Friday Update On This is Love Sept 21

Friday Update On This is Love Sept 21

Ruhi getting angry on Amma. She says such jokes lead to girl’s MMS, you don’t know what those girls go through. Raman and Ishita worry and console Ruhi, asking her not to take stress about concert and not get irritated for small things. Raman says Papa is with you, Ruhi has management issues, as Suhail is young guy, its okay. Ishita asks Ruhi not to talk like this with elders, you need rest. Raman asks Ishita to take her. He asks everyone not to get serious, Ruhi will get fine. Adi asks Amma to show video to him. Amma says I don’t know uploading, I was just teasing Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla and Appa leave for society meet. Romi tells about party. Mihika asks him and Adi to manage decorations and she will see snacks arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma worry for Ruhi.

takes Simmi on a lunch date and says organic food is healthy. She says I like moghlai food. He says no way, its oily, how can you eat unhealthy food. She says what’s unhealthy, we can’t breath in Delhi if we think of health, food should be tasty. He says I can see that, I think food should be healthy. He asks her to come. Raman and Ishita ask Ruhi what’s the matter, did anything happen again. Ruhi thinks I can’t tell you about blackmailer’s call and demand of 30 lakhs, that Suhail and I are going to meet him and pay money. She makes excuse.

Raman says I m with you, no need to worry, we will get that video. Ishita says we decided none will know this at home. Ruhi says yes, thanks Papa for coming on time. Raman says you have new phone, blackmailer is caught, no need to get scared. Shagun calls Ishita and says Lima has sent CCTV footage. You and Raman come home soon. Ishita says great, we will come. She says Raman, footage has come, we should go. Ruhi asks shall I come along. Raman says no, we just want to see, we will manage. Ishita asks Ruhi to stay at home and help in new year party arrangements. Raman informs Abhishek about footage and leaves.

Simmi does not like the food. Gaurav asks her to eat, its good. She thinks how is he eating such veg food. Gaurav tells the manager that this is the best food I have ever had, you should open new joints in more areas. Simmi thinks what is he saying. The man asks Simmi to try the new juice options. She says no, this one is enough. Gaurav says I told you, food is so tasty and healthy here. Simmi says I wish to dump this food on your face. He asks did you say anything. She says no, food is tasty. She wishes the torture lunch ends soon.

Shagun says file is large, its downloading, here it is. They see the CCTV footage. They see the heater mechanic going towards bathroom. He keeps a table near the door and looks inside through the window. He records Ruhi. Raman, Ishita, Abhishek and Shagun get angry. Shagun says he got chance to make this video by getting chance knowing none is at home.

Abhishek says look at him, his intention was to make Ruhi’s video. Ishita says who can do this. Shagun says just housekeeper was there. Abhishek says we will send this video to experts, and take housekeeper’s help. Ishita shows the tattoo on the guy’s hand. Raman says its strange one. Abhishek takes footage in pendrive. Shagun says call me if you need help. Ishita says who can it be. Raman says he is intelligent and hidden face. Simmi comes home and finds parathas. She feels hungry and sits eating. Mihika and Aaliya come. Simmi says I did not have lunch.

Mihika says you went on lunch with Gaurav. Simmi says he took me to healthy food joint, I did not like the food, but had to get salad packed for family to tell him its tasty. Mihika says he will take you to same place again. Simmi says next time i will make excuse or take homemade parathas along. Romi and Adi come from shopping. Romi asks why do you all look tired, where is Ruhi. Adi asks the same. Mihika says she is tensed about concert. Romi says Ruhi is behaving strange since few days. Simmi says I also felt same. Aaliya says we will celebrate in party tonight. Adi says we should do something to make her smile. Aaliya gets an idea.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma talk about Ruhi. Amma says Ishu, Raman and Ruhi are hiding something. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi was worried and looked like talking of someone else’s video. Ishita tells Raman about Pihu’s project. She says I will go to Amma’s house and get things. He says you are looking stressed. She says I will cover up, I will manage. She goes to Amma’s house. Ishita asks for Pihu’s books. Amma gives her the bag. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask is there any problem with Ruhi, we feel there is something you are hiding, tell me we can help. Ishita is about to say, and Raman comes to ask her to come for shopping.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask Raman about Ruhi. He says I told you its concert stress, you know MMS matter is sensitive, she is bothered, do I have reason to lie, its new years party, I have to take Ishita. He takes her out. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get relieved. Ishita says sorry, I think we should tell them. Raman says no, its sensitive topic, they all will worry, Ruhi will break down. She says don’t take stress, I will take care, I will go and take Pihu’s project items, you be here and involve Ruhi in party arrangements.

