Friday Update on Strange Love 10th September 2021


Friday Update on Strange Love 10th September 2021

Shlok arguing with Niranjan. Niranjan says stop the drama, get out. Shlok gives a ‘huh’ expression and asks Anjali to come. Niranjan reminds Anjali that a woman comes to her husband’s home, but leaves when she is dead. Anjali says she was living here as an alive dead body, so its better she leaves. She says I told you that being egoistic is not good, so your ego and pride made you alone.

Shlok holds Anjali’s hand and leaves taking everyone along. Niranjan is left alone in the house and looks at the door. Everyone come out and look at their house. Astha thinks of her Grah Pravesh and good time spent with Shlok in this house. Anjali asks Varad to stay here. Sojal is stunned. Shlok says what are you saying Aai. Anjali says Niranjan will be totally alone, he is not understanding now that this loneliness will trouble him a lot, he got blind in his ego that he went far from the truth, but when he realizes the loneliness, he will break down, we all made this house a home, if we go from there, it won’t be a home.

He says Niranjan has never respected women, as he does not know that a woman is the foundation of a house, he did not treat me good, but he is my husband, I can’t deny this, he will show he is powerful, but I know he is very weak, without Shlok. He says Shlok is his backbone, he got strength from Shlok, Shlok leaving him will break him, now he needs his other son Varad, you have to explain your Baba that family is important, you have to show him the way till he realizes the mistake. Sojal says I don’t want to stay here.

Anjali asks Varad and Sojal to stay for their sake and asks Sojal to take care of the house being the elder bahu, all rights will be yours, and I trust you. Jaya gets glad and smiles as Lord did a miracle. Shlok says come now, I can’t wait here for some time. Kavya says Chachi, I will come with you. Astha cries and asks her to be with dad, mum and grandpa, we will come soon to meet you. Kavya says when, till night? Astha nods yes and hugs her. Sojal hugs Astha and Anjali.Anjali, Astha and Shlok leave.

Kavya cries and runs to Niranjan. Sojal stops her and asks her not to cry, as Astha will come soon, Kavya asks her to call her soon. He asks Niranjan to call them. Varad says don’t cry, they will come soon. Niranjan leaves going to his room. Varad says Sojal, I will get all of them back by convincing them. How did I do such a big mistake, how did I let them go from here. Sojal says fine. Anjali, Shlok and Astha are on the road. Shlok says he is unable to buy a room for them, Astha says she promised to support him in any situation, he is with her, she does not want anything now.

Varad comes to them. He opens the car’s door and asks them to come. Shlok says he won’t come. Varad says why, did you grow so much, I have some right on you, come home. He asks Anjali to understand, the house will break. He says we will go home and talk, come. Shlok says I won’t step in that house, don’t force me, my decision won’t change. Varad says fine, go to my flat which I bought by my money, I can’t see you like this. Anjali says she had many memories from that house, she promised to support Niranjan, but now I left that house as my son needs me, he is finding his identity.

She says I m very happy that I got my son back after many years, I m not a selfish mum, I love you as I love Shlok, but I asked you to stay there as I m sure you will make up to Niranjan with your strong and calm behavior, Shlok is his weakness but I know you are his strength. Varad cries. Shlok says please try to understand, wherever we stay, we will be fine, you give me strength and courage to be like you, independent and able to make my own identity, trust me, I will do anything, I want to make my identity, without Agnihotri surname, I need your help.

He folds hands and says please… Varad holds his hands and they cry. Shlok says come Aai and starts moving. Varad looks on them and cries. Niranjan thinks about Shlok’s words. Varad knocks the door. Niranjan gets happy and runs to open the door saying Shlok I know you will come. Varad says its me, you know Shlok is stubborn. Niranjan says he did not see the real world, he will come back when he sees sufferings, hunger, earnings, is a new fight every day, he will know whats the value of the carpet under the foot. I know my son, he can’t bear this difficulties. Varad says he is stubborn, he won’t come back, I know him. He leaves. Niranjan gets angry.

