Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 15th July 2022


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 15th July 2022

Praja cheering for Ashoka. Jagannath asks Sushim will it be right to kill Ashoka infront of praja. Sushim says don’t worry, their hopes will also die along with Ashoka, they will understand no one will come to make their lives better, they will understand I m their Samrat, I have to assure no hurdles comes in my way now. Sushim and Jagannath go to Bindusara. Sushim sees the herbs. Jagannath asks him did you talk to your Maa before giving this herb, this can do harm. Sushim says my Maa still loves his weak hearted, and trust breaking man, she regards him her husband, if I go to ask him, she would refuse to this, I can’t take any risk, Bindusara gave one day time to Ashoka on Vit’s saying, but I will not repeat it. He sits near Binsudara and makes him smell the herb.

Vit asks Devi to get up, just she can save Ashoka now. Devi wakes up. Vit tells her everything what happened and cries. She hugs him. They try to leave and guards stop them. Devi and Vit look at the swords. Praja cheers for Ashoka. Praja guy says this is injustice, Ashoka should be awarded for winning over Dakshila, he should not be punished, we don’t accept Sushim as our Samrat. Sushim walks in with Jagannath.

Ashoka is brought there by the guards. He recalls Devi Dharma and his childhood. He thinks of her words, that you have to obey Acharya’s commands, you have to go where he takes you. Ashoka recalls Acharya Chanakya, Bindusara and the struggle of his life.

He reaches the funeral. Sushim says according to the punishment, burn Ashoka alive. Praja says this is injustice, we don’t accept this. They shout. Sushim says crush the necks of the people opposing this decision. Ashoka signs the Praja to get silent. He reaches on top of the funeral.

He says just my body will burn here, my thoughts, my dream, my behaviour, my mum’s guidance of good life, it will be alive, they don’t know united India’s dream is yours too, you all have to work for it, who was I, an ordinary man Ashoka, I just became extraordinary by my motive to serve my countryland, if you all swear and serve the countryland till last breath, united India’s dream will come true, we will see the enemies, if you all are agreeing to this, don’t oppose this punishment, my death will give be a help to your life, this land is the one who gave us birth. Praja chants with him. Ashoka sits inside the funeral. The men keep more woods. A man goes to light the fire and gets back. Sushim shouts burn him…. The man does not light the woods. Sushim takes a burning arrow and lights the funeral. The woods catch the fire. Praja cries.

Kaurvaki comes running and cries seeing the fire. She shouts Ashoka. Jagannath thinks Kaurvaki is alive…. Acharya holds her. Kaurvaki says leave me. Devi hears her and says Kaurvaki is alive, it means Ashoka’s survival hope is also alive. She takes sword and kills guard. Vit and Devi hit guards and leave.

Kaurvaki says Ashoka did not try to kill me, my father tried to kill me, Ashoka protected my life, Ashoka can’t do this, you promised that you will live with me, we will stay under same sky, if we did not unite, how can I stay alive in this world when you are not alive. Devi and Vit come running and get shocked seeing the funeral burning. Devi thinks how can Ashoka be punished, when Kaurvaki is alive. Vit shouts and Devi stops him from going near the fire. Vit shouts to his Maa, and says you always said evil can be powerful, but just good wins, how can Ashoka lose, he has promised you that he will fulfil Guru Chanakya’s dreams, he promised that he will become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and fulfill United India’s dream. Sushim shouts and says capture all of them. He then turns and gets shocked.

Ashoka comes there. Sushim gets shocked seeing him. Kaurvaki and Devi standing near the fire in bad state along with Vit get surprised. Soya hua sher tha who…..plays………..Ashoka walks to them. Vit runs to Ashoka and hugs him. Praja gets glad. Ashoka hai Ashoka……plays……….. Jagannath says its impossible. Sushim looks on shocked. Ashoka swears infront of everyone that Maghad’s enemy won’t be alive, he swears to take revenge of his mother and Acharya’s death, he swears to fulfil united India’s dreams, I will become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, this will be my Guru Dakshina to Gurudev. He tells Sushim that cheat is answered by cheat, you played trick along with Raja Jagannath, you got me punished for the crime I did not do.

He tells Kaurvaki that in marriage mandap, there was such situation, that he had no option than to abandon her, it does not mean he has become her enemy, even Purshottam Ram was helpless by fate to abandon Sita Maiyya, it does not mean his love was less, love is selfless, I can’t imagine even in dream to kill Kaurvaki, I saved her life, I was helpless and could not prove my innocence, you succeeded again to trap me Sushim, I left hope for a moment when… FB shows Ashoka asks Acharya to take Devi and Vit to such place where Sushim’s shadow does not fall on them. He asks Acharya to do this last favour. Acharya gets a sword and asks Ashoka to take his life. Its no use of this life by losing your trust, Acharya Chanakya gave me your responsibility, but I failed, now I have no right to life, take my life. Ashoka apologizes and says I did big mistake by doubting on you, I forgot that if Guru asks a student’s life, its got student’s betterment, I doubted on you, forgive me, I m ashamed.

