Friday Update on True Love 26th June 2020


Friday Update on True Love 26th June 2020

Damini asking Akash what you want. She grabs hold of his collar. Revenge? Why are you doing this? You know she is married now then why are you here? He tries to say she is misunderstanding him but she cuts him off. I am thinking it right. I was at fault in recognizing you. I told this to Thakur sahab as well but no, I was right. You are exactly like your Maiyya. There is a bad motive behind every good deed of yours. You have 2 faces. First you came in our lives as Vishnu, then Akash. When you come to our house you act as if you want our welfare and here you are trying to ruin Meethi and Vishnu’s life. She slaps him. He tells her to let him explain once thereafter you can punish me however way you like.

But she doesn’t want to hear anything. You would tell me what’s right and what’s wrong? Another slap! She takes off the portrait which has Akash and Meethi’s photo and throws it on floor. Is this right? He keeps begging her to listen but she continues shouting and pulling out another portraits and breaking them.

Is it right to love someone else’s wife? She keeps breaking stuff while he keeps asking for a chance to explain but to no use. Why are you here? She throws off another picture but then starts feeling pain in her chest. He immediately gets worried for her. He tries to take care of her but she doesn’t let him. He rushes outside to bring someone for help or something that can calm her.

Tappu tells Rathore that Meethi and Vishnu are happy with each other then why are you stuck over it. Why are you trying to separate them? He tells her they are pretending to be happy but they are not. This lie was to be told to everyone earlier only but unfortunately it couldn’t happen earlier. I want to expose this truth. I agree Damini ji made Meethi take her swear that’s why she had to take this step. But if even after wedding, Meethi still loves Akash and Vishnu loves Mukta then what are they doing by being together? What kind of a wedding is this? It is our responsibility to make them understand they are making a mistake.

Their fault is that they are not strong enough to tell the truth. We elders are at fault as we don’t have the strength to face the truth. I understand that you are fulfilling Iccha ji’s responsibility. I understand you have Meethi’s responsibility on you. But I know if she was here today then she herself wouldn’t have supported Meethi. tappu asks him if he thinks she is at fault like every time. He calmly denies. She taunts him. You are the only one to understand truth and lie. And about not facing the truth, I don’t think more than me anyone else would know how many storms that situation creates in one’s life. I cannot ruin Meethi’s happiness for the sake of my daughter. Meethi and Mukta….both are my daughters. He too affirms with her….mine too. I wont let their lives be ruined. I want to see them both smiling.

This is my only aim. She cannot understand what he wants to prove by doing this. You want Meethi to go through the same pain and divorce Vishnu? He doesn’t want to see Meethi in pain I want to see her happy. Try to understand me please. If Meethi still loves Akash then she can only be happy with him. Tappu remarks….like always, you wouldn’t support me ever. But I will tell you one thing for sure. What you want, may not happen ever….as I wont let it happen ever. Mukku is shocked. Rathore says I don’t want to go against you but what I am saying is right and I will do it. You wont be able to stop me this time. Tappu leaves from there.

Akash comes back with a glass of water for Damini. She is in pain but doesn’t take it. Vishnu comes back and calls out for Kasha Kaka. He stops as he hears Akash trying to cajole Anni to drink some water. He heads towards Akash’s room. He stops as he puts his foot over a broken photo frame of Akash and Meethi. He picks it up and wonders where it has come from. He notices another bigger picture lying on floor and the previous one falls off from his hand. Akash notices Vishnu while he notices Damini in Akash’s room. He immediately rushes to her.

She asks for an explanation as to why they hid the fact that Akash is staying here only. He assures her that he may be staying here but Meethi is safe. She says this is wrong. He agrees. I too am seeing all this for the first time. I know how to bring such people on the right path. Vishnu looks at the picture and then notices the candle on the drawer. He picks up one picture and holds it in his one hand while he has the candle in another. A chant begins playing as Akash and Vishnu stare at each other. Akash silently watches from afar as Vishnu lights the picture with the candle. Damini is relieved.

Akash moves closer to Vishnu all the while staring at the ashes picks up a few and mixes it in the glass he is holding. Vishnu and Damini look at it in shock as he gulps it down in one go. Akash and Vishnu have a shocked cum staring session. Akash says if you can separate Meethi from me by burning a picture then I wouldn’t have been here today. Piya plays. Meethi is in my blood now. Try to separate if you can, now!

Akash turns towards Damini. Whatever I did was not to insult you. It was to make someone realise that however much he (Vishnu) can try to stand behind his morals and values the truth is, he doesn’t love Meethi. He is only fulfilling a duty. I love Meethi and will continue doing so. No one can stop me from doing this….no one!

Damini wants to meet Meethi. Vishnu tells her she must be on her way to home. She nods. Tell her to come home. I should leave. Vishnu offers to come along as she isn’t well. She nods. They both are exiting from Akash’s room and are about to step on a portrait of his and Meethi when Akash bends down to pick it. Damini and Vishnu leave without saying anything while Akash stands there holding the picture in his hand.

Agarth angrily rubs off the kundli he had made for his grandson. This is all rubbish. My grandson dint come home while that Rathore is free. Maiyya and everyone watch it silently. Who freed my son’s killer? Maiyya tells him not to get so angry. He is out on bail not free. People who commit 10 murders get bail then what to do. Don’t worry he will get his due. Agarth wants to meet the inspector at Aatishgarh today only. Plus I will send a few goons to Mumbai to know who got him bailed. I wont spare that person. Maiyya makes him swear over her. No more bloodshed I beg you. She tells Kadambari to take him to his room as he is very angry now. They all leave. Maiyya apologizes to her brother. What to do? I know that the blame is wrong. I want my son in return. I don’t want anything else. I cannot bear to see hatred in his eyes.

Rathore and Jogi are having some light talk when Vishnu and Damini enter. They get worried for her health as they see Vishnu supporting her. You went to Meethi’s home only right? She nods. I had gone to Meethi’s place only but got to meet Akash there. Jogi is shocked. He asks Vishnu what AKash is doing there. Damini replies that he stays in that house only. Tappu too gets worried. I cannot understand why you let him live there. What is he doing there? Damini tells them Akash has bought half of the Bundela House. Everyone is shocked.

Meethi comes back home. She is heading towards her room but spots a picture of her and Akash lying on the staircase. She is confused and looks up towards his room. She decides to go and check. Akash is staring ahead in space. She is completely taken aback to see the state of his room with all the picture lying on the floor and he sitting in front of them staring blankly. She enters inside and asks him what’s all this. He replies Anni had come here. She is completely shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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