Monday Update on Young Love 6th July 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 6th July 2020

Pooja checking information on Laptop about pregnancy. She asks Sarita to give her milk. Sarita says you don’t agree to any of my sayings and goes to bring milk. Pooja thinks Mannu is right, as you all want to separate us, now this baby will unite us. Harki tells Akhiraj that they shall call Kamli for Raksha Bandhan. Akhiraj asks her to give him time to think. Harki says Kamli didn’t send Rakhi till now. Nimboli asks Harki about Rakhi. Harki tells that Urmila’s parents will send Rakhi. Nimboli gets sad thinking about her family. Pushkar gets upset seeing his shirt button. Kamli says you want me to button your shirt. it. She says when you can fight with the goons, why can’t you button your shirt. Pushkar says okay and buttons his shirt. Kamli says you are very brave Pushkar.

Pushkar’s mum looks at them and smiles. She asks Pushkar to take Kamli to market and gets Rakhi for her brother. The servant informs them that Akhiraj came to meet them. Akhiraj gets angry seeing Kamli, but pretends to be happy. Pushkar greets him and tells that he has button his shirt. Akhiraj blesses Kamli. He requests them to come to his house for lunch to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Pushkar’s mum tells that this is Kamli’s first festival, her relative is coming to tie Rakhi to Pushkar. She says we couldn’t come, and can’t send Kamli also. Akhiraj asks her to give Rakhi for Kundan. Kamli tells that she didn’t buy any Rakhi.

Pushkar’s mum tells that she will send it in the morning. Kamli tells Pushkar’s mum that she will go and asks Akhiraj what he would like to have. She hears Jata Shankar offering to support Akhiraj in the elections. Akhiraj is thankful to Jata Shankar. Kamli thinks I can’t accept that he is doing social service. She thinks he is taking Jata shankar’s advantage, and she can’t let him take his advantage. Anant comes to Jagya and suggests him to get something for the children in the Paediatric ward. He says he wants to convert Paediatric ward into playful and colorful ward. He says kids will come with pain, but will go with happiness and health. Jagya says I totally agree with you and gives him authority. Anant thanks him on behalf of the kids. Jagya laughs.

Urmila comes to Nimboli and asks what are you doing? Nimboli tells that she is cleaning the stuff. Urmila asks her about Kamli. Nimboli tells her that Kamli jiji will send her Rakhi for them. She says Kamli used to be very jovial and playful, but since Akhiraj killed Gopal, she stopped…….Urmila is shocked….and asks….if Akhiraj killed Gopal really. She asks who is Gopal, and asks Nimboli to give her promise. She insists and asks repeatedly. Nimboli tells about Kamli and Gopal’s love story. She tells her how Akhiraj killed Gopal mercilessly, and cries. Urmila is shocked and says Akhiraj is so dangerous. She says I will not make him angry from now on. She says she wants to meet Kamli. Nimboli says she also wants to meet Kamli. Urmila wipes her tears and says Kanha ji will make us meet Kamli jiji. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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