Friday Update on This is Love 20 March 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 20 March 2020

Arijit getting Sunita’s message and smiling. Mani asks is there any good news. Arijit says my project got an approval. Mani says congrats, come. They sit to have lunch. Karan says there is much salt in the food. Aaliya says no, it can’t be salty. Karan says I can’t eat it. Yug says relax, don’t create a scene. Karan says its too salty. He asks Arijit to give the plate, he can’t eat it. Yug says stop it. Aaliya says sorry, I had made it with love. Yug says then you pack your tiffin yourself Karan. Mani says stop it. Ruhi says its not Karan’s mistake, Aaliya I can’t lie that its tasty food, we should apologize to Arijit, I stopped him for lunch. Arijit says its okay. Karan says its not okay. They argue. Mani asks them to stop it. Ruhi asks Mani not to support

Aaliya, the food is really salty. Aaliya asks how dare you talk to dad like this. Arijit says guys please stop fighting, its embarrassing for me, I think I should leave, sit calm and resolve the issues, Mani sorry. Mani says I m sorry. They go. They all laugh.
Mani says sorry, I don’t know why they are fighting, Raman and Ishita aren’t here. Arijit says I know, they are young and have insecurities, you are handling this alone, call me if you need help. Mani says we can go out for lunch if you have time. Karan gets a call and says they are coming after having lunch, shall we start. Ruhi says yes. Arijit comes and looks on.

Ruhi asks Karan to calm down. Karan says Yug talks to me so badly, I m tolerating this fo you. Arijit thinks now it will be easy to break down. Ruhi says I will talk to Mani and ask him to let Yug handle this project alone. Arijit says sorry, I had heard your talks, Ruhi is right, Karan isn’t getting the deserved respect, Karan will be the boss and manage my project. Ruhi says I will say yes from his side. Karan says okay. Arijit thinks I got them away from Yug and Aaliya.

Karan says thanks, I can’t work under Yug, I have lots of experience, I joined Bhallas to help Ishita, I m sure I will gain new experience by working with you, thanks. Arijit says I knew you had the spark, I didn’t see this spark in Yug, I know his background, you are from a business family, congrats. Ruhi says this calls for a celebration, we three will party at your place, we can’t discuss this at our house, you know they always fight. Arijit says why not, but why at home, we can book a table at a restaurant, I live alone, the party will be boring. Karan says ofcourse. Mani comes and says you here… Karan says Arijit was leaving and was talking about puja. Arijit goes. Mani asks what’s going on. Ruhi says we will tell you everything.

Mihika sees the note and says I don’t understand, I felt like Sunita was hiding something. Simmi says she was tensed. Mihika says I think matter is something different, Sunita knows Ishita is in trouble, she isn’t telling us, we didn’t get her message today, we have to ask Karan, we will go to office and ask Karan. Simmi says fine, I will drive to office. Mani asks what, you all think so, I thought just Karan thinks so.

Aaliya says no, we all think so, he tried to make Karan and Yug fight, Karan said Arijit has Ishita’s phone. Yug says we know Raman is alive, and we are just getting Ishita’s messages. Ruhi says Raman never mentioned about Arijit, we didn’t check his background once, just think, why would anyone help in business. Karan says we have to be sure. Mani says carry on, find out. Arijit says Ruhi and Karan got trapped, now it will be fun to break Bhallas family and business. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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