Monday Update on Young Love 2nd March 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 2nd March 2020

Harki taking Nimboli in the dark room of the house and ties her hands and legs. Nimboli pleads her not to tie her and calls Maa. Anandi senses something. Harki says until you take oath that you will not do any mischief, you will be tied. She asks her to die with hunger and thirst. She locks her and goes. Nimboli looks on.

Ganga asks Dadisaa to rest for some time. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and boosts about her strength. Ganga smiles. Shivam and Abhi come back. Abhi says we are hungry. Ganga goes to bring food for them. Dadisaa asks how did you play? Shivam tells her that he made 47 runs and took 2 wickets. Abhi looks on. Dadisaa asks about. Abhi says he just played. He says you will praise just Shivam. Shivam says I am her favorite. Dadisaa goes to him and says I loves you equally. Abhi says I feels no one cares for me in this house. Dadisaa says it is not like that. Ganga comes and asks what happened. Abhi asks her to talk to dadisaa. Shivam tells Ganga that Abhi feels everyone loves him(Shivam).

Nimboli manages to cut the rope. She then frees her legs and hands. She keeps the barrel near the door and comes out from the upper window. Chagani asks how did you come out? She says she will tell her on the way.

Ganga comes to Abhi. He refuses to eat anything and asks why Shivam is always ahead of him. Ganga tells him that some people have more capabilities. Ganga says Abhi is your younger brother. Abhi says he is also small. Mannu comes and asks him to have food. Abhi refuses. Mannu takes him along with him. Ganga thinks Mannu is very understanding. Shivam comes to Abhi’s room and asks to play with him. He sees the sandwich and begins eating. He eats it and leaves. Nimboli tells Chagani about everything. Nimboli says Harki won’t go to Kothri till night and asks her to let her taste the fruit. Harki sees Nimboli’s glimpse and questions Chagani. She says no. Harki goes to check in the kothri. Nimboli runs to go to Kothri. She comes to the Kothri and sees her there. She asks her to take her out. Harki refuses and leaves. Nimboli laughs.

Abhi brings Anandi to the room and tells her that Shivam had his sandwich. Anandi looks on tensed.

Disa comes to Harki and asks why did you close Nimboli in the Kothri. Harki says she punished her for misbehavior. Disa says this is not right to make her hungry. Harki asks her not to interfere between saas and bahu. Disa says sometimes you call her bahu and sometimes servant. Harki gets thinking.

Shivam comes to Anandi. She asks why did you eat less today. Shivam says he doesn’t know. Anandi says may be because you had breakfast two times. Shivam says yes. I had the sandwich as I know Abhi would not eat it once he refused. Shivam says he didn’t do intentionally. Anandi asks him to behave well with Abhi. Shivam says he always talks nicely with Abhi, but he was always angry on him. Anandi looks on while Shivam goes to change. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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