Acharya says you are only hope of Maghad and India, do something, its important that you stay alive at any cost. Ashoka says there is just one solution Acharya, that Sushim feels he has won, and for this, I have to give up my life infront of Sushim and Praja, you will make that funeral, it should be high, that funeral will become way for my survival. He thinks how Acharya made the men make the tall funeral for his convenience to escape. Ashoka says when I sit on that funeral, our plan will work. FB ends. Devi and Kaurvaki run and hug Ashoka. Praja cheers for Ashoka.

Jagannath says it would have been better if I had killed you in childhood only. Kaurvaki says it is just because I chose my life partner, and because I wanted to marry the one I love? I agree parents have a right over their kids and they can take better decisions because they are more experienced than the kids but it does not mean we are not fit to distinguish between right and wrong. Inexperience does not mean everything will go against it. Coincidentally, if one of them go wrong, isn’t it their duty to guide them back on the right path? Why is the child punished instead? You were blinded by this fake respect and pushed me down the gorge! You then tried to join hands with the enemy. You are a culprit. For the first time in life I am ashamed to call myself your daughter. You know what could have been better than killing me in childhood? You shouldn’t have been blessed with a baby at all! You don’t want a kid but only a servant who will just follow your orders. You are not just mine but entire Kalinga’s and humanity’s enemy. You will not be punished here but in Kalinga.

Sushim wonders how Kaurvaki survived. I killed her. Who is the one I stabbed then? Ma said my victory is certain. Where is she now that I am winning? He recalls stabbing Kaurvaki and runs inside followed by everyone else.

Sushim is near the bloodied bed. His hands are all shaky and his eyes are moist already anticipating the bitter truth. He is hesitant to pull the duvet but gathers courage somehow. He is stunned to see his mother lying in a pool of blood. He breaks down and screams Ma. Everyone comes there. Sushim cries holding his mother. You cannot leave me Ma. Soldiers bring Jagannath there as well who looks equally shocked. Sushim demands to know who did this. Who took the life of the one who even Yamraj is afraid to kill? Ashoka thinks he wanted to punish Charu for his Guru’s death but I am neither at peace nor happy seeing her dead before me. Sushim looks at Ashoka. You killed my mother! I wont leave you alive. Ashoka replies that he cannot do it. I was your culprit. Sushim says who killed my mother then. Devi points finger at Jagannath. He came in the room at that time. I understood that Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s lives are joined. I came here but someone hit me on my head. the father, who can try to kill me to get his way clear can use your mother. Sushim holds Jagannath’s clothes angrily. I wont leave you alive! Jagannath answers that he only came here to kill Kaurvaki so there is no way for Ashoka to escape death. Kaurvaki says maybe Charu also came there with the same motive. I was almost dead but God heard Devi’s prayers.

Flashback shows Charu coming to kill Kaurvaki in her unconscious state. She attacks Kaurvaki with a dagger but Kaurvaki holds her hand. She pulls Charu in the bed and hits her on the head. Charu falls unconscious. Kaurvaki checks her pulse which is fine. She hears some footsteps. She hurriedly covers Charu and hides under the bed. Flashback ends.

Ashoka asks who came here after Charu. Sushim recalls stabbing the lady on the bed. Everyone is shocked to know the same. Sushim looks heartbroken and falls on his knees next to his mother’s dead body. He looks at his hands and screams Ma in anguish.

Ashoka says this is the first time I pity you for real. Your greed blinded you so much that you couldn’t see the one who you are killing is your own mother! I cannot understand how you are still alive after doing this. I swore to kill and take revenge from the ones who killed my Guru and mother, who broke my Guru’s dream. I dint have the courage to kill the woman I called Ma. You turned out to be a devil. I wanted to punish you at the right time but there cannot be a worst punishment than this for you. You chose a life for yourself which is worse than death for you. I cannot understand what punishment to give to you. Magadh’s Samrat Bindusar will decide your punishment. Soldiers take Sushim away. Ashoka covers Charu’s dead body. Everyone goes out.

Sushim cries thinking of his mother as he is taken away by the soldiers. He breaks down again and looks at his hands. Ashoka walks away from there.

Everyone comes to Bindu’s room. Bindu says Ashoka. Vit says yes father, Bhaiya is alive. Ashoka says hope no one has to face what you have to today. One culprit killed another culprit today and became criminal too. He did the ultimate, unpardonable crime of killing his mother. I know that this news can be dangerous to your health but you will have to take decision on this matter. Ironically, it wasn’t Kaurvaki but Maharani Charu there. Unintentionally, Sushim punished his mother and indirectly punished himself too. It doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be punished. He is Magadh’s culprit. He must be punished! Please announce your decision. Staying quiet wont help anyone.

Ashoka holds Bindu’s hand. Bindu closes his eyes just then. Ashoka shouts father in shock. He checks his father’s pulse. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. Vit cries for his father to wake up. He blames SUshim for his father’s death. Father was fine. Since he came here with his mother our life has turned upside down. Sushim thinks of his mother’s words. He orders the soldiers to arrest Ashoka. He reminds Acharya of his royal duties. Do you remember how father gave me all his rights of Samrat? What am I when Samrat is dead? Acharya calls him the new Samrat of Magadh. Order me. Ashoka stands up in repulsion but soldier catch hold of him and everyone else.

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