Friday Update on True Love 20 March 2020


Friday Update on True Love 20 March 2020

The elder brother warns Akash that if he hurts his brother then he will break his legs. Plus your heroine here….Akash tightens his hold around Rudra’s neck. Rudra tells him brother that he (Akash) will kill me. He is hell bent on it. Akash tells the elder brother to follow Rudra’s words. Meethi come here. Bhau continues ranting at him to leave his brother. I will kill each and every person from your family. Leave my brother. Akash tells Meethi not to worry. She moves to his side all scared. Bhau warns him again that he let go of her to save his brother but enmity from bhau will cost them a lot.

Plus your Meethi would not be able to live properly. I will show it to you. Akash retorts he will regret it. If you try to do the same mistake again then I wont even give you a chance to regret it. Bhau asks him to release his brother. Akash starts walking backwards along with Meethi all the while holding Rudra in his grip. Akash runs after banging Rudra’s head against the wall. Bhau runs to his brother’s side. He orders his men to catch them both…dead or alive. Rudra goes unconscious.

Akash and Meethi are running while Bhau and his men are chasing them. Meethi gets tired. He tells her not to give up. She should try a little more or we will be in their custody again. God is with us. He offers his hand to her and they both run together. Both the parties are shown running on and off. Bhau and his men reach a place with trucks all around loaded with stuff.

He takes out his pistol and his men start looking around. Meethi and Akash are sitting there only in hiding. Meethi is clutching on to Akash in fear. He holds her hand in an assuring way. She is about to say something but Akash puts his hand on her lips. Piya o re piya breaks in as they both look at each other. She notices blood coming out from his wound and wipes with her own dupatta. He keeps looking at her all the while as she continues caressing his arm to soothe the pain. They both share an eye lock as she looks up at him. He very carefully puts the strands of her hair behind her ear. She puts her head on his shoulder. An emotional moment for both!

Outside, Bhau continues directing his men to search behind the bushes. They both overhear this and are on alert. One of the men informs him they couldn’t be found anywhere. Bhau points out at a truck saying he is sure they would be in here. Check inside. Akash and Meethi get tensed. The goon starts unlocking the truck and Meethi clutches on to Akash all the more tightly.

She is super scared and Piya o re piya begins again. Akash signals her to keep quiet. He is holding her in a protective manner. The goon opens the rear of the truck. Akash asks her if she is ok. Nothing will happen listen to me carefully. Don’t come out of here till I ask you to. You will not come out till you hear my voice. He gets up to go but she holds him. Where are you going? He replies I am going to save my wife (Piya plays <3). Now there is no other way. They will have to be punished for their misdeeds.

She cries thinking they are dangerous what if something happens to him. He smiles back at her. My wife is with me on Teej (a festival celebrated by Indian women for the wellbeing for their husbands). What will happen to me? I will be back soon. Piya ends! He gets up and covers her well with a cardboard box before going. The goon is checking for Akash and Meethi in the truck. She holds on to his hand telling him to be careful. She is crying as she watches him go.

Bhau is looking at the truck for some hint when the goon comes flying out (Akash hit him). A chant begins playing as Akash appears before Bhau. He quickly aims his revolver at him but Akash fly kicks at his hand thereby throwing the revolver on ground. He starts beating Bhau’s men one by one. Meethi watches while hiding. She prays to God. Bhau hits on Akash’s head from behind. Meethi is shocked and holds on to her mouth from screaming out. Bhau continues beating Akash badly. All his men join him. Akash shouts out at Meethi telling her to run away. She stands glued to her place nodding her head in a no. He shouts out for her again. She stands there shocked to the core and Piya o re piya begins again. Akash shouts again but she just joins her hands in prayer.

The men continue beating Akash when Meethi points out the revolver at Bhau telling him to stop. A chant about devi plays as she warns them to leave Akash or else she will shoot. Bhau tells him men to back off. Let them both go. She asks Akash to come to her side. He gets up limping while Bhau and his men flee from the scene.

