Friday Update on True Love 3rd July 2020


Friday Update on True Love 3rd July 2020

Aakash bends down to seek Agarth’s blessings but gets nothing in return. Agarth is miffed with Maiyya which she does notice. You could have told me so I could have sent Aakash to pick you up. I was worried for him so came here. It’s good that you have come now take us all with you. My son is not mine anymore. Agarth says my kids have died recently and you were all set to get your son married. She tries to deny but is fumbling. He presses for an explanation. He (Aakash) was to get married to the daughter of my son’s killer. What’s this?

She tries to say something but he stops her. Pavitra and Gomti are awake now and watch it from upstairs. I cannot bear another lie now. You have lied enough. I gave 25 years of my life for your revenge. I lost my 2 kids because of you and you cheated me only and came here? She tries to act innocence but he stops her. We are no more brother and sister from today. We will only live by one relation from now…which is of enemies. Aakash is taken aback. I am your biggest enemy from today. All the sisters are shocked. You ruined my family. You are here building castles in the air for your son. Now just wait and watch how they get broken. He looks at Aakash and then leaves in a huff.

Aakash says this is all because of you. See what you have done. You have ruined so many lives because of your revenge. This was to happen. We will get revenge for revenge only. She stares at him in a shocked and painful manner.

Mitra is playing in the background. Meethi is shown packing her stuff and imagines Aakash standing in her room. She is happy and relieved. But then she realises it was only her imagination. She sits down on the bed sadly. Lightning strikes.

Maiyya recalls Agrath’s words rather the warning. What if he tries to kill my son? I wont let anyone harm my son till I am alive….be it my own brother. She is tearful as she says these words.

Meethi and Vishnu sign the divorce papers. Everyone is there only watching them thus. The lawyer says as the divorce is happening owing to mutual consent so I will try my best to get the things sorted faster. He leaves from there. Mukta thanks Meethi who smiles back in return. Rathore calls her brave. Iccha ji would be so happy to see you today. tappu too applauds her for her strength.

You handled every situation so well and thought well over to come to this decision. I am proud of you. Nani makes uninterested faces. Jogi too is proud of her. You have grown up for real. Meethi goes and stands next to her Anni. Nani looks at them and thinks, go ahead and worship her for that has been happening from the beginning. Damini wipes her tears. First Damini then Iccha and now this Makkhi (Meethi)! The owner of this house has as if become a servant of the family of a servant. Baki to Ram hi Rakhey!

Everyone was tearful so Rathore tries to change the mood. I have a surprise for you (Mukta). He tells her to bring her hands forward and she obliges. He hands her the papers of their new house (a bungalow) for both of them. I had bought it for Mukta. Everyone is happy. Mukku hugs him. I thought when she will get married then I will give her her dream house.

Vishnu says forgive my but that is not my dream house. I haven’t yet thought about that dream properly. Before getting married please don’t tie me in the bond of gifts. I and Mukta together will make our home. It is the duty of a husband to keep his wife happy. I want to give her all the happiness of the world but on my own. Folding his hands he apologizes once more. I cannot accept this gift. Nani gets up from her seat. Hope you all would be able to understand me. Nani says Ram hi Rakhey, you don’t want comfort, bungalow, cars then take it for our Mukta atleast. Will you keep her in some chawl after your wedding?

Vishnu says start can be from anywhere but it isn’t wrong to think that we both can live with our self respect. Jogi supports him. Rathore says I understand your feelings. You want to fulfil the duty of being a husband but I too am a father. I too have to do my duty. I dint mean to hurt your self respect. Vishnu says I have already spent a few days in Bundela House trying to call it mine but that was never the case. I don’t want to repeat that mistake. Mukta you trust me right? We can rent a house. Will you be able to make it your home?

Vishnu asks Mukta if she trusts him. She replies I love you. Wherever you can live with your head held high that home is not less than a palace for me. He is happy now and so is everyone else too except Nani. Tappu respects Mukku’s decision and says, we all should be proud of Vishnu’s decision. Nani remarks if he his self respect is coming in his way then he can keep the bungalow thinking it to be on rent.

Our Mukta is used to live in big house like a palace. How will she live in box type house? Vishnu replies she is ready to live in a small house right? Mukta nods back. Nani thinks everyone has lost their mind. Can I tell you one thing by experience? Love flees out of the window when the reality hits by the month end. Ram hi Rakhey you wont like it today but do remember. Jogi turns to Vishnu. Mausi ji is saying it all as she loves Mukta. I want that you grow a lot in life. My best wishes are with both of you. Vishnu is happy as Rathore looks at him. nani is super angry.

Maiyya is speaking to someone on phone. I have locked all the windows and doors of this house. But you must put up your guards around the whole house. The security should be super tight. Aakash comes and is confused listening to her convo. What’s all this? She tells him not to go out of the house. He understands it. Are you scared of mama ji’s warning? She says I know my brother. Once he is angry then he can snap someone’s neck in a second. You wont go out of the house. Aakash says it is funny. The one who was living for taking revenge is today scared of people who want to take revenge from her. She stays put with her words and makes him swear by her. She snaps at her sisters. Go and set the table. They go away.

Aakash says that man (Agarth) stood by you in your every fight. He was with you in your every scheme. It was bound to happen. Now no one can stop this storm. What is to happen will happen. But I will have to pay for it. He shakes his head and leaves from there. She again snaps at her sisters and prays to God to be with her. My son is my enemy; my brother is my enemy….where all will I fight? And till when? Please be with me.

Damini shows something to Meethi which she likes. Mukta comes there as Meethi had called for her. meethi sits down in front of the dressing table to remove her mangalsutra. Theme music plays as both the ladies stand there watching her. Even Mukta looks a little taken aback. Meethi holds it out for her. This is your “amanat”. I was wearing it for sure but never took the right of being a wife. I kept it safely every day, every minute as I knew that this belongs only to my sister. And I have to return it to my sister one day that is why I kept it safely with me. mukta looks moved.

Meethi takes her hand and keeps it in her palm. A chant plays in the background all the while. Both Mukta and Damini have tears in their eyes. Meethi says this one bond kept Vishnu with me. But for you this is a symbol of love. Only you have a right over it. Keep it safely always. Damini is happy to see their bond. She looks upwards and says, Icchki you can see that your Meethi has grown up. I can see you in her. Mukku looks at Meethi smiling / gratefully and Damini looks at her proudly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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