Monday Update on Young Love 9th November 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 9th November 2020

Dadisaa asking Dr. Anant’s opinion about Anandi. Dr. Anant says I like her. Nishi says I am sure that Anandi will say yes to my Papa. Just then Anandi comes there with Dr. Anant’s first wife Pushpa. Dr. Anant asks Pushpa you are here? Anandi says I brought her here. Pushpa says I have done many mistakes, and apologizes to him and Nidhi. Anandi says she is not your wife after divorce, but will be Nidhi’s mum all life. She asks him to start afresh with Pushpa. Dr. Anant says we have come out of this mess with much difficulty and you are asking me to put my life at stake. Anandi asks them to forget everything and start afresh. She says I am asking you to increase your happiness. She asks them to give a chance to each other.

Dr. Anant says they will be pain. Anandi asks them to talk to each other and try to find a solution. She says if you both try to sort out differences then I will be happy. Dr. Anant agrees and asks Pushpa to come with him.

In the room, Pushpa apologizes to Dr. Anant. She says I know that you might not accept me, but if you forgive me then I will be able to live my life peacefully. Dr. Anant thinks about Anandi’s words and tells Pushpa that we will forget everything, and forgive each other. We will start afresh. Pushpa thanks him. Nidhi hears them. Pushpa asks if you really want me back in your life? Nidhi goes angrily. Dr. Anant goes following her and asks her to stop. Nidhi asks how can you think of starting life again with mum. Dr. Anant tells her something. Nidhi asks what about Anandi mam. She asks can you forget her and start afresh.

Pushpa tells everyone that Anant have forgiven her being a big hearted man, but I know Nidhi will not agree for this. She says it was my mistake. When I couldn’t become a good mum, why she will become good daughter. She requests them not to force Nidhi to accept her. Dr. Anant and Nidhi come there. Pushpa is about to go. Nidhi asks her to stop and calls her mum. Pushpa gets emotional. Nidhi asks if you will leave me alone again. Pushpa apologizes to her. Mother and daughter have a hug and unite. Anandi smiles…..Nimboli looks down, sees their union. Nidhi says we will love each other like a good family. They hug each other happily. Nimboli looks on sad.

Akhiraj checks the chain and says it is a pure gold. He says my eyes get wide open seeing the people blind faith on me. How can people believe on a liar like me, laughs. Kundan says Kavita will be kidnapped from Shiv Niketan tomorrow, and everyone will think villager have kidnapped her. Akhiraj says there will be maha yudh between devi and bhakt. Harki smiles. Kundan also smiles. Akhiraj says people will say Anandi Shekhar murda baad. He laughs.

Anandi asks Dadisaa, did you call me? Dadisaa asks her to sit. Anandi sits down and asks do you want to talk to me about Dr. Anant. Dadisaa says we were worried about your future. We thought to do something for your happiness, thought you like him, and he also likes you, but you brought Pushpa here. She asks what will you do now? Anandi says when I started afresh again, when Shiv entered my life…he had completed my incomplete life. She says I can’t give Shiv’s place to anyone. She recalls their love confession and a flashback is shown. Anandi asks her to think about Nidhi…and says Pushpa have realized her mistakes. She says life have given her a chance and this is the good thing that they got their relations back. Jagya says she is saying right. Dadisaa asks her to be happy always.

Jagya gets ready and gets mail from te Jaipur lab. Jagya gets shocked seeing the Vibhuti report. He thinks Vibhuti is having mercury, and thinks to inform Police. Just then he gets a call from the hospital, asking him to come immediately as Somesh gained consciousness and insisted to speak to him. Jagya is about to get inside Somesh’s ward, but just then Inspector stops Jagya and says we have arrest warrant against you. The medicines which we got from your hospital are all fake, and says we have to arrest you. Jagya is shocked.