She throws the revolver and asks him if he is alright. She hugs him tight and is happy (that he is safe). He too feels happy but as soon as he thinks of hugging her back she realises what she is doing and pulls out of the hug. We will have to run away from here before they come back. She supports him while walking and keeps encouraging him to be strong. A car is shown coming their way. Akash waves at it to stop and Meethi follows suit but the car doesn’t stop. He is on the verge of losing consciousness. She is thinking hard as to what to do. He falls unconscious behind her. She turns and is shocked to see him thus. She rushes to him shouting his name. Get up we will have to run from here they can come anytime. He tells her to go home as Anni is waiting for her. She says she wont go anywhere leaving him in this state. He tells her to do as he says. She doesn’t want to go. They are dangerous. I cannot go anywhere leaving you alone. You will have to get up for your Meethi. Look at me. He goes completely unconscious in her lap. She keeps calling out to him but he doesn’t respond. She notices the phone in his pocket and gets happy. But there is no battery. She cries and prays to God to show her the way. I cannot leave him in this state. Please give him strength. Do something help us. A chant begins playing and Akash takes Meethi’s name. She assures him she is with him get up. We will have to run from here we cannot delay. Get up I cannot go alone leaving you behind. He gets up with her help but is too drained out. She helps him.

Next morning, police along with Jogi, Vishnu and Kanha reach a place. The inspector tells Jogi they searched everywhere but couldn’t find Meethi. We will have to put in more people and send teams to some specific areas.

Meethi and Akash are walking near a temple. She is sure they will help them. She makes him sit under a tree while she asks some ladies for phone. Someone’s life is in danger. They question her about whom is she talking. She points out to Akash. The one who is sitting there is hurt a lot. Let me make one call. The ladies ask her if he is her hubby. Tadeva lagnam plays while Meethi stands there in a fix. She affirms…yes!

The ladies tell her it is Teej today when every wife keeps a fast for her husband’s long life. And you are trying to help her. Today not even yamraj can take your husband from you. Saying so, she gives her the phone.

Jogi gets a call. Meethi tells him her location and how minister’s son had kidnapped her but Akash saved her life. Jogi is shocked. Bade papa, you come fast we both need you very much. She tells her the location. He assures her he is coming very soon. He informs the inspector as well.

Meethi thanks the ladies with all her heart. Next she prays to God to save Akash. Give him strength. Nothing should happen to him. If something happens to him then. Bhau and his men reach there as soon as she turns after finishing her prayers. She stops shocked in her tracks. Akash too notices them coming inside the temple.

Bhau and his men reaching there as soon as she turns after finishing her prayers. She stops shocked in her tracks. Akash too notices them coming inside the temple. Bhau is looking around for Akash and Meethi. meethi turns to the same ladies asking them to help them. These goons want to kill us / abuse us. Please save us. They quiz her as to who are these people. Akash tries to get up and a chant plays in the background. She sees him struggling and goes to support him in standing up. Bhau and they stand face to face now. She is standing in front of Akash as a shield and tells him not to (do anything to them). Bhau address the women around. I don’t have anything to do with you. You all please carry on with your Teej puja but don’t come between us.

We only want to take them with us. One of the ladies tells him to be ashamed as he is standing in a Shiv-Parvati temple. When we are here you wont be able to even touch them. They come and stand in front of Akash and Meethi now. All the other ladies join them as well. We will stand as a wall in between. If you want you can kill us but we wont let you do anything to them. Bhau says you women…I tried telling you sweetly but you dint understood. Now will have to burst crackers (meaning gun) maybe then you will understand. Everyone gets scared as he takes out the gun. He orders his men to move the women away and they oblige. Bhau stands pointing his gun at Meethi. She stands shielding Akash. Bhau walks closer and holds the gun at her forehead.

He smirks while she stands there all composed and fearless. He loads the bullet but son stops hearing a gun shot. Someone (inspector) tells him to stop or he will fire at him. Police and Jogi and everyone have reached there. The inspector orders his juniors to arrest everyone. Jogi rushes to Meethi to make sure she is fine. Police take away bhau along with his men in their jeep. Kanha too hugs his sister while Jogi looks at Akash and his wounds. Instead of answering for himself he tells him his granddaughter is fine. Meethi tells them her life and honour are intact today because of Akash or else don’t know what would have happened.

Your sister wouldn’t have been alive today. Jogi lends his support to Akash for walking. Kanha walks up to them and quietly takes his hand over his shoulder. Lets go! They all start walking out. Meethi stops to thank all the ladies for their help. I will never forget your favour for life. All the men turn back. One of the lady comments she is very lucky. Today on the auspicious day of Teej she has been blessed to save her husband’s life. Meethi quietly walks out lowering her head while Vishnu overhears it. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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