Friday Update on True Love 21st August 2020


Friday Update on True Love 21st August 2020

Vishnu recalls how excited Mukta was upon knowing that they will come / go to office together. He feels uneasy as he keeps shifting in bed. He recalls the incident at lunch hour and the Yuvi had pointed out that junior level workers can leave as per their work timings but the senior level staff has to be flexible. Mukku comes home just then and notices him thus. He pretends to sleep. She cannot help but look at him with a sad face as she takes something from the cupboard and goes. Vishnu opens his eyes as soon as he knows she is gone and wipes his tears.

Meethi asks Kasha kaka to pack the stuff that she has listed down for their picnic. Outside, that same electrician wants some money to keep his mouth shut. Ambika reminds him of her dad being ACP. He still wants money. Who will be insulted if ACP’s daughter will do something like this? Meethi is heading towards them only. Ambika gives him money. Don’t show me your face again. Meethi notices this exchange. She recalls that he is the same electrician. Ambika is shocked to see Meethi there. Meethi asks her about that man. Ambika lies that his mom is ill and he wants to go to see her. He wanted some money so I couldn’t say no.

Meethi is upset that she forgot that the fan in my room fell because of him. You dint even ask him once why he did this? You should have brought him to me. Ambika says we already know that Maiyya did all this. Why to punish that poor guy because of her? Meethi tells her that if that’s the truth then why to hide it from everyone. You should have sent him to jail. Ambika asks her to call him. I know you doubt me. Don’t know what has Maiyya said or done to you that we sisters have become enemies all of a sudden. You think I am after this? Meethi answers that it can be so. This shocks Ambika a little.

Meethi is questioning that electrician. Why did you come here? He repeats the same lie. Everyone comes downstairs by now. Meethi reasons that he could have asked Kasha kaka. He says he met Ambika didi outside so asked her only. Did I make a mistake? She nods in affirmation. You loosened the screw of the fan in my room? He declines but Meethi stays firm. He fumbles for an answer to her question. Maiyya threatens to slap him. akash too scares him to come out with the truth. He finally confesses that he was paid money to do all this. They want to know who paid them. Maiyya is sure Ambika will be caught finally. He kind of points out towards AMbika initially but then takes Maiyya’a name. She only had called me and paid me. Everyone is shocked for their own reasons while Ambika smirks.

Maiyya gives him a tight slap and beats him too calling him a liar. He swears by his mom’s name and gives her some money. Keep your money. I don’t want it. Sir (Akash) I did all this as per Maiyya’s plan. Forgive me. he leaves from there. Akash asks Meethi if she needs some other proof to prove that Maiyya is not behind all this. He walks away from there. Ambika puts on an act again. I could never think that you wouldn’t trust me. Meethi remarks that she made a big mistake by trusting Maiyya but not anymore. Sankrant, Ambika and Meethi leave. Pavitra goes and picks up the money shocking Gomti. I will keep it safely with me.

Ambika is wearing the nightie brought by Sankrant. She also takes a pill as she doesn’t want to have his baby. Sankrant is happy to see her thus. It is extremely important for her to keep him as her slave. He wants to know what she is thinking. She goes closer to him and smiles sweetly. She wants something from him. she throws away the pills in the dust bin. There shouldn’t be just the two of us now. We must have someone else with us – our baby. He too wants to be a dad. They talk of their plans of taking care of the baby. They spend some romantic moments together. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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