Monday Update on Young Love 30th November 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 30th November 2020

Krish asking Nandini if there is any tag in her love life. He asks if there is any boyfriend or lover in her life. Nandini says I don’t have any boyfriend or lover and have no place for love in my life. My goals are very clear and I will fulfill the promise made to someone. Once Nandini goes, Krish says his heart is roaming and says you will never know when you fall in love. He admires her while music is played in background. Bawre song plays……………..Dr. Amit plays guitar and thinks about Nandini…..Dr. Amit’s dad teases Amit for playing guitar all of a sudden and opines that he is in love with Nandini.

Dr. Amit asks him not to jump in any conclusion. His dad hopes for the best. Nandini gets a call from Bank and is informed that her bank loan is passed. Nandini gets happy and thanks him. Nandini steps out of house, someone clicks her pics oblivious to her. The freed prisoner checks young Nimboli and grown up Nandini’s pics. He says you have grown more beautiful over the years. Nandini comes to the bank and signs on the papers. She says you have refused to give me loan, and asks who took me out of this problem. I want to thank him personally. Bank officer tells that Dr. Amit Goel gave guarantee and they passed the loan. Nandini is shocked.

She calls Dr. Amit and says she can’t take a big favor from him. Dr. Amit says I know you will never take loan from me. Nandini refuses. Dr. Amit asks her to think about Sudha’s marriage and convinces her. Dr. Amit asks her to take loan silently and repay fast, else he will land up in jail. Nandini smiles and says I will get habitual for your support. Dr. Amit says I will never leave you. Nandini thanks him. Dr. Amit selects tie from his wardrobe. His dad comes and says tell me, when to go to Nandini’s house with the alliance. Dr. Amit says until I get divorce from Vandana. His dad asks him to settle down fast.

Nandini takes an auto and sits in it. Freed prisoner sits in it also. He says we will go together. Auto driver says you will not get any other auto. Nandini wonders what to do and asks driver to drive. Freed prisoner stares Nandini. Nandini asks him to take back his hand. He says girls should be in their limits. Nandini asks why you are staring me. He asks her to behave like girls and thinks he would kidnapped her right away, but her happiness days are remaining. He tells Nandini that they will meet soon, and gets down the auto. Auto driver sees mang ka tika and gives to Nandini. Nandini says it is not mine and may be it is of that man. Dr. Amit thanks the jewellery and buys bangles, necklace and earrings for Nandini.

Nandini looks at it, and thinks this is reminding her of her childhood and cries. Krish comes wearing folk dance dress and says he needs her help. Nandini laughs seeing his attire. Krish says nice naa. He says if anyone see me wearing this, then I will get calls from fashion houses. Nandini says you are looking like chumu.. She says I am chumu, people will think me mad. Krish says you are pretty saa, and says until I am here, I won’t let you cry. He says whenever you gets sad, I will come to cheer you up. He looks at Anandi’s pic and asks who is she? Nandini says she is my mom. Krish jokes and makes her smile. Krish asks her to get ready for the marriage function. Nandini asks her not to come in his attire. Krish says now you will see, how much handsome I will look and goes. Nandini looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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