Friday Update on True Love 11th December 2020


Friday Update on True Love 11th December 2020

Meethi is ready for the party. She calls out for Rani. Just then Damini comes there. She got to know about Rani. Who is she? Rani comes there all excited to go in the party. Damini is happy to see her. Rani gives her intro on her askance. Rani likes Damini while she calls Nani and Ekadish a green chilli and bitter gourd respectively. Rani calls Damini Anni too. Will you come in the party? There will be a big cake. Damini thinks about little Iccha who had talked about a big cake when she used to dream about her big birthday party. Out of all the dresses Rani chooses a red one. Rani goes to change and asks Damini to stay back. Damini checks with Meethi if she is really Mukta’s friend’s daughter. Do you know who she is? Meethi says it is something else. I will tell you everything later on.

Damini feels that she should not spoil Rani. You are getting her expensive clothes. Will her mom be able to afford it once she is back? I am worried for you and this girl too. Hope you understand what I am saying. Meethi tells Anni that Rani’s mother wont come back ever. Damini is taken aback. Rani comes there before she can say anything. Rani twirls in her new dress while Damini thinks about little Iccha. Meethi suggests Rani to wear white dress. Everyone in the party will be dressed similarly. I had brought this red one for daily wear. Rani stay put. Damini misses her little Iccha. She excuses herself.

Meethi agrees to let Rani wear whatever she likes. Akash calls out for her so she leaves. She has to leave early as they have to pick up some stuff. She agrees to come with Malvika and Gomti. Meethi also tells her to open her hairs. Wear this hair band too. Rani will really look like a princess now. She leaves from there. Malvika has been waiting for this opportunity only. I will make a joke out of Meethi today. She goes inside and asks Rani about no makeup or nail paint. She offers to do it for Rani. Rani gets green nail pain in her hand. Malvika ruins her dress intentionally for which Rani scolds her. malvika suggests her to wear something else. Your mother would have given you something too. You look good in them. rani likes the idea as she finds all the other clothes given by Meethi too boring. I should wear my kind of clothes. She agrees to wear whatever her mother had got her. malvika’s work is done.

Meethi, Akash and Ekadish reach the party hall. They all exchange pleasantries. Akash takes permission from Meethi before picking the drink glass. The host couple finds it amusing. They talk about how this strengthens the relation. The lady asks about family planning. Kids complete the family. Her husband talks against it as you only remain parents once a child is born. meethi talks about Rani. She is not our baby but we have started to feel a deep connect with her. maiyya doesn’t like it. Rani comes there dressed in her typical style. Meethi and everyone is shocked to see her thus. I had given her something else to wear. All the kids laugh at Rani and so does all the elders. Rani jumps around in joy. I look so pretty. People wonder who this girl is. She must be a servant’s daughter. The servant is told to throw this girl (Rani) out. Rani shouts at him not to even touch her. meethi interrupts them. I was talking about this girl only. Everyone is taken aback.

Ekadish asks Rani to greet everyone who does it in her typical style. She even points out at the sleeveless blouse of the hostess. Malvika and Gomti enjoy the show. Meethi apologizes on Rani’s behalf. She watches a lot many hindi movies so she copies them all. Rani makes faces. Akash too talks the same thing. the birthday boy asks his mom when they will cut the cake. Meethi tells Rani to wish him and give him the gift. She obliges. He finds her makeup very odd. Its looking dirty. She mistakes it to be awesome. She forces him to say thank you. He continues to talk to his mom in English over everything. Meethi takes Rani with her. malvika thinks this was just a trailer. The picture has just begun.

Ekadish scolds Gomti for bringing Rani this way. Gomti talks against both Akash and Sankrant who have gone mad after their wives and do everything as per their wishes.

Meethi takes Rani aside. Why are you wearing this? I had brought new dresses for you. Rani is enjoying making bubbles in her cold drink. She finally tells Meethi about how her dress got ruined. the others were so dull. This was given to me by my mother. They are nice, right? Malvika wants to stop Rani from telling Meethi that she had made her change the clothes. Meethi was about to ask the same question when Malvika interrupts her. Maiyya is really upset over everything. Please take care of her. meethi tells Rani to behave well. She goes to talk to Maiyya. Malvika praises Rani. Everyone is looking at you. Rani notices the same and gets happy. malvika puts kajal behind Rani’s ears so as to ward off all the evil eyes.

A dance competition is announced. The winner will get a gift from the birthday boy. Rani gets excited. The birthday boy dances first. Malvika cajoles Rani for the dance. Other kids take turns too. Rani wants to dance on an item song. Malvika tells her that they can make the DJ change it. Rani goes towards the stage while Malvika enjoys making bubbles in the cold drink now.

Maiyya is really irked with Rani for whatever she has done today. meethi promises it wont happen again. I want to tell you something before anyone else tells you. They are distracted by the voice of the announcer who announces Rani’s entry. Rani dances on Nimbooda Nimbooda. Everyone laughs at her while Meethi and Akash are really worried. Meethi stops the song. Maiyya too cannot take it anymore. She holds Rani so as to stop her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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