarti, they all are making me mad. She drinks wine. She gets a MMS and gets shocked seeing the video, wherein she is seen changing the bullets. Shikha knocks the door and asks her to open the door. Ayesha asks who is it. Shikha says the one who has sent you that MMS. Ayesha gets shocked.

Ayesha getting angry on Shikha. Shikha taunts her seeing fear on Ayesha’s face. Ayesha asks what do you want, stop all this. Shikha says your bed for now. Ayesha asks what, and sees Raghu sleeping. Shikha says yes, Raghu was mine and will be always mine, I have right to sleep with Raghu on this bed, if you have problem, I will circulate this MMS, then see what will happen. Ayesha says really and raises hand. Shikha moves her out of the room and says this is your place, now I m not that old innocent Aarti, I will give you solid answers. They both fight. Shikha pushes Ayesha and warns her. She goes inside the room and shuts the door. Ayesha gets angry and leaves.

Ayesha goes out in lawn and cries. She says I m hurt, its first time someone spoke to me so badly, she is arguing with me, Aarti …. She made me helpless. Shikha/Aarti cries in the room and sees Raghu sleeping. She imagines their wedding night. Music plays………… she removes Raghu’s shoes and sits by his side. Ayesha says why am I crying, she will cry, how dare she do this. Shikha holds Raghu’s hand and rests. She covers him with blanket and says I know this is very tough step, its not right, but this is necessary for my fight to get justice, I have to do this, I m so helpless, you are mine and I can’t call you mine, I m so close and can’t hug you, life brought me here, I love you the most, I m hurting you, but Raghu ji I will not take any such step which will make us ashamed, I remember my limits. She sits on the sofa.

Ayesha sits in lawn and says I m sitting here in cold because of that girl, she will regret this.

Its morning, Shikha wakes up and sees Raghu sleeping. She sees sunlight disturbing him and pulls over the curtains. She says every problem will pass through me, this is my wish.

Ayesha wakes up and is angry. Shikha greets her good morning and asks how was your night under this open sky and shining stars, did you sleep well. Ayesha says I m sure you did not miss anything, your night would have been great, did you get what you wanted, get lost now. Shikha says yes, but where shall I go. Ayesha says get out of my house. Shikha says do you think I will leave if you say and shows the video. Ayesha asks what do you want to prove. Shikha says don’t worry, I won’t show this to anyone. Ayesha says then why did you keep it, delete it. Shikha says fine, and deletes it. Ayesha checks phone. Shikha asks are you surprised, why, this was not my plan, it was your plan, I decided I will not do cheap thing like you, I will do it my way, else there won’t be difference between you and me, just 20 days and I will make you helpless to accept that you are not Aarti, you are Ayesha Sareen. This is my challenge, then you can’t tell me I cheated you, start counting days, truth and lie war will see truth victory. She goes.

Ayesha laughs and says she is threatening me. You count days Shikha/Aarti, you will regret to challenge me and why. Shikha messages Manav that she needs his help. He replies tell me. She chats with him and thanks him. She says who is this person, whom I trust so much, whom I did not meet and can share so much, as if I know him, like someone close.

Karan asks Manav are you thinking to take Shikha as lead. Manav says why not, look at her, she is perfect for main lead, and see Aarti, she is thinking that we are forcing her to act, people don’t want to see Ayesha. Raghu and Ayesha hear them. Raghu says you are right Manav, I also decided I can’t handle this film world, I will not finance any film, Aarti will feel better that Shikha is away. Ayesha thinks it does not matter I remain a star or not, see Shikha what happens in 20 days now.

Manav and Karan wonder what happened to Raghu, he did not react like this before. Aarti prays and says I need Kanha’s blessings so that I don’t fall weak.

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