Friday Update on Young Love 17 January 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 17 January 2020

Ira telling Anandi and Shiv that Daddu went somewhere without informing them. Daddu says he didn’t go anywhere and comes with sweet boxes. He makes Anandi eat the sweets and blesses her. He says he will eat sweets in breakfast, lunch and dinner as he is going to be great grand father. He asks them to give good news to Khazan ji. Shiv says yes. He gives sweets to Anandi and asks her to make her father eat it. Shiv agrees. Nandu cries holding Gehna’s hand and asks are you fine? She says she is fine because of her brave son.

Nandu says I didn’t save you. I was responsible as I asked the labourer to keep the grass near the electricity box. Gehna says you didn’t do it intentionally and asks her who saved me. Jagya says Niranjan ji. He says he saved you when saw you caught in fire. Dadisaa says Devimaa send Niranjan to save her. Jagya tells that he is in the ICU and still unconscious. Gehna gets shocked. Jagya tells her that he will be fine. Dadisaa says everything will be fine. Nandu thinks his mum will cry again if something happens to Niranjan and prays for his mother’s happiness.

Anandi and Shiv come to Khazan ji and tell him that he is going to be grand father. Khazan ji gets emotional and misses his wife. HE asks Anandi to be careful and stay far from him. He says I can’t keep your child’s life in danger. Anandi cries. Khazan ji says you should be happy and asks her to go for her child’s sake.

Shiv tells Anandi that he can understand her pain and says now you have this baby’s responsibility. We have to take care of him. Khazan ji gives some money to Shiv and asks him to distribute among the poor. Anandi says she wants to touch his feet. Khazan ji says my blessings are with you and asks her to be happy.

Niranjan is still in the ICU and Gehna is seen sitting at her side. She recalls her the happy moments with him and cries. She recalls having gol gappa with her. She recalls their marriage. Suddenly Niranjan gets short of breathe. Gehna asks Nurse to call Jagya. Jagya comes and makes Niranjan wear the oxygen mask. He gives him injection. Nandu looks at him and recalls Niranjan caring for him. He recalls Jagya explaining to him that Niranjan is your Bapusaa. Nandu comes and holds his hand calling him Bapusaa. Niranjan opens his eyes then and sees Nandu. Nandu apologizes to him. He promises to behave well with him. Niranjan asks him to stop and caresses his face. Everyone get happy. Niranjan is happy as well.

Subhadra comes to Anandi’s room and asks about her health. Anandi says she is perfectly fine. Subhadra says she wanted to hear that only. She says she brought dry fruits for her. She says doctor asked me to eat healthy food and exercises. Anandi hesitates to take it and recalls Subhadra giving her drug laddoos. Subhadra asks what happened. Shiv says may be she recalled about the prasad which you gave her. She paid a heavy price for the same. Subhadra keeps it on the bed and leaves. She thinks they are very clever. I thought they have forgot. I will see how she gives birth.

Ganga bringing water. Jagya tells her that kids slept just now. Ganga asks what are you thinking. He says tomorrow is special day as LP Shrivastav’s DNA test report will come. Kusum and her son will get justice. Ganga asks are you hiding something. Jagya says wait for tomorrow. We will get all the answers. He says good thing is that Nandu accepted Niranjan ji. Ganga says today they will be together. Jagya hopes that they start their life afresh. Gehna asks Niranjan to sit and says Jagya said that you needs rest. Niranjan sits on chair. Gehna asks him to sleep. Niranjan says ok and sleeps on the bed. Gehna sleeps beside him. He talks about seeing moon in his childhood. Gehna talks to him. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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