Monday Update on Young Love 24th August 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 24th August 2020

Dadisaa and Anandi asking Nimboli to close her eyes. Nimboli closes her eyes. Dadisaa and Anandi make her wear necklace and earrings. Disa is shocked. Dadisaa asks her to open her eyes. Nimboli asks if they brought this for her and says is it a surprise. Anandi says yes. Nimboli gets happy and shows the necklace to Disa. She thanks Dadisaa and Anandi. She goes to show necklace to Mannu and Abhi. Mangla asks why did you bring it for her. Dadisaa says she is our only daughter and says emotions should be seen and not price. Disa throws the bangles angrily which she wanted to gift Nimboli.

Harki comes to meet Akhiraj in jail. Harki sees him hand and feetcuffed and feels bad. She curses the persons who are responsible for his condition. Akhiraj asks why did you come here? Harki says she don’t have money to give to workers and says they have refused to cut the grains. She says Munim ji was about to leave the job, but somehow I stopped him. She says from where will I get money. Akhiraj asks her to keep quiet and says let him think. He thinks for a while and asks Harki to mortgaged their house and farmland to Deen Dayal. Harki asks what you are saying? Akhiraj asks did you father give it to you. Harki agrees. She says this Diwali, you are not at home. Akhiraj says he might return home and take revenge from everyone. Harki looks on surprisingly. Akhiraj tells her that Kundan will be freed after two days, and asks her to take care of him. Harki cries and leaves.

Nimboli is sleeping. Disa takes out necklace from her neck and recalls Dadisaa’s words. She thinks to throw the necklace and earrings from the window, and says this badi haveli people want to snatch my daughter with money. She says my love is not for sale, and is about to throw necklace, just then Anandi knocks on the door. Disa opens the door. Anandi says Kamli called to talk to you. Kamli informs her that Kanhaiyya Lal/Kakusaa is very much unwell, and wants to meet you before dying. Disa thinks she has to go there. Anandi asks what happened?

Mangla tells her that her kakusaa is unwell in Saroda village and says she will go with Nimboli. Anandi says you shouldn’t take her. Ganga says Anandi is right, it may take much time and the illness spreads fast. Disa says Nimboli can’t stay without me and I will be worried for her. Jagya asks her not to worry about her and says I will give you mobile to talk to her. He asks her to take the stuff and says driver will drop you. Disa thinks she is worried about Nimboli. She asks them to take care of Nimboli.

Anandi sees Nimboli sleeping and smiles. Taari Maa………………..plays…………… Nimboli holds her hand and sleeps. Anandi recalls Nimboli coming home. Anandi caresses her face and looks on with motherly love. She sleeps beside her. Next morning Anandi gives tea to Dadisaa. Dadisaa looks at her and says you are looking peaceful today. She says Nimboli will accept you as her mum soon. Nimboli calls Disa and searches for her in the house. She asks where is my Maa, and asks Anandi to call her Maa. Anandi says she went to Saroda village as her Kakusaa is unwell. Nimboli says she left me alone here. Dadisaa says child should not go near ill people. Nimboli cries and tells her that the necklace which Dadisaa gave her was stolen. Anandi looks on shockingly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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