He says my Shlok will surely come back, in maximum one week, Shlok you have to come back to me. Shlok thinks about Niranjan’s words. A bike man hits Anjali and scolds her. Shlok asks Anjali is she fine and the guy scolds Shlok. Shlok gets angry. He holds his collar and beats him. Anjali and Astha stop her. Shlok says be in your limits, you don’t know me. The man asks who are you, are you a prime minister’s son, wait here, I will show you. The guy leaves. Shlok gets upset as the guy questioned his identity.

Varad coming home. Sojal asks did you meet them. Varad says yes and informs her that he couldn’t convince them to come back. He feels helpless and says I am seeing my house broken in front of my eyes. I couldn’t fulfill my responsibilities being elder son of this house. My brother and my aayi must be wandering on the road and I couldn’t do anything. Jaya asks him to take care of business being the eldest son. Sojal asks her what are you saying. Varad shouts at Jaya for thinking about property as he is tensed about his family. He asks Sojal to get tickets for her. SOjal asks Jaya to go home in the morning.

Shlok comes to some hotel. The receptionist there thanks Shlok for their help and goes to call the manager. Shlok comes to Astha and Anjali and says here also Niranjan Agnihotri’s name is attached to my name. They leave from there.

They start walking on the road. Anjali’s leg gets hurt. Shlok and Astha makes her sit on the road side bench. Shlok washes her feet with water as blood keeps coming out. Anjali feels pain, but gets touched with her son’s love. Shlok asks, are you fine. Anjali says I am fine. Shlok asks her to rest there, but some lady comes and says it is time for her to sleep. It starts raining, they take shelter somewhere.

Astha and Anjali are seen resting on Shlok’s shoulder. Shlok recalls Niranjan’s words that he doesn’t have any identity of his own without his name. Shlok tells Astha that he don’t know what to do. I can’t even give a roof to my Aayi and wife, can’t give food too. He suggests her to take Aayi to her home until he gets job and home. Astha tells him that she can’t go leaving him. She reminds him of the promise made to him during their marriage. She tells that she won’t leave him alone in this toughest time. She assures him that they will win, Shlok looks on.

Niranjan hears the car’s sound and runs outside saying my Shlok has come. I knew that he can’t stay without me. Driver informs Niranjan that car is cleaned properly. Sojal asks the driver to cover the car with its case. Jaya feels bad for Niranjan.

Jaya instructs Sita about the food to be made. Sojal asks Sita to make food as asked by Jaya as she is not feeling food without Aayi and Astha. Jaya gets happy and thinks she will make Niranjan depend on Varad and then he will make him sole owner of his company.

In the morning Anjali wakes up and looks at people walking on the road. She wakes up Astha and Shlok. Shlok tells good morning to the ladies. He asks how to freshen up. Anjali says there is a tap. Shlok asks about her pain. Anjali says it is fine. They go to freshen up and uses the common tap. Some goons see Astha and eyes her. Shlok sees them eyeing Astha and covers her. He gets angry and asks Astha and Aayi to stay there and tries to teach the goons a lesson. Anjali and Astha stop him. Shlok tells Astha and Anjali that he doesn’t know what to do and where to go for searching a job. Astha says we have to find a job soon. Shlok says everyone knows about Niranjan Agnihotri. Anjali offers her jewellery to Shlok and asks him to sell it. Shlok asks her to keep it with her as long as he is there.

Jaya apologizes to Varad and says I can see how Niranjan ji is broken. I can feel his pain. He didn’t go to office today and sitting at home hoping that Shlok will return. She says you are a father too. Don’t you feel bad if Kavya gets separated from you. Niranjan ji needs his son. As Shlok is away, you have to take care of his responsibilities. She asks him to drink coffee. Varad doesn’t say anything to Jaya. Jaya tells him that she will go.

Shlok tells Anjali that he will apply in a short firm where no one knows about Niranjan Agnihotri. Anjali blesses him. Shlok asks Astha to take care of Anjali. Astha gives her best wishes. Shlok leaves. Anjali tells Astha that Niranja used to fulfill his wishes before he asks for it. She says don’t know how will my son struggle now. Astha asks her to have faith on Shlok as Bappa will do everything fine.

Niranjan sits sadly. Varad comes to him and asks him to drink juice. Niranjan refuses. Varad tells him that it is of no use if he keeps hungry. He asks him to have breakfast. Niranjan refuses again. Varad leaves. Niranjan thinks I have full faith Shlok that you can’t stay without me.