Friday Update On True Love Sept 21

Friday Update On True Love Sept 21

Episode starts with Daddaji in anger asking Umed how can a widow do the aarti on which Mai in anger tells that if a widow can get married again then a widow can do the aarti as well ;Chanda then tells Umed that “I m sorry but my sanskaar is not allowing me to do the aarti”;So then Umed in anger goes inside and himself brings the Aarti-Thali to do the Aaarti of Veer-Ichha ;Seeing this Mai in anger tells that she will never accept this marriage and now with with this marriage god knows what all disaster this girl is going to bring to this house ;After saying this Mai goes inside;Chanda and Daddaji also goes inside while Umed alone does thier aarti and welcomes Veer and Ichha inside the house ;Umed tells Ichha that “Don’t worry…Gunwanti said everything in anger but soon she will understand everything..U r not a disaster for this house but u r a boon for this house ..so Ichha I want to see u smile now and then spread happiness in this house with your smile” ;Hearing Umed’s words,Ichha finally smiles a bit and enters the house along with Veer.

At Jogi’s house, Tappu is laying down over a big photo of Veer and kissing his photo like a maniac ;Nani comes there and asks Tappu to control herself on which Tappu keeps on blabbering about how Veer is her husband but Ichha snatched him away and also her mangalsutra ;Hearing this Nani tells Tappu not to give up so easliy and go for revenge sinse she has suffered a lot staying in that Chawl but now its time to take the revenge on Ichha (So back to square one );

Nani then asks Tappu to come downstairs and hv some food on which Tappu tells Nani that how can she eat at this moment when for her even food seems like poison now on which Nani tells Tappu that “U will hv to mix this same poison in Ichha’s life now..but u will also hv to make sure that u r not breaking the trust of your parents now because u hv gone through lot of difficulties to gain their trust back and so u cannot loose it all with your one mistake..and so even if u hate Ichha,u will hv to continue with the drama of making a happy face and participate in Ichha’s happiness in front of everyone” ;Hearing this Tappu tells Nani that its impossible for her to do this fake drama and show her happy face to all on which Nani tells Tappu that if she commits one mistake then she may loose the trust of her parents forever and so she needs to b extra careful this time ;So then Tappu asks Nani whether she has any plan sinse she told her that she is hving some grt plan to break Veer and Ichha marriage on which Nani tells Tappu that the plan she had will not work anymore sinse she had no idea that Veer-Ichha already got married in Vrindavan but still not to worry sinse soon she will come up with another plan to hamper Ichha’s happiness (Oh gosh somethings never change na ).

At Bundela house,Chanda is continuing to brainwash Mai against Ichha when Umed comes there and tells Gunwanti that she should hv given her blessings to Veer and Ichha on which Gunwanti tells Umed that if they really wanted her blessings then Veer should hv taken their permission before the marriage ;Chanda too supports Gunwanti here and keeps talking against how it all happened because of Ichha ;Chanda also gives her own example about how she too is a widow sinse so many years but still she is leading her life alone on which Umed tells Chanda that she has been staying in this house for such a long time,so she should not insitage Gunwanti to such an extent that it affects the relationship between a mother and her son ;But Gunwanti supports Chanda here and puts the blame on Ichha ;Umed is not able to convince Gunwanti here but he asks Chanda to go from there sinse he wants to talk to his wife in alone.

Daddaji in his room is sitting in anger when Veer enters the room to talk to Daddaji;Veer admits that he was wrong in getting married in such a hurried manner but then he and Ichha loved each other and it was high time he wanted to give a name to their relationship ;But Daddaji is not convinced and he tells Veer that “I wanted u to look after the maan and maryada of this house but here u hv put our izzat only at stake with this marriage…now all our parampara has gone for a toss…what answer we will give to this society now when they will raise questions at us ? today u hv disappointed me as well as your Mai” ;Hearing all this Veer still tries to explain to Daddaji that Ichha is his bahu now but Daddaji remains adamant and tells Veer that for him Ichha is just their pota Vansh’s widow ;So then Veer has nothing to say and he decides to take Daddaji’s blessings but Daddaji refuses to give him blessings and so Veer finally leaves the room After Veer comes out of Daddaji’s room ,he sees that Ichha is standing outside the room and was listening to their conversation;Ichha looks at Veer with tears in her eyes and Veer too feels helpless.KEEP READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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