Friday Update On This Is Love Sept 14

Friday Update On This Is Love

Sept 14 Episode

Raman saying I m with you, you don’t need to worry, what is the matter, tell me if he is troubling now by any new threat. Ruhi shows message. Raman reads that the man has done Mr. Bhalla’s accident and threatening Ruhi. He hugs Ruhi and asks her not to worry, we will complain in cyber cell, nothing will happen, we are with you. He goes. Ishita says we are together, don’t worry, Raman will make everything fine. She hugs Ruhi. Adi waits for Aaliya and says she is really angry this time, Dadu got hurt and I got busy, I will call her now.

Aaliya says he got time to call after many hours, I will not talk now. She answers call. He asks are you fine, did you reach safe, you did not call or message. She says say something new. He says I know I should not behaved
that way. She says don’t waste my time, bye. She ends call and switches off the phone. He says what’s this nonsense, I will call landline. She says I m going, I will not talk to you. Shagun answers call. Adi asks Aaliya to listen to her, why do you always fight, I m an idiot, I have to tell something. Shagun says so you and Aaliya fought again, you men just know to hurt women, Adi you…. She ends call. He says it means Aaliya told Shagun, is she a kid, I can’t handle this.

Raman comes to cyber cell and asks constable to let him meet Sir. The man says Sir is busy and talking to someone else. Suhail comes out. Raman says you here. Suhail says I think you also came for Ruhi, I lodged complaint, Ruhi told me about the blackmailer, the matter was serious, you were busy with Mr. Bhalla, we can’t take risk and catch blackmailer before he makes video viral. Raman thanks him for doing this for Ruhi. Suhail says no need to thank me, I would have done this for someone else, we will find the culprit, I know what you are going through, they want to check Ruhi’s phone and messages. Raman says I will meet them, thanks.

Shagun serves food to Mani. Mani asks her not to worry for him. She says its your fav food. He says please Shagun, stop this acting, we are not a happily married couple, stop this drama, in fact I had to say something imp, its better to stop this lie, our relation had no love and now there is no respect, we should take divorce. Aaliya comes home and looks for keys. Shagun asks Mani why is he saying this. He says we will file divorce after Aaliya’s marriage, we are just sharing this house, no need to show this unnecessary concern. He goes. Aaliya looks on shocked.

Ishita asks what, Suhail filed complaint, its good, what do we have to do. Raman says I was surprised, police called me and Ruhi with phone, nothing will happen, Suhail will come with us, we can’t tell this to anyone, don’t worry, I m with you. He hugs her.

Shagun dumps the food. Aaliya asks what are you doing. Shagun says Mani does not care, I made food with love. She asks Aaliya to say something. Aaliya says Mani is behaving this for the reason, you broke his trust. Shagun says please stop me, I agreed I did mistake. But I realize my mistake, I got carried away, Vidyut and Ishita did that by plan, I realized I should have not done that, please help me out, Mani can’t leave me like this. Aaliya says fine, I will try to talk, I can’t promise anything. She takes coffee for Mani. He asks whats the matter. She says enough of work now, I need to talk to you, you have no time for me, I m worried for you, I heard you want to give divorce to Shagun, is that true, do you want to spend life alone. Mani says I got habitual to be alone, stop it, I don’t want any discussion about my marriage, I had to talk to you about your marriage, did you and Adi decide anything, I will talk to Bhallas. She says no, I m not ready for marriage. He says its been a year, talk to Adi.

Romi gets angry seeing Suhail and scolds him. Raman stops Romi and says I called Suhail here. Romi asks what. Raman says sorry Suhail, come. They leave. Romi asks Ishita whats happening. Ishita says Raman asked Ruhi to do concert for Suhail, Suhail is not much bad as we thought. He says what did Suhail do that Raman trusts him.

Simmi asks Amma not to thank, you will get new set, jeweler accepted his mistake, Gaurav and I went to his shop, Gaurav showed diamond authenticity certificate, the maker at the jeweler’s shop replaced the diamonds. Amma thanks him. He says no problem, I hope your misunderstanding is solved. Amma goes to make coffee for him. Gaurav says I have some work, aunty I will leave. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. She sees Simmi and Gaurav smiling. He leaves. Simmi says I will see him off and come.

Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Amma gets coffee. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi how do you know Gaurav. Simmi says just like that. Mrs. Bhalla says he is your friend. Amma says he helped us a lot. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi whats the matter. Simmi says there is nothing, have your fav coffee. I m not kid like Ananya, I know what to do, I have much work. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says she will always be kid for me.

Raman asks Ishita how is Ruhi. Ishita says she is in room, she is scared and wants to be alone, Pihu is at nature’s camp, its good she is away from all this. He says police said Ruhi has to see video and give clue where that video is made, then they can find that culprit, she is not able to see that video. She says how can she see that video. He says we have to get proof to catch the culprit, please talk to her. She asks shall I ask her to see it now, I will talk to her. He worries. She asks him not to worry. He says I could not protect her, I will kill that culprit. She goes. Raman cries.

Ishita consoling Ruhi. Ruhi says why is this happening with me. Ishita says you have to face the reality, you can’t run away, you did not do wrong, we have to catch culprit, you have to help us. Ruhi asks how will we catch him, I don’t know how did this happen, when, where and why. Ishita says that’s why we need your help, watch the video and find out the place, till you give clue to police, none can do anything, I know its tough, you have to do this. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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