Friday Update on This is Love 7 February 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 7 February 2020

Simmi coming to Yug and asking what are you hiding. He says nothing, its just my phone. She says Raman is calling you. They go to Raman. Raman asks Yug to take the ceiling fan. He says my room’s AC and fan aren’t working, why don’t you repair this fan. Yug says I will take this to the electrician, I won’t be able to do this. Raman says I thought you can help me. Yug says let me just try.

Raman says tell me if you need any help. Yug goes. Simmi says I thought you will confront him. Raman says let Yug just do this, we will know about it. Yug sits to repair the ceiling fan and takes help from the internet videos. Aaliya comes and says you told me to get ready. He says I m busy, I have work. She says I will sit with you. He opens the door. She says I m ready, we are going

out. He says yes, I m busy.
She says let me get in. He says no, I have some urgent work, we will go out later. She asks what’s this, you are saying you have work. He asks why are you saying this, work can be imp. She asks what’s so imp. He says I can’t say everything. She says fine, I m going. He says stop come, in. She sees him repairing a fan. He says let me explain. Simmi says we should have come to know by now. Raman says have patience. Aaliya comes to say about Adi. She says Adi isn’t able to repair the fan, he has dismantled the fan parts, he can’t do it.

Raman says its fine, I will call the electrician, tell him not to stress. She says he is in tension as he isn’t able to do this work. He says tell him I m coming. She goes. Raman says Adi isn’t behind all this, we have to find out who did this. Sahil calls Ishita and asks where did you go. She asks when will you believe me, I m not double crossing you, Raman is taking me for dinner, I went to salon to get ready, what about that box. He says okay, but you don’t have much freedom, I will tell you what to do of that box. She says I have to find out what’s the powder, I hope Rohan tells me about it. Sahil says we have to keep an eye on her, she knows a lot about us.

Doctor asks where did you get this. Rohan says I got this at road side, what is it. Doctor says throw this away, don’t get involved in this. Rohan says but tell me, what is it. Doctor goes. Rohan says Ishita can get in trouble because of this problem. Aaliya says thank God, you have come, come with me, you will understand everything. Raman and Yug try to repair the fan together. Raman says don’t remove the screw, who is the father, listen to me. Aaliya and Ishita come. Aaliya asks Ishita to explain them. Raman asks Yug to pull the wire. Yug says you aren’t a big electrician, don’t act heroic in front of Ishita. He jokes. Raman says that’s not funny, just do as I say. Yug says you have opened everything. Raman says I will assemble it, I was gold medalist in science exhibition. Ishita smiles and recalls Raman and Adi’s competitions. Aaliya asks what are they doing. Ishita says I know what to do. She goes.

Sahil says we have to make the next move, none should know about it, I don’t trust anyone, we don’t know who informed the police, just you and me, we have to take Shaina’s help, she is Shaina Shah, my wife, not Ishita. Shamshad agrees. Sahil says I will make Ishita my wife Shaina and make her do all my illegal crimes, she has no choice, she has to save her daughter. He says someone from Ishita’s family killed Muskaan, this is my revenge, Ishita doesn’t know what’s my next plan, she will be trapped so badly that none can save her.

Rohan recalls doctor’s words and thinks what’s this powder, if this is so harmful, I have to inform Ishita, she said she got this somewhere, she may fall in trouble, she asked me not to contact her, how will I contact her, I will go to Bhalla house and tell him everything. Karan asks where are you going. Rohan says everything is fine, I m going to meet my friends, don’t do babysitting. He goes. Karan says he is still so angry, he behaves this way when he is in tension, I should go and find out. Rohan rushes in his car. Ishita says I have a solution. Aaliya asks what. Mihika says I got what you asked for. Aaliya says I m going.

Ishita goes to Raman and Yug. Raman says I m your dad, I m right. Yug asks what’s the guarantee that you are right. Raman says dad is always right, you should apologize. Ishita says I have ordered a new game CD. Raman asks video game? Ishita says lets see if you can defeat Adi this way, you are out of practice. Yug says this CD isn’t available in India, how did you get it, you are the best. He asks Raman to play with him. They sit to play video game. Raman looks at him. Aaliya says give it to me also, Adi got stubborn again. Mihika says we were going to prepare chicken. Aaliya goes with her. Yug says sorry, I didn’t do this to hurt you, I didn’t know Adi also liked playing video games. Ishita says its alright, you aren’t Adi. Raman cries. Ishita goes. Raman says its okay, she got scared as she has seen Adi in you, give her some time.

Rohan comes home to meet Ishita. Yug asks why did you come here, you just can’t come like this. Aaliya asks what are you doing, get out. Yug asks him to leave. Aaliya says just get out. Rohan gets upset. Ruhi says I will call Karan. Karan looks for Rohan. Ruhi calls him and says what’s wrong with Rohan, why did he come here, he has come here to spoil our mood, he is fighting with Yug, we haven’t told anyone what happened in the party, if Yug tells everyone, Raman will not spare Rohan. Karan worries. Ishita asks why are you doing this, Rohan saved my life, don’t misbehave with him. Aaliya says he was trying to impress you, you will throw him out if I tell you what he was trying to do. Ishita asks what happened. Aaliya says Rohan has spiked my drink. Yug tells everything to them. They get shocked.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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