Monday Update on Strange Love 20th September 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 20th September 2021

Shlok and Astha lying down on the mattress. She says I can’t forget this anniversary, I could not dream of this. Shlok talks to her and falls asleep. She sees his foot turned red and thinks of his words, why he had walk barefoot to save money. She cries and thinks he is not habitual to walk, so this happened. She applies the lep to his foot. She covers him with the blanket and holds his hand. Music plays……………. He holds her hand while in sleep.

Sojal hides the newspaper and takes Kavya and says she made choc milk for her. She makes her drink it. Niranjan comes and sits to eat. He asks for paper. Sojal says actually… Kavya says I know where is the paper, I will get it. Kavya gives it to Niranjan. He starts reading it and Sojal gets tensed. Varad comes and looks on being shocked. He greets Niranjan and smiles. Niranjan asks him to come and have food. Anjali reads the news and says how can Niranjan do this, he has disowned Shlok and took all his rights, I thought he changed, but no, he is testing my patience, I will call him. Her dad stops her saying if Niranjan is doing this with his son, he will not listen to you.

He says I thought he loves Shlok so much and would try to find him, he has fallen more in my eyes, he is so selfish and I did not see such man till date. Varad looks at the article, and Sojal asks him to have breakfast. Niranjan folds the paper and Varad says Baba one min and stops him. He takes the paper. Niranjan gets a call. He talks to Anand. Sojal is relieved. Niranjan says he will come and see. Varad removes the front page and gives him. Niranjan says where did the front page go. Varad says I think Kavya took it, Sojal please see it.

Niranjan asks Sojal is everything special. Sojal says Jyoti is coming home as its Bhai Dooj. Niranjan says its good. Jyoti prays to Lord that Shlok comes back soon, it was his marriage anniversary yesterday and no one from us was with him, he might be feeling alone, its Bhai Dooj and I can’t do his tika. Renuka calls her and asks her to read the paper. Jyoti is shocked knowing Shlok is disowned by Agnihotri business, and no offer, deal and promotion by his name can be fake. She laughs on her family. Jyoti says you are also my family, how can you say this, how can my pain become a reason of your laugh.

Renuka says you said I can’t understand your pain, and I m staying here on Sid’s salary, not yours. Anjali crushes the paper and says if Shlok reads it, he will be very upset, I know he will show he is strong, but he is weak. She cries and says she felt Niranjan changed, but he can’t change. She says she will call him. Jyoti says I have to talk to Baba, how can he do this injustice with him, no one cares about relations being in anger.

Riya comes and says I m thinking to wear your orange saree and earrings, please come soon, as it will help me. Jyoti says yes, take anything you like, I will come soon. Riya thanks her and leaves. Astha talks to someone and says yes, I will ask Shlok. She gets call from Anjali. Anjali says I told you to call me daily, I m feeling I haven’t talk to Shlok since years. Astha says you don’t miss me. Anjali says I do. Astha says I m joking, Shlok went out. Anjali asks is he happy, are you both well, did he get job, did he see newspaper. Astha asks why. Anjali says how is his mood these days, does he get angry. Astha says no, he is fine with me, don’t worry. Anjali says make him talk to me once and ends the call.

Astha says I know she wanted to tell something, but what. Anjali says its good they did not read paper till now. Varad tells Sojal that he told her to keep the paper away. Sojal says yes, whats my mistake if Kavya got it here. Jyoti comes with Anaya and asks whats all this. She asks what happened to Baba, he first kicked Shlok out and disowned him, how can he do this, I have to talk to him. Varad stops her and says he did not do wrong, someone forged on behalf of Shlok, and we had to bear loss, so we did this being helpless. Jyoti says there can be any other solution. Varad says Baba is angry now. Jyoti hugs him and says you all be same as always, don’t change.

Sojal asks them to do Bhai Dooj rituals now. Shlok talks to Astha and says whats the work which we can start. She says school. He says its not so easy. She says clothes business. He laughs and says its so easy, tell something in which we have experience. He says sell oil. He says good idea, which one. She says I m joking. They hear Sachin shouting for help and goes to see Apsara beating him. She asks him to make the girl tie the thread to him, as she is making him brother. Shlok realizes about Bhai Dooj and misses Jyoti. Sachin does not like the shirt and throws the paper. Apsara sees Shlok’s pic and tells Shlok. She asks Sachin to read it.

Sachin reads it that Shlok has been disowned by Agnihotri group of institute. Astha and Shlok are shocked. Apsara and Shanta look at him, shocked knowing Shlok is so rich. Sachin says its written that Shlok has lost all rights.

Astha and Shlok being shocked to know the news. Shanta and Apsara realize their identity. Varad tells Jyoti that he knows she is missing Shlok a lot. Jyoti says yes, please tell me when you know anything. He says he tried finding, but he did not come to know anything, he will inform her when he knows. Sojal says Anjali is not here, so its my duty. She gifts Jyoti. Varad says I m sorry not to come on Diwali as I was busy, did your mum in law say anything. She says no. He says he got something for her and asks Sita to bring his bag. Sita gets it. Varad gives her a necklace. Jyoti says I don’t want all this. He says why, its Bhai Dooj and you can get anything.

