Friday Update on This is Love 24th July 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 24th July 2020

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla arguing about the fire crackers. Ishita smiles hearing them. She asks them to pack sweets, they have to give the boxes to Mani and Sudha. Mihika says we have already made it ready. Ishita asks shall we call Raman, we shall go. Raman says Yug and I will go, you take rest. Yug says I can’t come today, I have to help Aaliya, please take someone else. He goes. Raman asks what’s happening. Yug says Aaliya, I will help you. Simmi asks what’s the matter. Yug asks so what’s the problem. He screams when he sees Aaliya lifting a pickle jar. He takes it from her. Everyone asks what happened. Yug says this jar was falling, so I saved it, we will go out for dinner. He says I need to talk to Raman, Raman will tell everything to Ishita. He goes. Raman asks

what happened. Yug says everyone is going for dinner, I have to surprise Aaliya, we won’t come. Raman says okay, I m happy, you went on me when it comes to romance. Arijit scolds the men and asks where is my daughter. He asks them to find Neeti.
He gets Raman’s message. He reads happy diwali. He throws the phone and says I will kill your entire family. Raman says we shall go for dinner now itself. Everyone agrees. Yug says I have stomach ache. Ishita says I will check. Yug says I can’t eat outside, Aaliya will stay with me. Ishita says we will cancel the program. Yug says I m fine, you can go. Raman says yes, he can get fine, its just gas, Aaliya will take care of him, come, we shall go. They leave. Ishita says like father like son, come, we shall go, Aaliya give him Ajwain water. She smiles and leaves.

Bhuvan looks for Neeti. She hides from him. Raman and Ishita come there. Yug asks Karan did he arrange everything, he doesn’t know about romantic date, but he will manage. Karan says tell me what’s the occasion. Yug says I will tell you later, Aaliya is coming. He acts again. Aaliya asks him to have Ajwain water. He says no. She says we will go to doctor, we shouldn’t take risk, come with me. Yug says calm down, it will get fine, I have to say something, its a secret, don’t scold me. She asks him to say it. He says actually, I don’t have stomach ache. She asks what, why did you refuse for dinner, I wanted to go. He asks don’t you like it here, I thought to spend time with each other. She says stop it, when everyone knows this drama, what will they think. He says they will think I love my wife a lot, now we will get more busy, duties increases. She asks what are you saying. He says nothing, sorry, I m feeling hungry. She says I m also feeling hungry, there is no food prepared.

He says I have a surprise for you. She asks what. He takes her out. Arijit goes angry. He calls Thia and scolds her. Thia says I m sorry, I managed Neeti like my daughter, I have to tell you something, Neeti was conscious, she was fine, she was talking to me, don’t know when she left, trust me. He says it means she was talking. Thia says yes, she was totally different. He says why didn’t you call me, it was biggest good news for me. She says I called you, your phone wasn’t connecting, I wanted to surprise you. He says you have given me surprise and also this big shock, where is Neeti now. She says really sorry, I know my sorry won’t change anything, I will find Neeti. He says stay there, maybe Neeti comes back, call me when she comes. She says don’t worry, Neeti got fine now. Arijit says Neeti got fine. Raman says we had to go to restaurant.

Ishita says I need to get diwali gifts. Raman gets angry. Mihika says its okay, we will buy sarees and come, you have to pay, come. Yug shows the lovely arrangements. Aaliya smiles. He says I told Karan to arrange this. She says he is emotional, he will miss Ruhi more. He says sorry, I will arrange a romantic date for Ruhi and Karan when she comes back, lets concentrate on each other now. She nods. He says I love you. She says I trust you, I know you love me a lot, I love you too, why this special thing. He says you are special, you are my world, I promise I will never leave you alone, I will always stand by you. She thinks what happened to him, he is hiding something. He thinks why isn’t Aaliya telling me anything. Ishita and Mihika come to some shop. Neeti holds Ishita’s pallu and says my mumma’s perfume was same, my mum was come back. She cries.

Ishita checking sarees. She frees her pallu. Neeti cries. Aaliya says I m feeling hungry. Yug says I know, you would be liking to eat anything sour, you would be dizzy. She says no, I m just hungry, let me serve, you did a lot. He says no, you will just sit, have the juice. He serves her food. He asks what happened. She says I can’t eat this salad and fruits, who eats this for dinner, I m not ill, I thought you ordered my fav Italian food. He says its healthy food, perfect for baby. She asks whose baby, did you go mad. He says tell the truth now please. She asks what truth. He says come on, please say it. She says relax, I don’t understand, what is it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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