Friday Update on True Love 27th November 2020


Friday Update on True Love 27th November 2020

Asgar falls near the detonator. Akash is shocked to see it in his hand. Asgar tells him to go save his country and its people. He presses the button and Meethi realises that the bomb is on now. She can hear the timer’s voice now. Akash looks at the embassy worriedly and goes to save Meethi. Asgar throws the detonator away.

Akash comes inside the embassy to find Meethi. She notices him and gets thinking. She goes upstairs with Akash following her. Ansari tries to stop him but in vain. Akash wants to live or die with Meethi only. Don’t worry about me but get these innocent people out of here. He goes after Meethi.

Meethi comes to the terrace. Akash reaches there too and calls out for her.

Damini wakes up and wants to go to Meethi. Ashfaque tries to stop her but she insists.

Akash assures Meethi that he wont let anything happen to her. she cannot risk his life and shows him the bomb around her waist. She requests him to go from there. He assures her that nothing would happen to her. He chants Ganpati Bappa Morya and thinks of diffusing the bomb. He removes a wire but nothing happens. He hugs her saying that they will live or die together.

Asgar counts the countdown from 10 and waits for the explosion. The bomb finally explodes. Everyone stops to look at it in shock. Damini shouts for Meethi but Ashfaque stops her. Ansari notices Asgar and catches hold of him. damini notices Akash and Meethi downstairs and is surprised. Ashfaque is happy too. Damini makes sure both of her kids are fine. We should go home now. Reporters questions Ansari. He calls Asgar a terrorist who plotted to explode this place using a human bomb. He used an Indian woman as human bomb. She is not a terrorist and saved so many people by sacrificing her life. He is shocked to see Meethi alive and so is Asgar.

Reporters go to her to ask her questions. They want to know how she got saved. Flashback is shown when Akash had hugged her. he recalls that he has cutter in his pocket. He removed her bomb’s belt using it while she was chanting Gayatri mantra. He threw it in the air and they both ran for cover while the bomb exploded in air. This is how they got saved. Asgar dint win. Flashback ends. Meethi tells them that this is the power of their love and their country’s blessings. Akash adds that even God is with you when you are thinking right. Ansari drags Asgar with him who looks at the couple angrily. Ansari tells him to remember always that you cannot kill the one who has God’s blessings. Asgar promises to meet Meethi again. ansari wants to make sure that he gets death penalty. He sends him away and then praises Akash and Meethi’s brave act. He also salutes Damini for her upbringing and to India as well. Meethi and Akash smile and hug each other.

Nani is going somewhere in the car. She wanted to rest in the temple but it was overcrowded. Her car breaks down. Driver tells her that it will take time to repair it. She scolds him she wont be able to find a taxi in this place. He points out a taxi for her. She goes to where the taxi is standing and calls out for the driver. She is shocked to see Mukku in a driver’s uniform. That loser made you do this? You are Jogi Thakur’s granddaughter. I told you not to go back there. Mukku tells her that it was their mutual decision. Vishnu will take care of the kid and I will work and run our home. We are very happy. we will build a new world for ourselves very soon. nani is irked. That Meethi has got famous in Pakistan because of her brave act. She is coming back tomorrow. mukku gets happy knowing that meethi is coming back tomorrow. nani yet again tries to instigate her against Meethi. she will be really glad seeing you like this.

Mukku knows that she cannot be a part of anyone’s happiness. I will go if this is all that you want to talk about. Nani stops her. I agree you are sweating it out to earn money. Don’t forget that you are a mother and your kid needs you. Vishnu should have been at your place right now. Mukku is sure he can take good care of their baby too. Nani suggests her to take up some job. Why drive a taxi? Mukku repeats Jogi’s words that no work is big or small. A girl can do what all a guy does. Nani is worried as so much has been happening with girls these days. Mukku says everyone is in danger everywhere. You will come to our home with me right away. Vishnu can come if he wants to. Mukku declines to come with her. I am very happy there. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. Come I will drop you. Nani looks really worried.

Akash, Damini and Meethi meet Rizvi family before leaving. They all apologize to Meethi for not believing her but Meethi understands their position very well. She knows that they supported truth in the end. Damini shares her struggles. Meethi is really lucky to have got a family like you. She thanks them whole heartedly. Ammi thanks Meethi for her help in saving their family and their country. The couple seeks their blessings. Zubeida wishes to have a beautiful daughter like Meethi whom she can name after her. I will share your stories with her. meethi thanks her. she asks Abbu if he remembers what he had said to her. when I will return to my country then I can take some Pakistan with me and leave some India here. I have so many memories with me now. He will regret it that they are bidding her goodbye with a very bad memory. She declines. failure is a challenge. We should learn from it. They all chant the poem koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti.

Meethi and Akash come back to India. Maiyya apologizes to Meethi who readily agrees. Akash and Meethi do the aarti today. malvika joins them. she talks to Sankrant about how good they both look together. It would have been so good if your wife was here with you today. sankrant gets angry but doesn’t show it.

Sankrant is the next one to do the aarti. Meethi notices Malvika and asks Maiyya about her. maiyya tells her the story. Meethi looks around for Kajri. Maiyya lies that she has gone to her uncle’s house. Meethi is confused as Kajri never told her about any uncle or anything. Maiyya diverts her saying that it is time for visarjan. They all chant Ganpati Bappa Morya.

Malvika calls Ambika to tell her that Meethi is back. Ambika warns her to be careful of Meethi as she is very clever. We wont be able to do anything if she gets to know about our plan. Even Ekadish is in her control now. Malvika is sure she knows how to control Ekadish. I will reduce Meethi’s sweetness here. I spoke to Sankrant about you again. whenever he looks at Meethi and Akash he misses you. Be ready. You have to trap him at the right time. Once it is done then his whole family will be under our control. That day will come very soon. she laughs evilly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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