Friday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th September 2021


Friday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th September 2021

Shamsher asking Majaaz to sit in the car. Majaaz recalls Rihaan’s death. He says I don’t know I m doing right or wrong. Omkar says don’t worry, you are not alone in this decision, look there. Majaaz meets his entire family. Farhaan asks his boss not to kill Mariam, else their game will end. Majaaz apologizes to Madiha. He says I have to save Mariam’s life, I can do anything to save her.

She says maybe its Lord’s test, we all are with you. He says it was my mistake to send Mariam, her life is in danger. She says you have done everything for family. He says I m not responsible person, else I would have heard you. Aayat asks who is there. Farhaan says don’t shoot. The goon runs away. Aayat comes there. She asks who is there. Majaaz apologizes to Aijaz.

Aijaz says I m proud of you, go and get Mariam. Majaaz takes leave from them. Aayat sees the gun and asks Farhaan and Mariam about it. They get tensed. Police comes to Wasim’s house and says we have come to find Majaaz, he escaped from jail. Officer says he isn’t here, Majaaz’s family is helping him, we will find him. They leave. Rifat says its another problem for us, that we are dealing with criminals. Wasim says enough, I can’t hear anything against my sister’s family,

Rihaan and Majaaz are trapped by someone’s conspiracy, whoever planned this can’t live in peace, I wish Majaaz is safe. Majaaz asks Gauri to convince Omkar. She says he won’t listen to me. Majaaz says Omkar is risking his life. Meher asks them to take care. Majaaz says sorry, I m not your ideal dad. Meher says you are my superhero, my ideal dad. He asks her to take care of everyone.

Zain says take care and hugs him. Majaaz and Omkar hug everyone and leave with Shamsher. Majaaz cries. Nawaaz comes and asks what’s happening here. Aayat shows the gun. She says look what is your fav grandson doing. They get shocked. Aayat says I have seen someone leaving. Junaid and Hamdam defend Farhaan. Aayat says I will ask truth from Mariam, who was that man. People protest against Majaaz. Police interrogates Majaaz’s family. They cry. Aayat asks Mariam to say the truth. Mariam says Farhaan didn’t do anything, he was saving me, that bad man came to steal, Farhaan stopped him, he tried to kill us by gun. Farhan says yes, he was thief, I decided to save Mariam and this haveli and risked life. Hamdam asks Nawaab did he hear the truth.

Junaid says I m proud of my son. Aayat says I m seeing changes in Farhaan, I will keep an eye on him. Nawaaz says thank God, you got saved, I will deposit the gun in police station, we will inform police about that man, so that he doesn’t come here again. Mariam thanks Farhaan. Hamdam gets angry on Aayat. She wishes Jibraan dies. Mariam comes to Jibraan and says I m wishing to meet dad soon. Shamsher gets Majaaz and Omkar to border area. He says we have to cross border illegal way. Majaaz thinks Mariam I m coming to you soon.

Shamsher asking Majaaz and Omkar to hurry up. Inspector questions Aijaz. Wasim gets bail papers for everyone. Inspector leaves them. Wasim asks Zain to take everyone. Media is outside. Inspector asks them to help them in stopping a big disaster. He gives shoot at sight order for Majaaz. They get shocked. Majaaz and Omkar take disguise. Majaaz says why do they make borders, these walls divide people, I can’t break these walls, but can cross many walls for Mariam’s life, I will get Mariam back. They leave in the truck.

Jibraan says I have a surprise for you. Mariam asks what surprise. Jibraan says I told mum to take us on picnic. Mariam says even I have a surprise for you. Majaaz is on the way. Media protests against him and want him to get hanged. Hamdam says I will add this powder in Jibraan’s medicines, he will be dying. Junaid laughs. Aayat asks what’s happening here. Hamdam says we came to take ball for Jibraan. Aayat goes on Jibraan’s call. People attack the car. Madiha and Meher scream. People protest on roads. They burn Majaaz’s dummy. Madiha cries. Mariam and Jibraan play.

Nawaaz smiles. He says Mariam is happy that her dad is coming, but how to tell her what her dad is going through. A man stares at Majaaz. Nawaaz says I will call Aijaz and know about Majaaz, they may need our help. Farhaan says no, their phones will be getting tapped, don’t call them. Aayat agrees. Jibraan gifts a fairy doll to Mariam. She thanks him and says I will always keep this. He gifts her a rakhi card. She smiles. Aijaz and everyone come to haveli and see Rangeela staining the walls with bad remarks. Rangeela says I would have supported Majaaz if he didn’t break prison, he is a criminal. Media comes to question them. Aijaz answers and gets angry. Zain says this haveli isn’t safe for you. Madiha says then no place is safe for us, we won’t go anywhere.

Jibraan says I will wait for rakhi every year. Mariam says I have two brothers, you and Farhaan. I will send two rakhis, I also have a surprise. She gets camera and takes his pic. She gets pics clicked. Aayat feeds medicine to Jibraan. She asks Jibraan to come and sleep. He says I will play with lantern and come. Aayat asks Hamdam to keep things in car.

Jibraan shows the chinese lantern and explains Mariam how they can message by it. They laugh. Junaid asks when will Jibraan die. Hamdam asks him to have patience. Truck breaks down. Shamsher says we need to leave. Majaaz and Omkar follow. Jibraan and Mariam leave lantern in sky and shout we will miss each other. He gets stomach ache and complains. Aayat threatens Mariam and takes Jibraan.

Shamsher gets Farhaan’s call. He says truck break down, we will reach soon. Farhaan laughs and till you cross border, Majaaz shouldn’t get a scratch. The news reaches army camp. Soldier says you will get that terrorist’ dead body. Doctor says its a bad news, Jibraan’s one kidney is damaged and other kidney is also affected, we need to transplant his kidney.

Aayat says how can this happen. Doctor says he is given high medical dose. She says I m giving medicines which you have prescribed, please save him. He says you have to arrange donor for him, whose age and blood group matches him. She says how will I find donor so soon. She sees Mariam there.