Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th July 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th July 2022

Sushim walks up to his father. Charu stands amidst soldiers. Sushim says what I am going to tell you today might shock you like anything but you must know this. He leans closer to Bindu. I feel pained while saying this. you have been unsuccessful in every phase of life, as a ruler, as a husband and as a husband. Ashoka was right about you. You can neither hear things nor see them. Bindu asks him if he isn’t ashamed to cross his limits. Sushim nods. But when I thought how my father dint realise when so much was happening right under his nose. Did you feel bad when Siamak dies? Bindu says no. Sushim asks him again. Do you know why your blood dint boil when one of your sons (Ashoka) killed the other (Siamak)? He wasn’t your blood! Bindu is stunned.

Sushim offers to give proof. You never realised why Rani Noor used to spend more time with your brother Justin rather than you! Bindu thinks of past instances. Shock registers on his face. He holds his chest in pain, asking soldiers to stop. Sushim is my son. Charu is my wife. Bindu screams Ashoka and faints holding his chest. Ashoka stops in his track hearing (feeling) his father’s voice.

Devi asks Ashoka what happened. Ashoka says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Before something goes wrong, we have to reach Patliputra.

Acharya RG notices the palace all empty. Everyone should have made too many preps to welcome Ashokaby now. There is no such thing. soldier reasons that Ashoka should have come by now. Acharya RG feels the same way. I dint have any correspondence with Ashoka since he left from Takshshila.

Charu tells Sushim he has been successful till now. But do you know what will happen when he will wake up? Sushim is positive about himself. Charu reminds him he has to rule Patliputra. I made this special herb using special ingredients. You give it to him (Bindu) while he is asleep. After he wakes up, he will follow the orders of the one who he will see first as soon as he opens his eyes.

Acharya RG reaches BIndu’s room. Soldiers inform him that Sushim and Charu are in the room. Acharya RG knocks at the door. Sushim gets angry hearing the knock. Who invited his death? Charu stops him. We have to feed him this herb before he wakes up. They feed Bindu that herb. Charu is standing before BIndu but Sushim steps forward. Charu thinks he is acting smart with her too.

Acharya RG tells soldiers they cannot do this. Sushim has no right here. Vit comes there. Acharya RG questions him but Vit says I have no clue. Sushim Bhaiya said something in father’s ears after which he fell unconscious. Maharani Charu is taking care of him. no one is allowed to go inside. Acharya is surprised.

Bindu opens his eyes. Jagannath enters just then. Bindu asks Sushim what he is doing here. What do you want?

Ashoka and Devi are on their way to Patliputra with Kaurvaki still in the cart. Ashoka lifts Kaurvaki in his arms and begins walking.

Sushim is upset thinking the herb dint react positively. He wouldn’t have asked me all this then. Charu says herb is not to be blamed for this. Bindu asks Sushim again who asks for water. Bindu pours water for him. Jagannath looks on in confusion as Bindu gives the glass of water to Sushim. Sushim asks Bindu to sit down next. Bindu complies. He is our puppet now. We will surely win now. Jagannath says now Bindu will do whatever you will ask him to. Sushim smirks.

Soldiers block Ashoka’s way. He asks them to step aside or they will have to bear its consequences. I have to go to Vaid ji. Jagannath comes there just then. you killed my daughter! Ashoka asks him what he is doing here. Jagannath acts before him. He takes Kaurvaki with him inside. Ashoka tries to go after him but the soldiers don’t let him go ahead. Ashoka goes to speak to Bindu. He angrily walks inside the courtroom and begins to talk to Bindu. Right then, Sushim tells him to take permission before entering inside courtroom. Ashoka is taken aback to see him.

