Friday Update on True Love 6th November 2020


Friday Update on True Love 6th November 2020

Asgar notices Meethi’s photo and bends down to pick it. Akash enquires about Meethi from him. She is my wife, Meethi. I have been looking for her since days now but I am not able to find her anywhere. Have you seen her anywhere? Asgar is shocked at the realisation that this is Meethi’s husband. If they both see each other then everything will be over. Akash asks him yet again if he has seen his wife to which Asgar denies. akash wonders about Meethi’s whereabouts. Asgar is sure they both will meet in heaven now.

Malvika is wheeling out Ambika (who has her face covered with a shawl). She tells her daughter to be careful about the police constables. Rathore enters the hospital just then and Malvika stops in her tracks on seeing him there. He enquires for Ambika Chatterjee from the nurse at the reception. Malvika tells Ambika that her father has come to see her. if we leave now then the police too will get to know. Nurse gives the room number and directions to Rathore. Malvika brings Ambika back to her room.

A lady constable asks about whom he has come to meet. He gives his intro and that he has spoken to the commissioner. She allows him to meet Ambika. Rathore knocks at the door.

Ashfaque is thumping the table lost in some thoughts. Ansari brings him out of his reverie. Ashfaque requests him to trust him. I am here only and so are you. Please let me go to the factory once. Ansari is in no mood to relent. I will forget whose son you are if you interrupt my work one more time. Ashfaque wonders what will happen now. Meethi will never return. Legal action can be taken against me for being a traitor to my country. Don’t know what will happen to my family till then.

Asgar places the bombs around the plants. By mistake he leaves his bag there only and forgets about it.

Rathore doesn’t find Ambika in the room. Just when he is about to go she comes out of the bathroom and sits down on the bed. He asks about her health but she doesn’t want to give her any answer. He came to fulfil his duty, to tell her something. He tells her about her uncle (Chaubey) telling him that her mom is alive. Ambika acts to be shocked. Rathore tells her that Malvika is in Dubai maybe. I am going to find her. ambika asks him why he wants to bring her back. Do you want to burn her alive again or want to kill her? He replies that he dint do it. I have told you about it and don’t want to start all over again. Maybe you don’t want to understand anything. She asks him to do so but he doesn’t want to waste his energy. She is so bent upon ruining everyone. She is negative and bitter and shall get the same thing in return. I thought I should tell you so I came to tell you about it. She tells him to go and meet her mom. He has his hopes pined on Malvika. You might change for good after meeting her.

Malvika comes out of the bathroom as soon as Rathore is gone. Why dint he bail you out if he oves you so much? He could have hired a good lawyer atleast. Ambika doesn’t want anyone’s pity. The nurse (who is lying unconscious in the room) is gaining conscious. They cannot even go out as Rathore will be there. Ambika is scared of being caught again. Do something so that I don’t have to be behind bars again. Malvika wants to get her out of jail first. We will plan the rest of the things very carefully. She looks at the nurse and smirks.

Police tells everyone to vacate the place as a terrorist attack has been planned here. All the people rush out frantically. Akash and Kanha look around helplessly. Akash says he cannot go till he finds his wife. The constable insists that he must leave but Akash goes inside. Meethi hears the commotion and wonders what’s happening. She is astonished to see everyone running around. she decides to find Asgar.

Asgar is outside in the parking area. He has the bomb’s remote control in his hand. Meethi walks around looking for Asgar. She doesn’t realise when she walks over the wires attached to the bomb and it neutralises the bomb. Asgar pushes the button on his device but there is no blast. He comes inside and examines the wires while Meethi is still looking around for him. A police inspector notices Asgar doing something with the wires. He calls out for him to stop doing whatever he is doing. He walks towards Asgar with his team.

Inspector questions him as to what was he doing with the wires. Asgar lies that he was picking up his mobile. Inspector doesn’t believe him. one of this junior finds the other bomb around the plant. Asgar talks about his innocence. Police ask him about the red bag. He keeps talking about his innocence. Meethi finds him finally. Police asks Meethi who she is. Meethi agrees with Asgar that they have come to take part in the function. he dint place any bomb. He is a very nice man. He cannot do it. Policemen aren’t ready to believe him. Asgar continues telling them that he is innocent. You can call at Pakistan Police Station and talk to Mushtaq Ansari about me. he knows me very well. She is Fida and I am Asgar, her husband. Meethi is taken aback but keeps quiet. She recalls how he had helped her all the while, passport, postcards and visa. Inspector wants to hear it from Meethi. She simply nods in reply. They are told to board the bus for Pakistan asap.

Meethi tells Asgar that she cannot go back to Pakistan. You promised me that I will go back to my home from here. I just cannot go back to Pakistan or anywhere else. I will stay in this city only. He tells her he cannot do anything now for the security is on high alert. We will have to go from here. Nothing is possible now. You will have to return to Pakistan with me. Meethi denies. I will tell the truth to the police here. They will trust me. he asks for proof and she is at a loss of answer. You hold a Pakistani passport and your name is Fida as per the passport. How will you prove it that you are an Indian? She replies that its all a lie. He too knows it. he agrees but points out that she has just agreed that she is his wife. If you back out then you and I both will become culprits in the eyes of law. We both will be in jail. Think about my parents. I cannot do anything now. You will have to come back with me. she understands it but she doesn’t want to go back.

Akash asks Kanha if he got any news about Meethi to which Kanha declines. Akash wont leave before they get any clue about Fida or Meethi. Kanha tells him it is almost next to impossible to find any clue about Fida or Meethi in this condition. Akash is not in a mood to go back without any info. Just then he spots Meethi in the crowd. She is standing with Asgar (he has his back towards Akash). Akash is stunned to see her there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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