Monday Update on Young Love 16th November 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 16th November 2020

Nandini telling Anandi that Akhiraj will kill them. Anandi asks her not to worry and says I am with you. Akhiraj thinks I will not leave Anandi today and asks a man about Anandi. He refuses to tell anything. Akhiraj kills him. Anandi, Nandini and Shivam run inside the jungle. Anandi says we will hide inside the tree. She assures her kids that everything will be fine. Nandini sees blood coming out and gets worried. Anandi says wound is not deep, nothing will happen to me. Nandini asks her not to leave them. Anandi says nobody can separate us and I will be with you both. Nandini and Shivam hug her. Akhiraj and Kundan goes from there, but then again comes back. Akhiraj says where did she go? Anandi and kids leave from there. Jagya and Inspector comes to the crematorium ground. Ganga gains consciousness and tells him about Akhiraj. She says don’t know where is Anandi. Inspector calls someone and asks to send team. Jagya angrily shouts Akhiraj Singh.

Akhiraj sees Anandi, Nandini and Shivam running and shoots at her, saying no enemy can be saved from him. Anandi and kids manage to get save by bullet, but Akhiraj shots at them again and again. Suddenly Kundan’s pistol falls from his pocket. He continues to run after Anandi. Akhiraj asks Anandi and her kids to stop. He thinks where did she go? Akhiraj goons say that they are not here. Anandi continues to run with her kids, even though she is badly injured. Shivam says now we can’t run more. Nandini says blood is coming. Anandi says we have to reach a safe place, and says we have to hide somewhere in night, and will go to village in the morning. Nandini asks where will we hide in night. Akhiraj and his goons continue to search Anandi and travel in jeep.

Akhiraj takes Devimaa’s promise not to let Anandi see morning. Nandini tells Anandi that her blood is lost. Shivam says we should go back. Anandi sees PCO and says we shall inform Jagya about the whereabouts. She calls Jagya, but just then hears Akhiraj’s jeep coming. Anandi drops the phone shockingly. She asks her kids to come. Akhiraj’s jeep reach a dead end. Akhiraj determines to search entire place, and not let Anandi and her family die. Kundan says she is injured and can’t run for long. He says her kids also die seeing her dying. Akhiraj says she is wounded, but she is a tigresss. He says Anandi can defeat God to save her kids, and says until I see her dead body with my eyes, I can’t believe. He says I will bring her here from pataal too. Kundan tells Akhiraj that feet prints are there on the ground. Akhiraj counts the feet prints of Anandi, Nandini and Shivam, and says we shall follow the prints.

Anandi, Shivam and Nandini take shelter in a deserted building. Shivam tells her that he will bring water and something for her to eat. Anandi refuses to let him go, but Shivam insists. He brings water for Anandi, and also some plants. Nandini tells Shivam that they have to take out bullet from Anandi’s body. Nandini brings a stick and says I have sharpen it. Anandi asks her to clean the wound with water first. Nandini cleans the wound. Anandi asks her to take out bullet carefully. She says I will be pained, but you don’t stop as this is the only way to treat me. Shivam asks Nandini to do it. Anandi is in pain. Nandini also cries and takes out bullet finally. Akhiraj, Kundan and their goons come there. They hear Anandi’s scream and look on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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