Friday Update on This is Love 26th June 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 26th June 2020

Ruhi asking Raman does he remember what they did with him. Raman says no, when I try to recall, I feel like someone is pushing me, I m getting a headache and feel unwell, I will rest in my room. He goes. Mr. Bhalla stops Ishita and asks her to calm down and be strong, she has to handle Raman. Arijit gets angry. Natasha and Sunil come to him. Arijit asks did you go to the hospital, you know what, Yug went to meet your doctor. Natasha asks how is this possible, how does he know about it.

Arijit says I warned you before, Bhallas are oversmart family, maybe he has seen doctor name by the papers you gave to chairman. Natasha says I gave him wrong info. Arijit asks how did Yug reach the real doctor, Dr. Mishra, I was there luckily and distracted him, else your game was over, trust me, be very careful. Sunil asks how did you know Yug is meeting Natasha’s doctor, how did you stop him, what were you doing there.

Arijit gets shocked. He says I m not foolish like you and play my game well, I sent my men after Yug, he told me that Yug went to meet your doctor, I was meeting my relative, I played a drama and distracted the doctor. Sunil says you are very smart and saved us. Arijit says you also be smart, we have to expose Raman’s game soon, we don’t have much time, else game will change soon.

Ruhi says Raman has slept. Yug says I will call and know about doctor. He calls for Dr. Mishra and says Natasha is not fine, I need to talk. The lady says I can’t give his number. He shouts and ends call. Karan says I will go as a new patient, you can keep him busy and I will get Natasha’s file. Ruhi asks what if you get caught. Karan says once we prove Natasha is proud, doctor won’t complain about us. Aaliya says Ishita is already in stress, we have to be careful. Yug says we will know who is helping her.

Ishita comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks shall we take Raman to other doctor. Natasha comes and asks what happened to my Shardul, he is my husband, none can stop me. She shouts Shardul. Simmi stops her and scolds. Raman comes and asks what’s happening, stop it. Natasha says Shardul, I heard you are unwell, I fought them to meet you, I can do anything for you.

Raman asks can you do anything for me, my head is aching a lot, Ishita gave me a tablet, can you massage my head. Simmi asks what are you saying. Natasha says yes, sit here. She massages his head. He says your hands have magic, my headache got over, thanks. She says you liked massage a lot. Ishita asks her to leave. Raman also asks her to leave. Natasha asks him to take care. She goes. She calls Arijit and says I know he isn’t Raman Bhalla, he is Shardul, he will come back to me soon. Simmi asks Raman shall I give head massage. Mrs. Bhalla says I will massage his neck. Raman asks Ishita to say something. Ishita says I m not annoyed with him. They smile.

Arijit asks how can you be confident. Natasha says I m a woman, my sixth sense is strong, I gave him a head massage, he reacted the same way, I identified his touch. Raman says Ishita and I have planned that I will convince Natasha that I m Shardul, I m here for money. Ishita says yes. Raman says I was getting angry, I want to know who is helping Natasha. Simmi asks what if your lie is caught. Ishita says Raman lost his memory temporary, we will try to convince Natasha, she will try to remind her old things, then we will know about Natasha and Sunil, we can try. Raman calls her smart.

Natasha says I will expose Bhallas, how they have hypnotized and kept Shardul, why is Shardul there. Arijit says that’s good. She gets tea. She says just once, we have Shardul with us, I will open the locker, I don’t care for him. Karan comes to the hospital and takes Dr. Mishra’s appointment. He says I feel restless, send me first when he comes. Nurse says he comes on time, don’t worry, wait for some time. He asks for washroom. He goes and calls Yug.

Yug says I m waiting outside. Simmi asks is this bouquet fine. Raman asks do I look good, is this imp. Ishita asks why. Ishita says you will go and thank Natasha, to show you are interested in her. He asks what if she forces me. Simmi laughs and says you said you can impress anyone. He says yes, but I m scared of that woman. Ishita says if she asks you, how you went to Bhallas. He says I will tell her about accident and meeting Bhallas, I didn’t remember anything, I heard the doctor about temporary amnesia, I realized Raman is a rich man and made plan to get his properties, and come to you.

He says I may get caught. Ishita says its perfect, you are doing this for family, we are supporting you for your happiness. Simmi says we all are with you, go, all the best. He goes. Karan asks when will doctor come. The lady says doctor called and said he won’t come for a week, he has a family emergency. Karan says contact me when he comes, note down my number. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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