Friday Update on This is Love 14 February 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 14 February 2020

Sahil showing his face to Rohan by removing mask. Rohan says you… Sahil says I told you, Raman and Ishita can’t save you, you didn’t listen to me. Pandit tells imp of kanyadaan to everyone. Everyone smiles. Pandit asks someone to come for ghatbandhan ritual. Ruhi does the ghatbandhan. Yug and Aaliya smile. Sahil says good bye Rohan, and waves to him. Inspector says stay here, don’t go anywhere. Inspector and constables get in the car and leave. Sahil runs from there. Raman shouts save him. Bala sees this on video call. Rohan breaks down. The bomb explodes. Rohan dies. Bala shouts Rohan…. and falls down. Raman, Ishita and Karan fall away by bomb impact. Bala cries. Everyone rushes to him and asks what happened. Bala says blast has occurred, Rohan has gone.

Shagun asks what happened. Mani cries and says Sahil has fixed bomb to Rohan, Raman and Ishita went to save him but I think….. Everyone cries.
Raman, Ishita and Karan get up and see the dense smoke around. Bala says Sahil is a devil, he doesn’t value any human, he killed our Rohan, I will kill Sahil. Amma says why would Sahil do this. Bala asks how long will we sit quiet, he is blackmailing Ishita, he is taking revenge, he is involved in illegal activities, Raman has evidence against him, Sahil killed Rohan. Mr. Bhalla asks where are Raman and Ishita, they are also in danger. Bala says I will kill Sahil. Mani says we should call Ishu and Raman, and ask what exactly happened. Shagun says I will call them. Police comes there with ambulance and bomb squad. Commissioner asks are you fine. Raman says bomb squad expert said he will try and then he ran away. Commissioner says bomb squad team came with us now. Karan shouts Bhai and runs to the place. He gets Rohan’s shoe and cries.

Raman asks Karan to calm down. Karan shouts I love you brother, don’t leave me. Ishita cries that they couldn’t save Rohan. They console Karan. Shagun says call isn’t connecting. Aaliya says what’s happening. Inspector says collect proof for lab testing. Raman says you want proof, come with me, I know who did this. Sahil comes home and relaxes. Shamshad says you gave good punishment to Bhallas, your idea to become bomb squad expert was great. Sahil says they were getting proof against me, now they won’t tale revenge from me.

Raman says Sahil did this, he thinks someone from my family killed his sister, he wants revenge, I have proof against him. He looks for the bag. Sahil asks Shamshad to get the bag. FB shows Sahil taking the bag from Raman’s car. Sahil gets the pendrive and says they wanted to frame me. Raman says he took the bag. Commissioner says we want proof to get Sahil. Raman says we three are here, he threatened us. Inspector says sorry, we can’t do anything without proof, when we get evidence, we will take strict action. Commissioner says if we get evidence, we won’t spare Sahil, sorry, we can’t help now. They go. Raman says we lost, Sahil has won. Ishita says Raman, be strong, see Karan, we have to take care of him, we have to tell Sudha. Raman takes Karan with him.

Sahil pours wine and lights the pendrive. He says its the start, they snatched my sister, they have to die now, that murderer will speak up. Pandit asks what to do, marriage mahurat is ending. Aaliya says this marriage can’t happen now. Yug says she is right, we lost Rohan, we can’t marry now. Mani says Bala, we should go there. Raman, Karan and Ishita come home. Mr. Bhalla says Sahil did bad with Rohan. Simmi gets water for Karan. Karan sits crying. He gets Sudha’s call. Sudha says Rohan’s phone is not reachable, where is he. Karan says mom will die if I say this. Bala puts phone on speaker. Ishita says Sudha ji… Sudha asks is that you, are Karan and Rohan with you, I just came home from London. Karan says mom is here…. Sudha says I was getting bad dreams since two days, so I have come here, what happened, my heart is sinking, tell me something, give phone to Rohan. Karan cries and goes. Ishita says I will come and meet you.

Sudha asks what happened, tell me right now. Raman says Rohan is hurt, he is coming here, you also come here. Sudha asks what, did he meet with an accident. He says come here please. She says I m coming. Ishita cries and says why did they kill poor Rohan. Karan says my brother left me… He sits crying and thinks of Rohan’s death. He asks how will I live without him. He washes his face. Ruhi comes to him and asks him to calm down. He hugs her and says my brother has died, I couldn’t do anything. She asks him to cry and vent out sorrow. Sahil says no one said who killed Muskaan, everyone is upset, but Muskaan’s murderer is silent, why. Ruhi gives water to Karan. She asks him to be strong for Sudha’s sake, she is coming here. Mihika comes and says Karan, your mom has come. Ruhi says don’t cry in front of her. Sudha asks what happened, where are Rohan and Karan. Karan comes to her. She asks what happened, why are you crying, where is Rohan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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