Friday Update on Young Love 14 February 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 14 February 2020

Anandi bandaging Daddu’s leg and asks him to be careful. Daddu apologizes. Anandi talks about Nandini. Ira says she is my ladli. She will be like Anandi after growing up. Anandi smiles. Dadisaa tells Gehna and Ganga that Mohan called asking for help in the exam preparation. Ganga appreciates her. Dadisaa says she wants to pass with good marks. She prays to God to help them pass in the test with good marks. They are seen coming out of school after writing exam. Dadisaa says she wrote well. Next day Jagya and Dadisaa come to school to see the latter’s result. Dadisaa asks him to check her result. Jagya says everyone come to check the result with their parents. Dadisaa is worried. Jagya says you showed courage and get admitted in school. We will be proud of you. Anandi calls the doctor and tells Ira that their family doctor is away so she took an appointment from another doctor.

Alok comes home from Singapore. Everyone get elated. Daddu asks about his trip. Alok says it was fine. He tells that he met so many people there. He asks Anandi how is she? She says she is fine. Daddu asks did you finalize the place for office. Alok says I will tell after meeting the kids. Alok meets the kids. Anandi says Nandini is unwell. Ira says Anandi will be taking her to the doctor. Alok says he can’t see the princess Nandini in pain.

Jagya and Dadisaa come to see the results. Dadisaa goes to see the result. Jagya wishes her best. Dadisaa comes to her class and asks her friend how is she? She says she is in tension and couldn’t even have breakfast. The teacher comes and tells the parents/guardian that she is closing the door for sometime till she gives the result. Jagya and everyone get tensed. Jagya says his tension is more than them and fears that if she didn’t get good marks then it will be difficult for him to make her understand. The teacher calls Dadisaa’s name. She recalls everything and goes to the teacher. She signs on the register as she receives the result.

The teacher says when you joined the school, I thought you can’t study with these students, but you worked hard and got second position in class. Dadisaa gets happy as she comes second in class. Everyone applaud for her. All the students come out of the class room. Dadisaa comes last with a sad face. Jagya asks what happened. Dadisaa asks him to look himself. She apologizes saying she couldn’t come first in class. He sees the results and hugs her happily. He says you made me proud.

Jagya and Dadisaa are in his car. He says you shall feed me sweet. Dadisaa throws gems in his mouth. She says she will feed him many sweets. Jagya says your idea is good. We will take everyone for having kulfi. She calls Anandi to inform her. Dadisaa tells Anandi that she came second in the class. Anandi congrats her. Dadisaa says she will call later. Anandi calls Ira, says Nandini is fine and will be alright. She asks about Shivam. Ira says he can’t live without Nandini and will be each other’s reflection. Anandi smiles. Just then Anandi witness a woman falling down after the accident. She wakes her up. The woman wakes up taking her daughter’s name. She tells Anandi that someone is trying to get her 4 year daughter married forcibly. She asks Anandi to take her there. Anandi is tensed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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