He says take it. She sees it and Jaya eyes it. Varad says these things are for your family. Jaya says great, I mean ypu both talk, we will get tea and snacks. She takes Sojal. Jyoti says she can’t take such an expensive gift. Varad says this is nothing, and gives a small ring from Shlok’s side. Niranjan looks on. Varad says he is not here, I will find him soon, and till then do both brother’s duty and not let you get hurt. Varad asks her not to worry and hugs her. She cries. He says we all will be together again. She says yes. Jaya tells Sojal to see how Varad bought a costly gift and she did not know.

Sojal says yes, I m also thinking, he did not get such costly gift till now, I will ask him. Jaya says no, think and do, stay good infront of him, do as I say. Shlok gets upset reading the paper. He thinks Niranjan did right, as he has left everything, and he has broken the last link, I don’t want your property. Astha comes and sees him sitting upset under the tree. Chowksi comes there and meets Shlok. Shlok wipes his tears. Chowksi asks him to tear his anger as the newspaper, as its son’s happy birthday today.

He says there will be grand party, lots of food, my father did not celebrate my birthday and today I have money and I celebrate my son’s birthday every year. He asks Shlok to do his work, stand up. He hugs Shlok. Astha looks on. Chowksi says hug shows affection, I read the newspaper, your anger is right, but its fine, your father will understand one day. Shlok says he does not want to talk about this. Chowksi says I feel you are like my brother and Astha my younger sister, and so I came to invite you, lets meet in evening party, lets do Jalsa. He leaves. Astha thinks new relations are made in this strange city.

She smiles and asks Shlok is he ready to rock in the party. He asks how can you be happy all the time, with a smile, are you not hurt. She cries and says I get hurt seeing you upset. She says she gets more hurt seeing him hurt, but don’t worry, I trust you and your talent, we will succeed soon. Shlok cries and wipes his tears.

She turns and cries. He holds her hand and makes her laugh talking in Gujarati. She laughs and says lets go. He says come and they walk to home. Renuka and Sid attend the groom’s family. The lady says call Riya, we want to see her. Renuka says I will get her. Riya tries opening the cupboard and its locked. She tells Renuka that Jyoti has locked the cupboard, I told her I want her saree and earrings. Renuka says wear anything, they are waiting. The lady asks about Sid’s wife. Sid says she…. Jyoti greets them and says she went to meet her brother as its Bhai Dooj.

The other lady says she is from big family, she is Niranjan Agnihotri’s daughter. Sid asks her to get Riya. Riya gets angry on Jyoti. Jyoti comes and asks why is she not ready till now. The lady tells Sid that its very late. Sid says I will go and see. He hears Renuka saying Jyoti locked the almirah. Sid says Jyoti, how can you be careless, you said you will help Riya, but you got late. He says you knew groom’s family are coming to see her, and why did you lock it, I did not expect this from you. Renuka says it means she does not trust us and thinks we will steal. Jyoti says no, I will make Riya ready in 5mins. Riya says no, I will go like this.

Renuka brings Riya and she greets the guests. They have a talk. Renuka praises Riya. The lady says fine, we will leave. Renuka asks what did they think. The lady says we will call and give our answer, we have to talk to elders also. Renuka goes to leave them outside. She asks Riya why did she come like this. Riya says ask Jyoti, not me. She leaves annoyed. Sojal runs after Kavya and plays with her. She catches her and males her sit on the sofa. She asks her to have milk. Kavya says I told I won’t have milk, you said you will take me out and have icecream. Sojal says tomorrow, its hot today. Kavya says no, today only.

Varad hears them and Sojal asks how did he come soon. He asks what happened to her. Sojal says she wants to have icecream. Kavya says she wants to eat icecream. Varad says he will keep Sojal’s promise, and first she has to drink milk. Sojal says I will go and change. He says no need, you are looking good. She smiles. Anjali is upset. Her mum looks on and tells the other lady she is upset after reading the paper. They decide to divert her mind. All the ladies come to Anjali. Her mum says she wants to have icecream. Her dad says its cold, will you not get unwell. The lady winks. Anjali says she does not want to go. They insist. Anjali says she does not want to go. She says fine, I will come. They leave happily.

Astha asks how is she looking, this saree is sent by Kalindi, she has sent a shirt for you, see. She asks what should they get for Chowksi’s son She sees the money and says we have just 500rs. He says I don’t understand, how will we manage in so less money. She says we will sell gold coins which Ajju gave and use it. He says he won’t sell. She says we don’t have any other option. He says no, its not out bad days, when I die….. She puts her hand on his mouth and says don’t say this. She says I will keep money in envelop. He thinks to find the job soon.