Ashoka says you are alive. Sushim replies he knows it well how to return from the mouth of death. Ashoka says it is impossible to escape death when it comes in the form of Ashoka. Bindu tells him to stop. Ashoka asks him how he is letting this traitor roam freely on their motherland. You know all that he has done yet you are taking his side! Bindu says he is my eldest son. he repeats what Sushim says. Ashoka calls Sushim a traitor. Sushim says do you know the consequence of speaking like this about my heir. Ashoka asks him what happened to him. what are you saying? Bindu announces Sushim his heir. I give him all rights. All his decisions will have my full support. charu and Sushim smirk. Vit asks Ashoka as to what happened to their father. a while ago, he told me he wanted to make you Samrat. How did he change his words? Ashoka is sure Charu used her black magic on father. He can never say this otherwise. Sushim orders soldiers to catch Ashoka but no one moves.

Sushim turns to Bindu. You just made me your heir and gave me all your rights yet no one is obliging. Ashoka says everyone present here knows who deserves the throne. Sushim says King is like God in world. Father chose me. You have called your death by going against my words! Ashoka asks Acharya RG why he is quiet. You know the difference between right and wrong. Acharya RG advises him to follow what Sushim is saying. Ashoka is disappointed with him. I never thought you will say this. you are Acharya CHanakya’s disciple. I never thought you will lose belief like this one day! Acharya RG looks down. I took swear to serve the throne. My dedication is limited to that. I will always make sure I am dedicated to the throne. Ashoka asks him if he thinks Sushim deserves this.

Jagannath walks in just then asking for justice. Your son Ashoka killed my daughter! Till the time you don’t punish him for this crime I wont be at peace. If you wont punish him then the problem that was till now limited to two families will come in between two states. Entire Kalinga will become the enemy of entire Magadh for its daughter. Your son Ashoka will be responsible for it, and also your blind love for your son. Ashoka calls it false. I can never kill Kaurvaki. You left her to die. I brought her here. You know it well. Jagannath refuses to accept it. Ashoka says no one has interest in hearing you here. Sushim points out that he will be the one who will make decisions here, and not him.

Sushim asks Jagannath to tell truth. Jagannath reminds them how Kaurvaki broke all her ties with Ashoka while leaving. But Ashoka had a plan in his mind. He made his mother’s death an excuse and sent Devi to meet Kaurvaki. Devi declines. Ashoka dint even know I went to meet Kaurvaki. Sushim says we can understand you will support Ashoka. You are his wife after all and it is your dharma. We don’t accept it though. Jagannath says my daughter was pious like Ganga. She could forgive anyone. This is why she went to Takshshila hearing his truth. She only saved Ashoka’s life from Siamak and Sushim’s hands. Am I saying truth Ashoka? Ashoka accepts it. Jagannath does not let him say anything further. You should have first thanked my daughter but you called your wife at that place where my daughter was already waiting for you. He knew it will hurt my daughter. Ashoka says will I hurt the one I love so much. I can never hurt her. I went there to meet her only. I dint know Devi will come there. I dint imagine Devi coming there. Jagannath says no one knows it better than me as to what you can do. You have always cheated and backstabbed everyone. You know it as you are Chanakya’s disciple after all! Ashoka warns him not to drag his Guru’s name in all this.

Jagannath says you have misguided Magadh by saying well about your Guru, motherland and mother. Ashoka angrily holds his collar. Sushim warns Ashoka to stop. Ashoka stops as the soldiers point their swords at Vit. Ashoka lets go of Jagannath. Jagannath says Ashoka knew my daughter will be hurt and wont be able to bear it. His actions upset her. She went to the gorge and he pushed her. Ashoka says it was you who informed me about Kaurvaki jumping in gorge. Jagannath calls him a liar. You did what I told just now. You pushed my daughter and then defeated me. you wanted to make sure nothing goes against you. You acted to save Kaurvaki. Ashoka says I dint act. I saved Kaurvaki. This is truth! Sushim laughs. I very well know what you can do to gain something. 14 years ago, you came in this palace with your mother and took our father to your side.

