Friday Update On True Love Sept 14

Friday Update On True Love

Sept 14 Episode

Damini getting the news on phone about Ichha’s hut getting burnt and that Ichha has gone missing ;She goes in a shock when Divya comes and consoles her by saying that everything will b fine ;Just then Jogi too calls up Damini and tells her not to worry sinse Veer has already gone to Vrindavan to search for Ichha(its a clear sign that Tina will b replaced now ).. Veer reaches Vrindavan and asks one of the ladies about Ichha when that lady tells Veer that they r trying to search for her but she has gone missing after her hut was completely burnt Veer then enters that burnt Hut to see if he could find anything there ;He sees one torn photo of Ammo-Ichha-Veer ;He remembers all his moments with Ichha and gets emotional Veer is then shown taking that Ichha’s photo in hand and searching her everywhere in Vrindavan..he even asks some people about her but gets no news ;He then reaches the police station to lodge a missing complaint and tells to himself that he will find her out at any cost (Hmm well the track looks very illogical..I mean all of a sudden a hut got burnt..Ichha goes missing but I see no impact on Ichha’s family members here..Ammo is just sitting on her bed and shedding few tears..Divya is least bothered…Jogi too is not looking too concerned…and Bundela family r not taking any interest to search for their Bahu ?? ..only Veer is running around alone in Vrindavan..yeh kya hai ?? ..I could see the writer forced to introduce this track so that Tina could b replaced by a new actress via plastic surgery )..

Damini then calls up Veer and tells her that “U remember after Vansh’s death,when u came to take Ichha to your house,u promised me that u will always take care of her happiness and u will see to it that she never gets in any trouble…u said u will always take care of her..I hope u remember that” ;Hearing this Veer tells Ammo that he remembers the promise and he will definitely bring Ichha back home safely ;So then Ammo tells Veer that she wants her daughter back at any cost … Nani comes to Tappu’s room and enquires whether she went to meet her friend in Pune or Vrindavan on which Tappu lies that she went to Pune;Hearing this Nani keeps on enquiring her whether she went to Vrindavan or not on which Tappu in the end asks Nani to tell her clearly whats the matter instead of going in circles ;So then Nani tellsTappu that in Vrindavan,Ichha’s hut was completely burnt in fire and she went missing then ;Hearing this Tappu feels damn nervous now and tells Nani that she is really not feeling good after hearing this news ;Nani sarcastically speaks to Tappu as if she only has done something in Vrindavan ;Tappu is nervous and scared now (I guess Tappu will b trapped again even though she is not the culpprit here ..she has gone to Vrindavan and thanks to her bad deeds in the past,she might get trapped again..its all karma ..or mayb Nani will blackmail Tappu this time to get Pushkar back in the house )


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