Friday Update on True Love 24th July 2020


Friday Update on True Love 24th July 2020

Akash and Meethi are ready to go but Meethi is hesitant. Akash realises why she doesn’t want to go. Because of this wheelchair right? She nods. Someone told me she doesn’t want someone’s support all the time…that she wants to live normally, do everything on her own…now she herself has forgotten it all. She holds her hears sweetly and makes a cute face. He wants a kiss to forgive her. She is all the more happy to oblige. They are all set to leave when they hear someone coughing very badly. Meethi recognizes it be Ambika’s voice and is worried for her.

Akash and Meethi knock at Ambika’s room. Ambika takes the thermometer from the tea cup and puts it in her mouth. Meethi and Akash enter inside as the door is open. Ambika acts as if she fell asleep while taking her temperature. Meethi asks about her health. She checks the thermometer. Ambika has high fever. Akash offers to call Sankrant but Ambika stops him. He has taken Maiyya to satsang. Akash goes to get medicine from his room. Meethi assures Ambika she will be fine soon. Ambika coughs again which troubles Meethi. ambika says you had to take so much trouble because of me. She tells Meethi to go where she was going.

I will manage it all by myself. Akash gets the medicine for her. He tells her they have to go out. We will be back in 3 hours. I will tell Kasha kaka to take care of you. He is surprised to know that kasha kaka has gone to attend the satsang as well. Meethi gives her medicine. She wants to stay with Ambika. Ambika tells her to go but Meethi declines. We are one big family. What else is family for? If I would have been at your place then would you have left me alone in such a condition? No, right? It is perfectly fine. Akash wants to go for a while atleast and then return home early but Meethi requests him so he agrees. He leaves from there sadly. Ambika is happy as her plan worked. She thinks, Jethani JI (elder DIL – Meethi) you cannot get any happiness till I am here. I ruined Jeth ji’s (Akash) plan today. Now you sit here and take care of me.

Mukku has made a to do list in her diary and is making all the preps accordingly. Vishnu comes there and gives her a pen. It has Mukta and Vishnu engraved over it. She is very happy to have it. Vishnu says I couldn’t gift you a laptop and ipad like other husbands as my salary is very less. She loves the pen and keeps it in her bag. I will sign the joining letter from this pen only. He has brought a notebook for her. You will need it when you will start going to office. He tells her to keep it safe as he has taken this on emi. She is touched by this gesture. Now tell me who spends unnecessarily? You could have got yourself a bike on emi. He applauds the public transport of Mumbai. What’s the need? Plus when my wife can use public transport then why can’t I? They smile. She gives him a big hug.

The CEO gives a new packed laptop to the manager. It is for Mukta. Mark a cubicle outside my cabin. He reverses the sand timer. Just one more night!

Meethi feeds soup to Ambika. Ambika tells her to go and eat something as well but Meethi lovingly tells her to eat first. Ambika makes her swear but Meethi stays put. Ambika is happy. I have got everything now that I have ruined your dinner plan. Akash comes there. He asks for Ambika’s health. Ambika tells her I feel good now. She tells Meethi to go and eat as Akash must be hungry too. I will sleep in some time as well. Meethi agrees. But call me if you need something. Akash and Meethi leave from there. Ambika is happy that her plan worked today. I said right if I don’t get something then (no one else would get it). She enjoys the soup and lies down to sleep.

Akash has made all the arrangements at home. There is a piano and musicians there. Meethi is delighted to see it. Ambika is distracted by the noise. How is this beautiful music coming from home? She gets up to check. Meethi thanks Akash for the surprise. She realises this is what Akash was planning. Ambika is upset to see all this. This cannot happen. Akash remarks that I dint want to cancel my meeting. If I want to make my Meethi happy then I would do anything to make that happen. No one can stop me. ambika challenges him in her mind.

I will add poison to your happiness. Akash has got a very special gift for Meethi as well. This will stay with you when I am not home. It is something which your dad gave to your mom. It is a goldfish. Meethi gets ecstatic. Meethi recalls Pakya (Iccha’s goldfish). Anni gave it to me and told me to keep it safely as it is Iccha’s memento. Meethi thanks him with all her heart. Akash has planned a lot many surprises for her. He picks her up in his arms and they sit to enjoy dinner together. Ambika swears to ruin their dinner.

Akash and Meethi get lost in each other’s eyes. Ambika thinks of something. She notices a flower vase and throws it from the balcony upstairs. Akash and Meethi’s moment breaks. They notice Ambika. She tells them she was hungry so thought to come and get something to eat. But when I came here I saw the preps. I was going back when this vase fell down. Meethi invites her to have dinner with them. Akash suggests sending dinner in Ambika’s room as she is unwell but Meethi stays firm. Ambika acts as if she doesn’t want to ruin their dinner but Meethi insists. Ambika gets a call from Sankrant but she disconnects it. You listen to the satsang only.

Maiyya and everyone are enjoying the satsang though Maiyya looks a little worried / lost in thoughts. Gomti asks Sankrant if he had a word with Ambika. He shakes his head. She dint pick my call. She must be doing something. Gomti whispers to Pavitra that he (Sankrant) is innocent like a cow whereas she (Ambika) is very sharp. She will overpower him in no time. Pavitra agrees with her. look at Maiyya only…how sad she looks because of Ambika’s dad. Maiyya is worried because of that Chaubey. He keeps asking for everything every day. Gomti suggests her to decline or ask Sankrant. But Maiyya tells her not to add fuel to the fire. I will do what I have to. Maiyya thinks if I don’t give gold bangles to Ambika tomorrow then that Chaubey will definitely tie handcuffs around my hands.

Ambika is having dinner with Akash and Meethi who are lost in each other. Ambika thinks, Meethi you don’t know who you have allowed to come near you. I will definitely create rifts and distances between you two. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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