Ashoka questions his father as to why he is quiet today. Such things used to boil your blood. Everyone is bad mouthing Mata Dharma. She was your beloved wife. I dedicated my life to you. These people are calling me culprit today! They want to snatch Magadh from us. Why are you quiet today? Sushim says who will be able to say something who has a son like you! I have decided to give you death penalty. Vit and Devi are shocked. Vit requests his father to stop Sushim. Do something. Sushim insists to punish Ashoka today itself. Vit asks his father to stop Sushim. You cannot allow this. Say once that this cannot happen. Bindu says no one will be hanged today. Sushim is taken aback. Acharya RG stops him from intervening. You maybe the future king but right now Bindu is Samrat. His word will be final.

Sushim thinks it is dangerous to give another day’s time to Ashoka. I dint want him to get even a minute’s time. He announces that Ashoka will be punished tomorrow. I will make sure a father get justice for his daughter’s death. I have decided that Ashoka will be set afire while he is still alive. Ashoka says I have to die one day anyways but only after killing you. If I have to be punished before everyone then why don’t I kill you first? He attacks Sushim. They engage in a sword fight. Bindu tells Sushim to hit Ashoka shocking everyone. Sushim points sword at Ashoka’s neck. Acharya RG reminds him of Samrat’s decision. Sushim orders the soldiers to arrest Ashoka. They comply and take Ashoka to the jail. VIt and Devi cry. Bindu leaves from there followed by other members of royal family.

Devi breaks down. Vit goes to her. Woman is symbol of patience. She never cries. She encourages people. You will have to be strong like mother. Whenever I feel weak I think of Ma’s words and I feel all positive. Ma would have also said the same to you if she was here. You are not just Ashoka Bhaiya’s wife but his guide. You have to be with him. You are the only one who can get him out of this situation. Devi thinks of Kaurvaki. Ashoka’s life is connected to someone else. Now she only will save him. She runs out of the courtroom. Vit shouts after her. Please stop. Where are you going?

Devi comes to Kaurvaki. You heard how unjust everyone is being towards Ashoka. You have to get up. Wake up Kaurvaki. I am Ashoka’s wife but I know you are his first love. you have more right on him than me. Your hearts were joined in childhood only. There is no selfishness in it. I accept my mistake. I got selfish in Ashoka’s love. we cannot change what’s written in fate. I only know it is only you who can save Ashoka. Wake up please. To her surprise, Kaurvaki opens her eyes. Devi says I knew you can come back for Ashoka. You will defeat death. Ashoka’s life is connected to yours. Please wake up. Jagannath hits at her head from behind. Devi falls unconscious. Jagannath thinks not to be defeated because of Kaurvaki this time. He covers her up and is about to stab her when he hears the sound of footsteps. He picks Devi and takes her away.

Sushim walks in. Fate has been on Ashoka’s side too many times but not this time. I have vowed to take anything and anyone away from Ashoka that’s close to him. I will kill you today. He stabs her again and again. She screams once but then there is no sound. There is blood in the duvet. Sushim leaves.

Jagannath notices soldiers running. Maybe everyone is alert as Devi is missing. I should avoid going in my room for now. It can create a doubt in someone’s mind.

Ashoka is locked in jail. He thinks of his Guru’s words. Biggest and most bitter truth of life is you get cheated where you trust someone. He thinks of his parents’ words and of the change in Bindu now. Acharya RG comes to meet him. Ashoka asks him why he cheated him. Acharya says I did what was right at that time. We should still do what’s good for Magadh. Ashoka gives up. Nothing can happen now. Father gave all rights to Sushim. Seems like destiny has some other plans. This is how I am appreciated for all my efforts. I am tired. I only have one request from you. Please take Vit and Devi to a safe place after my death, away from plans and conspiracies. In the path of truth I have seen what all one has to go through. It is very easy to fight with outsiders and equally tough to fight with your loved ones. It isn’t safe to be here anymore. Vit will adjust in time. I want him to be at a peaceful place, where they are away from Patliputra’s shadow too. do this last favour on me please.