Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 10th September 2021


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 10th September 2021

Ashok ask Sushim to have fight with him, Sushim says i dont accept challenges of losers, Ashok ask are you worried that you will lose, Sushim says you are going to be rusticated, still showing ego, Ashok says to Sushim that i am sure if you did not cheat then i would have won the competition, you knew it thats why you cheated so i wanna challenge for a match in which you cannot cheat, Ashok sys from side referee will be Siamak, and from your side it will be ahenkara, if you win, then i will follow all your orders and if i win then you will you have to tell truth to Acharayas that i didnt attack you but i saved myself from you,

Ahenkara says reason is not necessary, attack is attack, you have attacked him so Sushim will accept this challenge and will make you learn lesson for me, i will feel that you would revenge for my insult that AShok did that day by winning, also he is saying he will follow your orders if you win, so tell him if you win then Ashok will have to leave school even if teachers doesnt ask him, Sushim smiles and says nice. Sushim says to Ashok that tell me time and place.

The fight ring is made, Siamak says fight will end when one of the fighter accept his defeat, Ahenkara says if Ashok wins then Sushim will accept infront of all that Ashok didnt attack him and if Sushim wins then Ashok will have to leave school, Dharma and Kasturi comes there too and are stunned, Dharma blesses AShok, Ashok and Sushim enters battle field, they start the fight, Sushim beats Ashok, then Ashok over powers Sushim, Sushim hits AShok on sensitive part, AShok falls in mud, all are shocked, Dharma is hurt, Siamak is angry on Sushim and sys this is cheating, this is injustice, AShok gets up, Sushim punches him hard, Ashok falls unconscious,

Sushim says to Ahenkara that i won, now Ashok has to leave school, Siamak says this is not win but cheating, Sushim smirks and says i had to make him learn lesson so that he never raise voice against, Dharma prays to lord to give power to AShok, Ashok becomes conscious, he stands, sushim turns to look at him and is angry, AShok beats Sushim this time, the fight continues, Sushim hits Ashok, then Ashok hits Sushim hard, Sushim falls, Siamak starts counting till 10, Sushim coundnt stands before counting ends, Siamak says Ashok wins, dharma smiles, Sushim stands, Siamak says to Sushim that now you have to accept infront of all Acahrayas that Ashok was not at fault, Sushim says no i will tell all that AShok beat me more because i told truth, now AShok will not remain in Patliputra, all are shocked, Siamak says i will tel truth to everyone, AShok says no this is my war, my mother used to say that truth wins in end, if he doesnt wanna acept truth, if he doesnt wanna accept my win then its fine but his heart cannot deny my win, Sushim smirks and leaves, AShok is sad, Dharma is disappointed.

Acharaya shrist says to acharayas that we are here to decide AShok’s punishment, Ashok comes there, he is injured, Aakramak ask how did this happen? Acharaya kitasaraya(in Sushim’s favor) says he must have attacked someone else again but this time got answer, Acharaya shrist says that AShok have accepted that he had pointed arrow towards Sushim, this kind of behavior is not allowed in royal school so i rusticate Ashok from school, all are stunned, Sushim comes there and says i wanna say something, Sushim says its injustice to rusticate AShok from royal school, all are stunned,

Sushim says i lied to all of you and blamed AShok, truth is that AShok didnt hurt me, his arrow didnt touch me at all, he also cleared that he didnt come to kill me, i was angry and attacked him but he moved away to save himself and i got hurt, Acharaya kita ask are you in pressure of someone? Sushim says no, i am saying truth, i accept my mistake, Shirt says you know that you lied to your teachers and conspired against student so you have to bear punishment, Sushim says i am ready to bear it, Shrist says i take back my decision of rustication of Ashok, Siamak smiles, AShok feels dizzy and falls unconscious, Aakramak comes to him and takes him away,

Dharma and Kasturi comes to meet Ashok, she says if he gets rusticated from school then he will lose faith from truth, she finds Ashok unconscious, she tries to go to him, Kasturi says you cant go, Dharma says i just wanna go to him to treat him, i wanna go to him once, if anything happens to him then i wont be able to forgive myself, Kasturi says i will make you meet your son.

Samrat Bindu says to Charu that Sushim’s mistake is punishable, can Magdh’s future be in hands of someone like Sushim who has no courtesy and no shame, no truthfulness, no i will not accept to forgive him, Charu says i know Sushim did mistake but what he did was because he loves you alot, he cant see his father’s love getting divided, he became 1st in competition but you were worried about Ashok, he is dividing your love betwwen him, Siamak and Drupat already, they are his brother but who is AShok? he is a common guy but what he did, he put arrow on sushim’s neck, Sushim could have remained silent and let AShok rusticate but he said truth, he is bearing punishment now, Charu says everyone do mistakes but accepting mistakes and getting punishment is not everyone’s cup of tea, Bindu says i cant involve in school’s matters so i will not lessen his punishment, he leave, Charu says dont know what subhadrangi made Bindu eat that after her death too, he is blind for her son.

