Friday Update on Strange Love 24th September 2021


Friday Update on Strange Love 24th September 2021

Apsara seeing Shlok in stress and trying to apply balm on his head. Shlok angrily scolds him which makes her more falling for him. Astha gets angry seeing Apsara. Apsara goes from their room. Jyoti tells Renuka that Siddharth called and said he chose a guy for Riya. Riya says she won’t meet anyone and she does not know rejection. Jyoti says all guys are not bad and they will like you. Renuka says they rejected Riya because of you. Jyoti fails to make them happy.

Shlok tells a man to check his Cv. Astha hugs him and he gets angry. She says she made list of items and needs 1 lakh for starting business. He asks, how will we get money. He says we won’t sell Ajju’s gold coins. Apsara hears them talking. Apsara is bowled over seeing Shlok and wishes she had a husband like him. She imagines her and Shlok as wife and husband. Shlok is her auto driver husband and she dances with him in tapori style. Chowksi comes and breaks her dream annoying her more. She decides to make dream true.

Chowksi asks Shlok what did he think about food truck. Astha says he has agreed. Chowksi says congrats for deciding this. Astha says, she needs money to start this business. Chowksi says no problem for money as even I don’t have. He suggests someone who gives loan on interest. Astha gets excited to launch the food truck. Apsara says you don’t know Phuljhadi this food truck will be proved costly. Chowksi brings them to loan giver man Patel. Patel asks for guarantee. Chowksi says they are new here and take my guarantee. Patel says he will charge 30 percent without guarantee.

Patel says he wants one month interest advance. Astha says it is lots and we came to take loan. She says we can’t arrange interest. Shlok says we can give 5 percent. Patel says you can ask anyone in market and I am giving because of guarantee. Chowksi says interest is very high. Patel asks them to go. Kavya tells Sojal that she is missing Astha Chachi. Jaya asks Sojal to see Kavya is taking Astha’s name. Sojal asks what is the problem if she loves Astha. She asks Kavya to study well to tell Astha about her good rank. Few women from temple come to take few utensils. Sojal apologizes saying she does not have keys of store room. The women ask how is this possible when you are elder bahu. Jaya tells Sojal to see the insult she is facing by strangers. Varad walks down and Sojal sees him and Jaya continues to speak against Niranjan. Jaya asks her to have full rights here. Varad angrily goes.

Shlok asks does anyone charge so much interest. Astha relaxes him. Shlok calls his life uncolored and goes to find job in newspaper. Astha says she has to do something without having any option. She says every business will have problem. She is determined to open food truck. Sojal tells Jaya why did she say that. Jaya asks her to call Varad. Sojal says I called him but he is not answering. Jaya says, my son in law is owner of Agnihotri institute having much work. Jaya trains Sojal to get clever. Rekha sees Astha upset and asks the reason. She asks her to come for market and she has to buy 1kilo mirchi. She says she has to keep bad sight off Pappu and his father.

Ankush sees Mala eating apples and enjoying AC. He questions her about it and calls her useless. He tells about his deal to get money after doing his work. He says property documents are with Kalindi, I m fed up to see your face. He asks her to pack bag and leave. Mala asks what will I tell them. Ankush says I will tell Kalindi that you run so she will give my property. Mala asks for one chance and tell whole story. She asks is Kalindi his real mother. He says she have me birth and left my father to marry Avdhoot. Mala asks how did she get property. Ankush says my father gave her all property to wash his sins. He says till I get change she will be incharge. Mala bursts into laughter. She says she will show real Jalwa today. Ankush gives her the chance. Astha prays to Bappa for job/business and money arrangement.

Jyoti asking Riya to go parlour and get ready. Renuka says Riya is beautiful and does not need facial. Jyoti says she will get fresh and light hearted. Renuka does not allow to go. Riya asks Jyoti to give money and she will go. She gets angry on Renuka and goes. Renuka angrily tells Jyoti that her relation broke because of her. She says something happens that her trust breaks. A man and Chowksi gets into an argument. Astha hears their fight. Rekha tells if they do more than one job it is tough. Astha asks Chowksi can he check second hand material. Chowksi says he can identity any second hand good material and goes with her.

Sachin takes the food Astha made. He takes pickles and eat it. Shlok asks what is he doing and he spoiled the mattress. Shlok asks about Astha. Sachin says she went with Chowksi’s wife. Chowksi brings Astha to a retailer and introduces Astha as his sister. Astha asks Chowksi to state what they can buy for use and good in quality. Chowksi chooses some items. Astha asks Motwani to tell rates of fridge and all items. Motwani says all items are cheap at his shop and calculates. Astha says she does not have money to give but has a deal. She says she will pay three times the amount in EMI. Chowksi says she is my sister so don’t take tension. He says accept deal its good. Motwani feels she needs the items.

He says people come and does not value it. He says you are first person who called my items good and did business, take anything from here. She thanks him and says she will pay every month. Chowksi says he will get something to take items. Shlok waits for Astha at home. Sachin informs him Astha came and turned him into a junk seller. Shlok goes and sees Astha and Chowksi bringing few second hand items. She tells Shlok that Chowksi will repair all items. Chowksi says he is mechanic and will make it new till morning. Astha says she does not have anything to give him. Chowksi calls it for return favor for Pappu’s birthday help. He encourages her and asks Shlok to help them. Apsara thinks to fail Astha’s plan.

Varad is being good husband which makes Sojal very much happy. Shlok and Astha get to rest after tiring day. Shlok says you got so many things. She says she will return it. He calls her problem solver. They romantically eyelock. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..plays in bg.

Chowski shows all good setup in morning. Astha and Shlok like the setup. Shlok asks how will she arrange food items and asks for plan. Astha says she is sure it will workout. Shlok gets interview call and tells Astha he will come. Chowksi says they have to buy food items. Astha asks how will they arrange money. Chowksi thinks for an idea. Astha goes to her room. Niranjan asks a detective to find Shlok at any fees charge. He introduces Ritesh to Varad. The detective says he will get Shlok in few days which makes Varad unhappy. Varad asks what is the need to hire detective, I am also finding him. He asks does he not trust him. Niranjan tells about worry troubling him as he is much concerned about Shlok. He says he can’t live without Shlok and his tries are not useless but may be detective will help them.

He says he can’t bear incompleteness without Shlok. Sojal asks Varad what to do. Varad says he will handle. Astha wants to arrange money and Rekha tells about Chowksi converting food truck in good setup. Astha complies and asks about money for food arrangements. Rekha asks her to take ration from her home Her bag falls and gold coins come out. Astha recalls about Ajju’s gold coins and tells Rekha to send Chowksi as she has work. Rekha asks is everything fine. Astha asks her to give her message. Astha prays to Bappa that she is going against Shlok having no option left.