Friday Update on Complicated Love 11th December 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 11th December 2020

Ishaan meets Mauli and Mishti in the parking. Mishti was excited to meet him and says they will have fun at home. Mauli says they can’t go with him. Until she makes an arrangement, she and Mishti will stay in a hotel. She tells Ishaan that she wants to face life face front. When Kunal left her she lived with Mamma and Dida. Today, if she again finds his support she will always regret about never facing and controlling her life. Ishaan says Mauli is stronger than he thought. He requests to let him help them find a hotel. Mauli holds Ishaan’s hand and says he is a very nice man and thanks him for being his strength.

At home, Kunal regretted that he missed this option. Radhika says she knows Mauli well, Kunal was forcing Mauli but Mauli never takes any step under pressure. Dida regrets being a part of their childish plan; she cries for Mauli and Mishti who must be astray on streets. She says she must call Mauli and tell her about the truth. Kunal angrily forbids Dida, Radhika scolds him for behaving so rude to his elder. Kunal thinks of a way.

In the hotel, Mauli and Mishti reach a hotel room. Mauli was happy about the view from the window. They notice Mishti is upset. Ishaan tries to cheer her up by saying he always enjoyed staying in the hotels as kid, she can swim here and even order food on phone calls. Mauli says Kunal’s demands were extremely unreasonable, he wanted her to marry first then take Mishti along. Ishaan says he always felt Kunal was positive, but his true face is a real filth. Mishti tells them not to be angry with Pari’s father. Mauli was offensive, but Ishaan asks Mishti to get ready for an outing with him.

Radhika asks Kunal whom is he calling? Kunal says he wish to speak to Sandhya Khanna, he will take every chance for Ishaan and Mauli’s marriage. On the call, Kunal introduces himself and says Mauli has left his home and family forever. She is no more connected to him or his family anyway. Can she now marry Ishaan and Mauli? Sandhya cuts the phone call. Radhika says she is proud of Kunal’s efforts. They hope Sandhya does what he expected.

Ishaan brings Mishti and Mauli to a restaurant already decorated all around. Mauli notices the restaurant was reserved for someone. A waiter welcomes Mauli as Ishaan booked it for her. Mishti goes to play the other side. Ishaan tells Mauli he did all this with good intentions, he wished to see a smile on her face. He can lend her enough time, space and even sacrifice his life for her. He wanted her to enjoy this moment, and not feel any pressures. He will not talk about their marriage until she asks him for marriage. He can’t ease her tensions may be, but he doesn’t want to make her life any more difficult as well. Mauli was thankful to Ishaan.

Kunal wonders if Sandhya had spoken to Mauli. He was in deep thought when Pari comes to him. She wished to go to their own house as this was Mauli’s house. Even Mishti’s wish has come true, and Mauli and Mishti have gone to Ishaan’s house. Radhika requests Pari to stay at her house for a few days, Mishti has also left and she might feel extremely sad if she also leaves. Pari hugs Radhika saying she can’t let her cry. Radhika tells Pari she has hidden a pastry in the fridge. Pari cheerfully goes to Pramilla asking about the pastry. Radhika asks Kunal how long he will hide from Pari about them as her family. Kunal was afraid that Mishti hated him when she knew the truth, what if Pari also hates her?

Ishaan clicked selfies and took Mauli and Mishti’s photographs when at once their smiles vanished. Sandhya stood behind. She came to speak to Mauli and Mishti, then says new year brings new hopes and happiness. They can forget all the past bitterness and take a new start… Mauli stood there stunned. A wide smile spreads Ishaan’s face. Sandhya hugs Mauli and asks if Mauli can fulfil her wish of marrying her son? She presents gold bangles to Mauli. Ishaan tries to intervene, Sandhya asks him to prepare their marriage as soon as possible and bring Mauli and Mishti. Mishti was also excited. Sandhya says she has gifted her son and their family bangles to Mauli, she must take this responsibility as soon as possible now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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