Ruhi talks to everyone and smiles. Adi asks where did you hide your smile till now. Ruhi thinks she has to behave normal in front of everyone, I can’t show I m scared and worried, else they will doubt something is wrong.

Romi saying my resolution is completed, I achieved a lot in business, this time I will give more time to Mihika, its good Raman and Ishita united. Adi and Aaliya say their love increased. Ruhi asks them not to tease Aaliya. She asks Aaliya how did you know you are in love with Adi. Aaliya says just Adi supported me in all problems, he did not leave support, he always stood stand for me, that’s why I love him, I realized I love him a lot. Ruhi thinks of Suhail and smiles. Aaliya says true love is when person makes you life’s priority, Adi loves me like that. Mihika finds them cute.

Ruhi gets Suhail’s call. He asks are you fine. She says yes, my family is in my room, they love me and want to see me smiling, I have no option than to smile. Suhail says I want
to see you smiling, we are figuring out, leave tension, its new years eve, enjoy with family, I promise I will make you rid of that blackmailer. She thanks for being with her. He says no need of thanks, I m always with you. Mihika says I think her mood got good. Romi says she smiled seeing the call, when girls have BF, they get such smile, there is something, see now when she says bye, she will give smile, notice. Ruhi says bye, take care and ends call. She smiles. Mihika says I think we have to tell Ishita that Ruhi is growing up. They laugh.

Ishita gets project items. She gets a call and gets shocked. She says fine, I will reach there. She takes a taxi and leaves. Mihika likes the decorations done for party. Adi says we are tired. Simmi asks for tea. Romi says we should have wine. Simmi says we will have wine later, I want tea now. Mr. Bhalla says you all did good arrangements. Ruhi says I have sorted good music. Adi says Aaliya went to get ready. Raman comes. He says Ishita went for getting project items and then went to meet someone, my phone is on charging, Adi call her, and don’t forget to invite Suhail.

Ruhi smiles. Adi says fine, I will get ready for party. Ruhi hopes Suhail comes in party, he is arranging 30 lakhs for blackmailer. Adi invites Suhail. Suhail gets glad knowing Raman invited him. Adi asks him to come as Ruhi’s friend, not organizer of concert. Ruhi hears this and smiles. She says Suhail will come in party and goes.

Mihika and Simmi talk about tattoos. Mihika teases her about Gaurav’s call. She says he will call to ask about healthy food. Simmi attends call. He asks are you anywhere out. She says no, I m at home, there is new year celebrations. They have a talk. She says I decided I will make a tattoo. He says its nonsense idea, its not resolution, you are not a kid. She asks why do you spoil other’s excitement, I m not asking your permission, I decided and its final. Raman hears her and says whom is Simmi talking to, I m sure there is someone in her life, I need to talk to her.

Mani gets ready. Shagun sees him and thinks I can’t let Mani go to attend new year party at friend’s place, I have to do something and make him realize I love him. She drinks wine and drops the glass. Mani stops seeing her much drunk. He asks are you okay Shagun. She cries and says okay…..He holds her. She asks how can I be okay, I don’t have even Pihu and Aaliya, its new years, and I m alone, such a big loser, I have no one, you are also going in party, go. He takes her to room. She says I feel much lonely. He makes her rest. She holds him. He asks what are you doing. She says I feel good when you are with me, please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you, I really need you, I love you Mani. He gets shocked. She hugs him.

She feels sorry to act to be drunk, but she realized her mistakes and doing this for them. She says I need you. Mani kisses her hand. They get close.

Everyone dance in party. Raman welcomes Suhail. Suhail gets champagne. Raman asks him to have whiskey. Suhail says I can’t drink, I have to drive on return. Romi says our driver will drop you. Suhail asks where is Ishita. Adi says I forgot to call her. Raman calls her. Ruhi comes and smiles seeing Suhail. She goes to Raman and tells something. Raman smiles and asks Adi to stop music. He announces that Suhail is a great dancer. Suhail dances in humma humma. Ruhi dances with him. Everyone dance together on Baby ko bass pasand hai….Ruhi smiles.