Friday Update on This is Love 17 January 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 17 January 2020

The lady asking Bala about Kiran. Bala gets angry and asks where is Kiran. She asks her goon to show him his wife. The goon shows the video of Kiran’s captivity. They all get shocked. Bala fights the goon and gets beaten up. The lady scolds him and steps over him. She says you were helping Raman and giving them water and food, just see what I do with him now. Ishita says please don’t do anything to Kiran. Karan thinks so this is the lady who troubled them. Yug says forgive them, take me with you. Kiran is brought home. Bala worries for her. The lady says I left her as my mood was good, this was just a trailer, you can understand how is the film, sign the property papers tomorrow, its an auspicious day for me tomorrow. She goes. She says I will gift this property to

brother, Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla are arrogant, I will teach them a lesson.
Karan comes. Goon says you were with Bhallas. Karan says I m not with them, bhallas made my brother away from my mom, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, its not easy to break Bhallas, we can help each other. She agrees. He goes. The goon asks is he trustworthy. She says everything is fair in love and war, we will kill him if he tries to betray us. She leaves.

Bala consoles Kiran. She asks him to withdraw the police complaint, anything can happen to their children. Ishita says nothing bad will happen now, you are at home, don’t worry. Ruhi and Aaliya ask Raman to give the property to them. Karan says no, how can you give the property, you must not give up and trap that lady, she will be coming tomorrow, we shouldn’t leave this chance.

Yug says what are you saying, we shouldn’t take risk. Raman and Ishita say we will go to police. Yug goes to Karan and asks what’s this new game you are playing. Karan says I care for Bhallas. Yug says I know you. Karan says I m worried for my brother. Yug says if anything happens to this family, I won’t spare you. Karan says chill, go and take care of Aaliya, Bhallas are disturbed because of her. Yug says Aaliya is fine, enough. Karan says no harm, just chill. Shagun asks where is Pihu. Ishita says I have sent her to a friend’s house. Mani says you did right. Ishita says I think we should give bhaang drink to the lady and then we will make her blurt out the truth, once we have proof, police can arrest her. Karan thinks to inform their plan to Muskaan. Aaliya gets holi colors.

She says I know everyone is tensed, its holi day, we should celebrate. She applies tilak to Rohan, Karan and everyone. Rohan says I m happy and proud of you Karan, happy holi. The lady comes and wishes them happy holi. She says you should be happy that deal is happening in peace, Raman won’t you play holi with me. Mihika goes to make bhaang drinks. She says now she will speak out the truth by this drug. The lady asks Raman to sign the papers. Mihika says I request you to eat something before leaving. The lady says she is so lovely, go and get it.

Karan thinks there maybe bhaang in it. He says I will take this and drops the tray. He says sorry, I will ask someone to clean this up. Raman says foolish, that was for the guests. The lady says calm down, he is young and did mistake, did you add something in it. Ishita says no, its just thandai. Mihika says no problem, I will just get it. The lady asks her goon to help Mihika. Mihika says no, I will get it. The lady asks Shamshad to play a good song. She dances on the holi hai… Yug and his friends are outside. Yug asks them to leave. The lady gets them in and takes the laddoos box. She eats the laddoo and asks goon to give it to everyone. Ishita says the laddoos have bhaang in it. Raman says I don’t take sweets. The lady gets affected by bhaang. Ishita looks on.

Ishita asking the lady to have more laddoos. Shagun records everything. The lady Muskaan says I will start flying now. Ishita signs Ranbir. He says sorry, your plan flopped because of me. She asks what are you saying, you got the laddoos. He says no, I broke your trust, I like you a lot, but I have to do this for my family. She asks why is this lady not saying anything. He gets some bottle and says I m so sorry. Muskaan claps and gets up. She says you are too good, the laddoo have no drugs in it, I m fine, I was just acting, this chemical is harmful, it may harm you badly. She asks Raman to sign the papers. He says wait, I will sign the papers. She says papers cancel, just do this, I want revenge for the slap, I m not scared of police, Ranbir just do it, my men is there

with your family. Ranbir says don’t do anything to my family. Everyone asks him to stop. Police comes and shouts stop.



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