Thursday Update on Dream Girl 26th May 2022


Thursday Update on Dream Girl 26th May 2022

Ayesha asking Shikha to sign of Aarti and show if she is really Aarti. Shikha/Aarti signs and shows her. She asks what happened to you, just my face changed, not me, why did your face turn pale, your marriage is also fake like you are fake. Ayesha goes and calls Raghu, Manav and Karan. Manav asks is everything fine. Ayesha says this girl will say, and asks Shikha to say what she told her. She says my family is with me, I m not scared. Shikha says I said…. Ayesha says you were telling me a lot, now tell them thr truth. Shikha says you all are so good to let me stay here, Raghu has big heart to motivate me.

Ayesha asks what, I will tell them what you said, this girl is not Shikha, she said she is Ayesha behind this new face, she accepted this, why is she silent, why can’t she face them now. She asks Raghu to ask her, I m not lying. Raghu asks whats this. Ayesha asks Shikha to tell them, why to torture her alone, and calls her Ayesha. She says she has done Aarti’s sign here and checks. The paper gets missing. Ayesha looks around and says you have torn that paper.

Ayesha says she did Aarti’s sign infront of me, so that I can’t prove this. Shikha says you are confusing me, you said I m Ayesha and I did Aarti’s sign. Ayesha says yes, Ayesha always wanted to prove she is Aarti, you are doing same. Manav says Aarti, please relax, we all know you are worried by Ayesha’s disappearance, its not right to blame anyone. Karan says Shikha is not related to Ayesha. Manav says enough Aarti, now Ayesha’s name is troubling us, Raghu take her, she is stressed out.

Raghu takes Ayesha. Ayesha says that girl told me. Raghu says you will get unwell, wait and gives her medicines. She says I don’t need medicines. He says please, have it. He asks her to sleep and not worry.

Shikha cries and tells everyone how Aarti blames her always and says I want to marry Raghu. Raghu says you can’t blame Aarti. Shikha asks the way she shouted on me, do you think she is Aarti whom you loved. He asks what do you mean. She says you told Aarti is too good and can change even the bad person. Manav says we will talk later, its late night now, you sleep. Manav, Karan and Raghu leave. Manav says Shikha has valid point, the way she spoke to Shikha, Ayesha used to behave that way. Raghu says maybe Ayesha’s acting is affecting her. Karan says I know Aarti well, don’t know whats happening. Raghu says I don’t know and goes. Manav sends Karan to sleep and messages Shikha/Aarti.

Shikha reads great job, you confused everyone about Ayesha, now Ayesha will repeat such mistakes always, you be careful, all the best. Shikha sees the torn paper and smiles.

Raghu comes to room and says you were sleeping, what happened. Ayesha says I can’t sleep, Shikha is Aarti, I mean Ayesha, believe me. Raghu says Aarti please, Shikha is here because we are responsible for her state, I invested 15 crores, Manav’s reputation is at stake, don’t interfere. She says no one knows truth, just I know it, and I know what to do now.
Raghu goes out and asks Shikha what are you doing here. She says I was not getting sleep and asks him to sit. She says seeing moon bring so much peace, what happened. She asks him to have lemon water and gives him. He drinks it and she smiles. He says even I like seeing the moon, and I m feeling better with this lemon water. He says its weird, whenever you are with me, I feel I know you, but its not like that. She says maybe we met in last birth and laughs. She says I was joking, you got serious. He smiles. He starts getting dizzy. She asks are you okay, what happened. He says its quite late, I should go and sleep. He starts leaving and falls. She holds him and takes him. Ayesha comes out and does not see them. She goes to Shikha’s room and hears Shikha asking Raghu to leave her, anyone can see. Ayesha gets shocked.

Ayesha going to Shikha’s room. She gets shocked seeing Shikha and Raghu in bed. He is not in his senses and says you are my Aarti. Shikha says leave me, what are you doing and gets away. She says I m not Aarti and covers herself. She cries and says its good you came, see what he is doing. Ayesha says I knew you will do cheap things, but not such cheap. Shikha says I did not do anything, your husband came here. Ayesha asks Raghu to come with him. Raghu pushes her away. Ayesha scolds Shikha and leaves fuming.

Shikha says you forgot what you did with me and wipes her tears. She checks the recording. Ayesha comes to room and says I will not lose so soon, how dare she say that and gets angry. Its morning, Raghu wakes up and says what am I doing here.

Shikha cries sitting at a corner. Raghu sees her and asks what happened to you, why are you crying, how did I come here. She says yesterday night, you were drunk and came here, then… He asks what happened then. She shows the recording and says camera was on recording on that time, it all got recorded, I know you won’t believe this. He says sorry and goes. She says sorry, I know you can’t do this, forgive me, I have to do this to bring Ayesha’s real face out, I m sure when you know truth, you will forgive me for sure.

Raghu comes to his room. Ayesha says so you have come. She asks are you happy now. He says I went to garden, Shikha was there, I don’t remember anything. She says then you got so much drunk that you got mad about Shikha, then you went with her to her room. He says honestly, I don’t remember. She says either this girl will stay here or me, you decide will she stay here or I, tell me, she is unlucky for us.

Raghu apologizes to Ayesha. Ayesha thinks I don’t care what Raghu does with anyone, and gets convinced. Shikha looks on and thinks Ayesha cheated me to get all this, I will get my rights back. Ayesha goes to Shikha and asks her to get lost. She says I can’t bear you here, get out and pushes her. Shikha falls over Raghu. Raghu asks Aarti what are you doing. Ayesha says I told you this girl will not stay here. He says this is not Aarti’s way. Ayesha says what, if any girl is eyeing my husband, shall I think its Aarti’s way or Ayesha’s way. Shikha says see her behavior. Ayesha asks how did her leg get fine. Shikha says doctor asked me to practice to walk. Ayesha says shut up, enough drama, you are planning. Shikha asks what are you saying, what plans, are you saying about yesterday incident, that was not a plan, it was coincidence, see this. She shows the video. She says if I had to plan, I would have given this video to police and send you both to jail.

Ayesha says so you did this, how did you leave camera on recording. Shikha says Raghu came to me, I did not go to him, she means I knew Raghu will come and left recording on. Ayesha asks Raghu can’t he understand Shikha made this video to blackmail them, the day you believe me, it will be late. She goes. Raghu apologizes to Shikha and says I don’t know what to say, sorry for what Aarti said. He goes. Shikha says I have to fall to your level Ayesha to fail you.

Ayesha is on the way and stops the car. She says it means this girl is Aarti, who came with new face, she will not go without taking revenge, I have to throw this girl out of my life, what to do. She says if you are not listening, I don’t have any other way. Manav explains the scene to the man and Shikha. He says its fake blood, same as you have on your hand, gun is real but bullets are fake. Shikha says I hope so. Manav says ofcourse, you don’t have to panic. Ayesha goes to change bullets. She says enough of daily drama dose, this fame will end in one climax, real bullets for real Aarti…. She keeps real bullets and takes the fake ones.

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