Dharma and Kasturi come in clinic, they find soldiers at entrance, Kasturi distract him so Dharma goes in clinic and finds AShok lying unconscious there. Kasturi gets to know that Bindu is going to come at any time, she comes to Dharma and tells her, Ashok wakes up and says i am feeling pain, my mother used to make creams which would not irritate wounds, doctor says nobody can make cream like ehr, this cream will irritate you but you have to apply it, Dharma says to Kasturi that i have to make cream for AShok, do something, Kasturi comes to doctor and says Bindu is coming here so we should leave, doctor leaves with her, dharma looks at Ashok who is sleeping. she comes to Ashok and cries, Lal mere plays. she recalls how she used to pamper him, she is about to caress him but stops herself, she starts making cream for his wounds, she applies cream on his wounds,

AShok feels her presence and says in sleep ‘Maa”, she cries, Bindu comes there so Dharma turns to Ashok to avoid him, Bindu ask Dharma how is AShok? Dharma says he will be fine soon, Bindu is coming near Ashok, AShok opens his eyes and says Maa but Bindu comes infront of Dharma, dharma leaves from there, bindu says i got to know you are hurt so came to meet you, Ashok says i felt Maa’s presence here, Bindu sys your mother used to work here so you must be feeling her presence here, i felt her presence too, Kasturi and Dharma leaves. Bindu says i am sorry for Sushim’s behavior, Ashok says dont say like this, i also did wrong by putting arrow on his neck not because he is prince but he is your son, you have helped me alot and i should always respect that.

Sushim is crawling beneath a track which has pricks, Ahenkara says why did you say truth, now you are bearing punishment, will this track ever end? Sushim is angered.
Ahenkara comes to Charu and tells her that Sushim is bearing punishment of passing the track which has prick, Charu says i know who can lessen his punishment.

Helena says to Raj that chanakya has tighten his security, i have to make palace as soon as possible with my cement and blocks, Helena says not to worry, whatever you need, you will be given, Helena finds silhouette behind curtain, she pulls curtain and finds charu behind it, she ask what are you doing here? Charu i want you to request Bindu to forgive sushim’s mistake, Helena sys you were listening to our talks hiding behind curtain, Charu says what you were talking that you dont want me to listen? i am sure now that you are making some conspiracy, Helena says i will not request for your Son, Charu sys now i will make sure that this palace should not be made by cement which Raj has brought.

Charu comes to Bindu and says we should not take anything from Raj as he is from girl’s side, we should use our cement, workers and blocks to make palace, Helana comes there and says i found out that someone is doing black magic in palace, come to court.

Bindu comes in court, one man is brought there, Khurasan says he is involved in black magic, Bindu orders to behead him, he says nobody is allowed to do black magic, if anyone is found guilty then he will be given death sentence, Charu is tensed, Helena ask you mean who ever is involved in black magic will be given death penalty, this message should be clear to everyone, i got to know when Subhrasi’s dasi died, she had weird doll in her hand, now i am thinking that doll was related with black magic, dont know if she was doing black magic or she caught someone who was doing it so she was killed, Charu recalls how that dasi caught her and how she had to kill her,

Bindu ask prime minister to investigate that dasi’s matter again, charu is stunned, Helena says to Bindu you wanted to talk to raj, Bindu says Charu gave advise to give all cement and everything to make palace, charu says no i thought again and now i think maybe Raj will not like it if we involve in his matter so let him bring cement and everything by himself, Bindu says you are right, if he need our assistance then we will provide it, he leaves, Helena says to Charu that i hope you will never forget this lesson in your life, she leaves, Charu is tensed.

AShok is sleeping in clinic, Sushim comes there with Ahenkara, he takes out his sharp knife, puts at AShok’s neck, Ashok wakes up and is shocked. Sushim smirks and says dont worry, i will not kill you but will break your ego, today you have become great person in everyone’s eye but i dont want people to say that Ashok won over Sushim, no i cant bear this lost fight, if you were rusticated today then people would have said that you won fight over Sushim, was a great person and all, i want you to go out of this school with people thinking that you were a mere common guy whom bindu blessed, now i will play game with you, Ahenkara ask Ashok are you ready as real game will begin now, they leave, AShok gets up and says my self confidence with related with your father’s and my mother’s trust on me, it cant be broken by anything you are going to do.