Thursday Update on True Love 6 February 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 6 February 2020

Meethi waking up in the morning. She slept holding Iccha’s pic and looks at it. She suddenly hears Akash’s voice. He comes in sweetly carrying the bed tea for her. My princess loves bed tea…that too made by me so here it is. She stares it him and taunts if he has added poison to it as per his Maiyya’s wish?
He says he made it with love. She again mocks him. The word love doesn’t suit you. You only know how to hate. You hate me right? You have mixed poison in it right? Saying so she throws the cup making Damini shocked. Meethi comes back to reality and apologizes for behaving this way.

I saw a dream Anni. I couldn’t sleep. All the memories keep haunting me. I don’t know how to forget everything. Ammo says she will have to forget everything including the fact that she loved Vishnu. Meethi replies my heart dint knew even the real name of that guy and I fell in love with him. I made the biggest mistake of my life. Now there is no place for those memories in my life. Ammo too tells her to forget everything and start afresh. You must forget him. They hug and Bhula Dena starts playing in the background.

Akash is sitting in his room recalling a happy Meethi and their sweet hug. He looks at his hand and various incidents flash before him. Saving Meethi by killing the snake with the dagger; romantic moments spent in the banjaran basti and finally Meethi walking away from him. Back in reality he tries to stop her from going but feels pained and stops himself. He has tears in his eyes and looks super hurt (I feel so sorry for him ? ). A split screen appears which shows a tearful Meethi and an equally sad Akash (faded image of his).

Kanha is holding his Maiyya’s (Iccha’s) photo in his hands. How I wish you were here to comfort me or give me strength. That Surabhi has broken my heart completely. Your son has broken down completely. I am missing you a lot. He hugs the photo crying. Damini pats her from behind and he turns calling for his Maiyya ( ? ). Ammo Nani, I am missing Maiyya very much today. I want to rest my head in her lap and cry. Damini tries to comfort him but Kanha keeps on crying. I cant understand what to do now. I feel like running away from here. Damini looks on. I don’t want to stay here anymore.
She dejectedly tells him you too go from here. You too are leaving me alone? Ok. Go! You too go. She sits on the bed sadly as Kanha watches her intently. First my Icchki left me now you too go. But I wont go anywhere. I will stay here only. I will try to find ways to start afresh like always. I am not allowed to fall weak just like Iccha. I don’t know how in times of trouble her strength to fight used to double. But I her words echo in my mind – koshis karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti, himmat karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti (A poem which inspires never to give up. The people who try never fail). He immediately begs her to forgive him. I had becomes selfish. I only noticed my pain / sadness and betrayal but dint notice what you might be feeling. How would you take care of Meethi all by yourself? Forgive me Ammo Nani. Damini rues how many years would she have to live more bearing this pain. He says she will live for 100 years and tries to compose himself. I need some time. I want to regain the strength to live again to be able to bear things again. For that I need some time. She kisses him on his forehead. I will be with you always. I wont leave you ever. He puts his head in her lap and she caresses it and is worried for him.

Maiyya comes to the bar where she knows Sankrant must be. She walks up to him and puts some bangles on his table after throwing the liquor bottle away. Wear these, they would suit you well.
Sankrant is well aware of her ways. Are you trying to instigate me? What happened to your favourite son and that Nirbhay? I have mind that is why I dint followed you. I couldn’t carry on the hatred, anger and the fire of revenge so left all and living like a poor person in between these people. I dint want to live by your haveli don’t you know this? Take these back and enjoy.

Just tell me what you want from me? She replies I want my son back.
He mocks you have one son – your dearest son. She retorts come back to see the state he is into. He is all wounded and soaked in blood. Sankrant gets up worriedly and enquires about Akash.
She says they took Meethi back. What was his mistake that he loved her? His family beat him black and blue. Come and see for yourself. It was good that Nirbhay found him in the nick of time or else I would have to see one more dead body in my life.

She cries. Now tell me if you would avenge your father’s death and for your brother’s state as well? You dint do anything for your dad but at least do something for your brother’s sake. I know you don’t love anyone of us but you love your big brother right? Kill that Iccha’s daughter Meethi. If you have courage then take revenge for each drop of blood that your brother lost or else sit here wearing these very bangles. And don’t show me your face ever. She walks out while Sankrant looks confused.

Damini lights the diya in front of the Radha-Krishna idol. What’s your wish? What did my kids do that you are punishing them like this? First you kept Meethi and Iccha away from each other for years. And when they met, you distanced them in a way they can never meet again. You only let the marriage happen in a grand way….you were the witness to it. When you knew that he was a cheat a liar then why dint you do anything? I am tired of your style of doing thing. If you cannot see the happiness of my kids then at least do one thing. Give me all of their future pains and troubles but spare them. I beg of you. I cant take it anymore. Give all their troubles to me. She cries folding her hands in prayers begging him the same.

Meethi comes to Tappu’s room and knocks. Tappu is arranging the stuff in her cupboard. She tells her to come in. You know why we keep rearranging the stuff in our cupboard? This symbolizes that there is something which they are unable to figure out.
Meethi asks him what is troubling her. She dismisses it. First you tell me what happened? What is it that is keeping your mind occupies? Meethi replies I want to erase all the memories, the moments spent with him, the remembrances but cannot understand how to do so.
Tappu replies you have come very far from that place. You wont go back again for I wont let you go back to him. we can break the photos, throw the gifts away but the heart doesn’t let us forget the wounds so easily. It is not easy to foget your past. It is a long journey. But the relation which began with a lie what’s the point in continuing it? If you wish to break your ties with him then you will have to take initiative. I cant see my daughter sad. I would suggest you like a mother – take divorce from that fake Vishnu. meethi gets too stunned to react after hearing this.

Being a mother I would suggest you to take divorce from that fake Vishnu. Meethi gets too stunned to react after hearing this. Tadeva lagnam plays as tears run down her cheeks. Divorce?
Tappu nods. I know it isn’t easy but you will have to erase your wounds yourself and make yourself strong. You too have to harden yourself because you trusted him more than yourself. You loved him more than yourself. How do I tell you I couldn’t come to any conclusion regarding this but a mother’s heart is saying that you take divorce. Free yourself from this fake relation.

Meethi doesn’t have the slightest doubt that Akash wouldn’t divorce him as he never loved her. But this wont result in him getting his due punishment for his sins. Tappu makes her understand. Everyone commits mistakes but it is wrong not to learn from them. Don’t worry he will get his punishment. We can forget everything but He (God) cannot. Everyone gets the best treatment for their sins or good deeds as per their karmas. He too will get it but above all you must take care of yourself.

Akash comes downstairs limping calling out for his Maiyya. He is walking with great difficulty. Gomti asks him about his health. He asks for his Maiyya again as he checked in her room like Surabhi said but she isn’t there. Tell me where is she for I have searched everywhere for her.


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