Friday Update on This is Love 7th August 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 7th August 2020

Neeti saying it happened because of me. She cries. Arijit sees Shardul. Neeti says I wish I could tell this before. Police comes. Inspector says Arijit, you are under arrest. Neeti says no, my dad didn’t do anything. Arijit says mistake has happened. He apologizes to Raman and Ishita. He says I have a request, don’t punish Neeti for my mistakes, she didn’t know about it, after I go, take care of her. Raman says Neeti, this family is yours, you can stay here as long as you want. Arijit thanks him. Shardul stops inspector. Ishita says arrest Shardul also, he is also partner in crime, we have proof against him. Shardul says forgive me Ishita, I cheated you being your friend. He says sorry, I didn’t know the truth and got blind in revenge. Ishita says you killed someone. He asks inspector to arrest him as well, he is also a culprit. Arijit and Shardul hug Neeti. They go with the police. Mihika hugs Neeti and says we all are here for you. Neeti thanks her for taking care of her.

She says Ishimaa, you and Mihika took good care of me, I will never forget this, I have to go now, dad and uncle are suffering because of me, I will go. Ishita says you can stay here. Mihika takes Neeti. Raman says Yug and Aaliya, do what’s best for her. Mr. Bhalla apologizes to Raman. Raman says don’t apologize. Mrs. Bhalla says a mum can’t get cheated, I was sure that you are my Raman. She hugs him. Everyone hugs Raman. Ishita says I knew someone is after Raman’s life, I didn’t wish anyone to know this, he was in coma, it was imp to save him, so I had to do this drama, I was helpless. Mrs. Bhalla says we should be sorry, you have done a lot. Simmi apologizes. Ishita says you were defending your brother, I m happy. Mr. Bhalla says I understand why you made excuses to avoid going to bedroom with Shardul, you didn’t sit in puja. Ishita says he didn’t do anything wrong. Mihika says he did that for Neeti. Raman says now forget everything.

Mr. Bhalla says we won’t think about Arijit and Shardul now. Ruhi and everyone comes. Mrs. Bhalla says Arijit should get punished. Yug says Sanjay was also with them, he is also arrested. Ishita says they made a big team, that’s why they used to know everything. Ruhi says they are getting punished, matter should be over. Aaliya says Neeti is a strong girl, she will be fine, we dropped her to Arijit’s house, she wants to handle this. Ishita says I wish we could help her. Raman says we are together after a long time, lets go out for dinner. They all agree. Ishita gets ready. Raman says simplicity is best. They have a cute talk. Ruhi calls her out. She says table is booked. Raman says go, leave it. Ruhi says we will have chinese, you have punjabi good.

Amma asks will we get south indian there. Ruhi says yes, its multi cuisine restaurant, don’t worry. Raman asks is everyone busy, we shall leave. Yug says you all go, we will come. Ruhi asks why. Raman asks why. Ishita laughs. Amma asks what happened. Ishita says they are going on romantic dinner. Yug says no, we have to go to factory to check consignment, Aaliya can help me if I get stuck. Raman says I will come along to the factory. Yug says you go for dinner, I will manage. Ishita says you won’t work today. They leave. Yug says thank God, they didn’t learn our plan. Everyone comes home. Ruhi says maybe Yug and Aaliya went for dinner, relax, come. They come inside the house and see the darkness. The lights get on. They see a beautiful surprise. They smile seeing Raman and family’s pics. Yug says sorry to lie, we wanted to do this. Karan says you learnt to give surprise. Ishita says its beautiful. Raman hugs Yug.

Raman says I told you, my son loves me more. Ruhi says I love my Ishimaa the most. Ishita says you are my first love, my baby. Its morning, Raman sees Ishita and smiles. She wakes up and asks do I look strange, why are you smiling. He says we are together after a long time. She says yes. He says we shall go for a holiday. She says fabulous idea, we need a break, everyone will be ready, Karan will come with Ruhi, you have to write application for Pihu’s boarding, we will insist Mani and Shagun, we have to choose location well. He says ask our watchman if he has a suitcase and passport, I m talking about our holiday, you want to get everyone. She jokes and laughs. He asks where can we go. She says Maldives. Ruhi comes and says come for breakfast. Raman says we will come, we just woke up. Ruhi shouts. Raman goes. Ishita smiles.

Everyone having breakfast. Raman says I m talking about Karan, why did Ruhi say yes to marry him, she didn’t tell me. Ishita says their marriage didn’t happen yet. Raman asks didn’t the marriage happen, then he is always here, did his house get sold. Ruhi says don’t make fun of him, he loves all of us, so he runs to us to help. Karan says yes, you can make fun, but you won’t get a better son-in-law than me. Ishita says yes, he is super talented. Mrs. Bhalla says then get Ruhi and Karan married soon. Karan says I love you Dadi, but mom is getting treatment done in London. Ishita says marriage can’t happen without her. Karan says we will go to London for destination wedding.



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