Friday Update on True Love 7th August 2020


Friday Update on True Love 7th August 2020

Vishnu goes to get something for Mukku to drink as she dint even take water because of his mood. She smiles seeing his concern. Nani goes to talk to Mukku as she witnesses Vishnu going the other way. They greet each other. Nani appreciates the saree but then ridicules it too (indirectly). Your husband only can get such a gift for you. Vishnu is back and stops to hear them from a little distance. Nani asks for the price…20-25k right? Mukku is speechless. Nani touches the fabric. It doesn’t look worth more the 1500 bucks. Vishnu tells her the price of the saree – Rs. 1199. You have very sharp eyes. He offers juice to both the ladies. Nani rues she doesn’t feel any hunger / thirst anymore. He apologizes to her. I am trying my best to keep Mukku happy as much as I can afford to.

Mukku remarks that Nani’s sharp eyes cannot look at our love but only at the price tags of the clothes. Nani thanks her for taunting her. But this wont change the truth. Ram hi rakhey, the husband who cannot keep her wife by giving her all kinds of happiness is useless. He (Vishnu) should have atleast thought about the respect / reputation of Thakur family. Vishnu listens this and is hurt. She walks off from there. Mukku tells Vishnu not to take Nani’s words to heart. I am very happy with you, your love, your gifts. Vishnu agrees with what Nani said. You (Mukku) should have worn that 17k dress. He too goes from there leaving Mukku sad.

Sankrant looks at the board of directors enjoying their drinks and is drawn to it too. He tries to make himself stronger. Not today, never! Ambika is watching him with interest. Alcohol has entered his body…how much time will it take to go for another peg?

Vishnu is standing in another room. He is holding a glass in his hand as he recalls Nani’s harsh words. Mukku is shocked as he holds the glass too tightly which ends up breaking it. He gets hurt in the process. He pulls his hand free from hers. I want to be alone for a while. She asks him why is he doing all this. Will I be happy if you will hurt yourself? He replies that you can see this wound but there is one such wound which cannot be seen by anybody. Only I can feel its pain. I am one such husband who couldn’t even buy a good dress for his wife. Meethi is listening to their convo by hiding behind a pillar and is surprised.

Mukku asks Vishnu if she has insulted him ever. Why are you punishing me for Nani’s taunts? Why are you hurting / punishing yourself? He retorts who am I to punish myself? I am not doing any such thing. you are such a great wife who hides the faults of her husband. It would have been better if you would have work that 17k dress. Meethi is confused. Mukku shakes her head sadly. I never thought so many distances will surface between us because of a dress. After marrying a princess I will always have to feel that I am after all the beggar that Nani speaks of unlike Akash who can keep his wife nicely by giving her all the luxuries of life. I am a simple man. I hadn’t thought! Mukku assures him she is happy with him. I never compared you with anyone else. He doesn’t believe her. no one is happy with me. I can only afford auto. You will have cars waiting for you. He leaves from there even though she tries to stop him but in vain. Meethi is also disturbed to see all this.

Meethi notices the hurt / sadness / pain on Mukku’s face. She goes to her with a smile and asks for Vishnu. is everything all right? Mukku lies. He was tired because of office so he left for home. I requested him but he dint stop. Have to leave early from the party that’s why mood is off! Meethi understands her point. I wont stop you from going home with your husband but will tell you one thing for sure, we both are married now and live in different houses but there will be no distances between us. Mukku promises and leaves for home. Meethi wonders as to why is Mukku hiding the truth from her. they both love each other then how come there are so many differences, this much stress between them?

Sankrant is sitting outside on the porch. Ambika comes to look for him and notices him holding a bottle of liquor in his hands. She thinks, don’t think this much drink it! He has the utmost desire to drink it but keeps it aside thinking to be strong. She prays to God that Sankrant should drink it. Sankrant takes out his medicines and she looks happy. the medicine wont be of any use. You wont be able to stop yourself. Have it, what are you waiting for! sankrant finally picks up the bottle and gulps it down. She says now the real party will begin! The real celebration will be on now!

Meethi is still thinking about Vishnu’s words and is worried. Damini was looking for her. meethi asks her what she should do if there are some problems in Mukta’s life. Should I wait for the day when she herself will come to share it with me or should I make the first move? Would this not be interference? Damini wants to know what’s happening in Mukta’s life but Meethi wants her answer first. Damini replies that if it would have been Iccha in your place then she would have never asked me this question. She never used to back away in friendship. She used to do everything for baby ji always without asking anything. Akash comes looking for her. Our board of directors are very impressed with Sankrant. They have asked me to involve him in business. We will start a new unit and hand it over to him to handle it. She is happy for Sankrant too and they decide to share this good news with Sankrant. Damini prays that everything is fine in Mukku’s life.

Rohini asks Nani to gorge on food. Nani tells her to be careful. Take note of our respect too. Maiyya and Gomti come there and touch her feet on her insistence. Nani asks her if she is happy with both her DIL’s. Maiyya says I had to give in in front of my sons’ stubbornness. Nani applauds both the brothers. Ambika was passing by and stops to listen with a smirk on her face. Nani praises Sankrant too.

The board of directors have to leave now. they ask for Sankrant from Akash. Akash says he must be taking care of the guests. They are happy that he too will join him in business. Maiyya is listening this and is happy. she wonders about him. just then a drunk Sankrant makes an entry in the house again which leaves everyone shocked. Ambika is enjoying every moment of it as Sankrant slips and falls on the floor. The bottle comes rolling towards Akash’s feet.

Everyone is surprised to see Sankrant wobbling due to the alcohol. He again falls off…this time in Akash’s feet and seeks his blessing. Akash asks him to go to his room. Sankrant denies. I am trying to be a part of your celebration by drinking a little. What’s wrong in that? Nani is amused. Maiyya tries to take Sankrant to his room but he repeats the same thing. akash again asks him to go his room but he insists on drinking. He takes a bottle from the waiter who is passing by and starts drinking. He notices the board of directors and goes to talk to them. he is blabbering useless. Akash wants to call the doc but he declines. meethi talks sternly to him while a chant plays in the background. do you consider me your bhabhi? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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