Friday Update on True Love 13th November 2020


Friday Update on True Love 13th November 2020

Asgar tells them that Rehmat Ula would have understood by now that the police that took your husband was false. The security will be on high alert. Ansari ji would be keeping an eye on our home too. If we get caught then all of us will be put behind bars. Akash doesn’t want to risk their lives for them. I don’t want you all to get into trouble because of us. Asgar assures them that he will try his best to help them reach their destination in a few days time. But till then please stay inside. Police must be looking for us. Some Juman chacha is here to take care of you.

Akash only wishes that he takes good care of Meethi. she assures him that she is alright. You take care of yourself. I will cook food for you even if I wont be able to come. He agrees to eat if she will cook for him. he requests to make a call to India to tell his family members about his safety and that they have found Meethi. Asgar cannot risk it with him but he can make Meethi talk to them. she gets happy thinking that she can talk to her loved ones. The couple hugs before Meethi goes back with Asgar. He is doubtful that this might be their last meeting. We are going to write a new story very soon where one of you will definitely die. He smiles evilly at his plans.

Doc calls it a miracle. Everyone is in tears thinking how the baby brought Vishnu back to life. Vishnu looks at Mukta and even takes her name. He also touches / looks at their baby. They talk about what feature of the baby resembles whom. She also requests him not to fight with her anymore. Jogi thanks Lord for this gift.

Meethi misses her Kanha bhaiya on Rakhi. She has made gulabjamun as her brother loves it. while all the others are drawn to the fragrance, Saba is irked that they are worried because of her whereas she is busy celebrating her festivals. A relation does not become strong by a thread. I have never tied a thread on Asgar bhaijaan’s hand yet he cares for me. Rizvi ji tells her that every religion, festival, tradition has their own significance. Even Hindu’s, Sikh live here in Pakistan. They celebrate our festival and we join them in their celebrations. He asks Meethi to join them. think of this to be your home. Khalid suggests her to tie Rakhi on his hand.

Damini, Mukta and Kanha miss Meethi on Rakshabandhan. Mukta ties Rakhi on Kanha’s hand in India and Meethi ties Rakhi on Khalid’s hand in Pakistan. Damini gets emotional. Both the sisters feed sweet to each other. Mukta gets a watch as gift. Khalid had no idea about it so gives money to Meethi. rizvi ji recalls something that his Abbu used to tell him. back in 1905 when India’s Bengal was divided into parts under British rule. An Indian Bengal and a Muslim Bengal. A famous poet of that time, Rabindranath Tagore, had initiated this concept of Rakhi. These traditions, occasions, festivals unite people and remove the barriers of religions. Mukta asks for Meethi’s gift. I will give it to her as soon as she is back. He has brought Ganpati idol for Meethi. damini prays for Meethi and Akash’s well being.

Meethi wants to call her Anni but then keeps the receiver down. Asgar wonders as to what happened to her. she tells him that she has decided to call Akash’s Maiyya instead as she must be worried for him. Asgar tells Meethi to keep her emotions in check. Phone call can be recorded as well. She nods. Meethi calls at Bundela House. She talks to Kajri but notices some constables around and becomes conscious. Asgar blocks their view. Maiyya takes the phone from Kajri and is happy to hear Meethi’s voice. She apologizes to her and requests her to come back.

Meethi assures her that Akash cannot break his relation with her till she is alive. I will set everything right once I will come back. Akash will come back soon. Maiyya stuns her by saying that she wants her DIL and son back at home. I now know that you both cannot live without each other. Meethi agrees. I am not upset with you. Maiyya is worried for her son but Meethi assures her that an angel has promised to take care of both of them. asgar thinks that if she would have known about him then she would have come to know of his real intentions. Maiyya apologizes to Meethi once again. The constable comes to next shop asking for some change. Meethi covers her face partially and is relieved when they leave. Maiyya wants to talk to Akash but she tells him that he isn’t around. tell Anni about me as well. She ends the call hastily.

Asgar pays the PCO guy who assures him that his secrets are safe with him. meethi too thanks Asgar for letting her call her home. Please tell Akash that I have spoken to his Maiyya. He nods and they leave from there.

Ashfaque tries to make Saba understand that it is just a matter of few days as Meethi will leave soon. Anyways, who will remember this relation which is just some days old? Meethi finds Khalid smiling over something and gets curious. He knows that Saba is upset over the fact that he made her tie Rakhi on his hand. But you will have to remember me on Rakhi every year. I will always wait for it. she promises to send it. Saba continues venting out her frustration. Ashfaque cannot bind Meethi in the relation because of which she is so worried. Wish I could do it but unfortunately it isn’t possible.

Meethi shares with Khalid that her Anni used to tell her that every relation holds a distinct place in our lives. She notices the sadness on his face. He has been trying to make Saba understand the same thing but she isn’t ready to understand it. I love her a lot but cannot tell her that I respect / love my Ammi the same way she respects / loves her parents. I have accepted her parents but she has not been able to do so till date. This is the reason why she doesn’t want to return to my home with me. I am staying back here for this reason only. You are away from your loved ones as you here in Pakistan. Same is my case. It is a brother’s wish that you go back to your country very soon to your loved ones. Your husband too would be waiting for her. She smiles at the idea. Should I tell him that Akash is in Pakistan only and that Asgar ji has kept him at a safe place?

Akash wonders till when he will have to hide here. I want to spend my every moment with Meethi now. I wonder when I will return home. Someone (Juman Chacha) knocks at the door. he has brought food for Akash. He gets happy thinking that it might be cooked by Meethi. he goes to freshen up while Juman Chacha puts the food in the plate. He adds some powder in it as well and mixes it. Akash enjoys the food. Juman Chacha is relieved that his work is done. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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