Friday Update on True Love 28 February 2020


Friday Update on True Love 28 February 2020

Maiyya opens the door with Agarth and Nirbhay standing behind her. meethi & Akash smile. Maiyya smiles at them. She does their aarti welcoming the couple back home. It is very good that Damini sent you here. This is your home from today. They both enter inside. Maiyya signals NIrbhay something. Maiyya speaks in her mind. You came here in your doli (in which the bride arrives on her wedding) and will go back on your bier (death bed). He closes the main door making Meethi stop in shock / alert. She turns in shock. Nirbhay, Maiyya, Agarth and Akash stop her holding a torch (mashaal) in their hands shocking her to the core. They all start repeating in chorus – now you shall leave on your bier from here. They put their torches forward and she shouts in shock. Tappu wakes out of her dream

Tappu has Iccha’s photo in her lap. Icchki, trust me I wont let our daughter to be upset again over something. I wont let Akash win in any of his motives. I wont send Meethi to Aatishgarh. They will kill her. I wont let her go back ever and there is only one way to do so. She gets up looks outside the window towards where Akash is. Meethi comes there and notices her thus. Tappu turns towards her. He is still outside sitting at one place waiting for you. What have you thought? Do you want to go back? Meethi denies. Tappu asks her to rethink her decision. If you deny now then this time wont come back ever. Who better than me to understand this! Do you wish to live that relation again? Meethi declines again. Tappu holds her hand asking her to come along. Meethi tries to ask something but in vain.

Everyone has gathered in the living area. Tappu explains that she wanted to discuss something very important with them that is the reason why she has called everyone here. Everyone is confused as she goes outside telling them to wait for some time. They all wonder but have no clue at all. Tappu comes back inside. She calls out to Akash asking him to come inside. He obliges while everyone is shocked. Everyone shouts angrily at him including Damini. She tells him to go from there. Everyone questions Tappu for the reason of bringing him inside. She starts with her reasoning. You all know Mr. Akash Chatterjee has been standing outside our house creating drama trying to prove his love’s merit but he seems to be forgetting that no one here believes him. Plus Meethi too doesn’t want to go back with him. But I must tell you that there is someone here amongst us who supports Akash in his madness (looking at Rathore) and who thinks that Akash’s love is real. It is Mr. Rathore who has bailed Akash out. All look at him shocked.

Jogi questions him how can he do so. Is it true? Rathore agrees. Jogi is all the more angry. How can you support him? rathore tells Tappu that it is not his right to explain speak with the family for it isn’t a Parliament Session. She stays put her way. Let them know that there is someone else too who thinks that Akash should be given another chance. Jogi shouts angrily while Kanha, Divya, Damini and Jogi stay put that Meethi wont go back to Aatishgarh ever. Tappu asks Akash if he heard loud and clear what everyone thinks. Now stop your drama because no one here buys your story. No one had trust on your so called love. I will Meethi right in front of you if she wants to go back if she wants to give you another chance or not. She asks Meethi the same. Do you want to give another chance to AKash? Everyone waits for her answer while Tappu repeats the question. Do you want to give him another chance or want him to leave from here for forever? Meethi agrees. I want him to leave from here for forever. Akash looks pained.

Tappu asks if he heard it all for himself. Akash says, 23 days….I need only 23 days to prove that Meethi still loves me. Tappu takes it as a challenge. If its true then today Meethi too will have to prove that she doesn’t love you…that she doesn’t want to give another chance to you. I can understand that for her this relation has been of a husband and wife but the base of this relation was fake. All of us would want to know if Meethi would want to start afresh after breaking this fake relation. Meethi is shocked. Tappu says, I know it is very easy to say but it is a question of your life. We must know if you would be able to move ahead in your life (with someone else) forgetting Akash? Tadeva lagnam chant plays and while everyone waits for Meethi’s answer with bated breath.

Tappu repeats we all want to know if you would like to start your journey afresh. Meethi declines (yayy yayy Tappu ki bolti bandh. And my favourite Piya plays. I don’t want to marry anyone again ever. Piya continues in the background & Rathore looks up again plus Akash has a sweet smile on his face. I don’t trust in love anymore and I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone again. I am happy the way I am and I can live my life (Damini is pained to hear it though). A woman doesn’t always need a man supporting her like a pillar always. I am not so weak. I don’t want to marry anyone ever. She leaves from there while Tappu stands hurt. Everyone else is heartbroken listening to what Meethi said.

Akash apologizes to everyone. I am going for now but I have full faith that Meethi still loves me. A new chant is playing. Be it 23 days or 23 years I can wait and Meethi is only mine. He too makes an exit.

Rathore gets up now. You (Tappu) are Meethi’s Massi (aunt) yet you dint understand what is hidden behind her no. I want to apologize to everyone especially you (Damini). I dint want the truth to unfold like this before you all. I know I should have asked you before getting him out. I came here today to tell you this only but people do make mistakes in their life. It is human to do so. I saw change and penitence in his eyes. I got him bailed so that they both can decide what they want from their own life. I still see love in Meethi’s eyes. I am not asking anyone to forgive Akash. Let him prove himself. I just want to give them their one chance. He notices Tappu crying. Don’t do this you know I cant see you this way. She runs off from there and everyone else leaves too. Only Mukku stands with her dad. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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