Friday Update On True Love Sept 28

Friday Update On True Love Sept 28

Mai wanting Tappu to take home but Tappu refuses to come with Mai and tells Mai that sinse Veer is married to Ichha now,so she can’t snatch away Ichha’s happiness anymore and so she will not come with them (Obviously a fake drama);Tappu then shows her fake happiness as if she is happy with Ichha’s pag-phere;All r quiet after Tappu’s decision;Umed takes Gunwanti to the corner and tells her that Tappu is right and that they should leave now; Umed then asks Ichha to come with them and finally Ichha along with Umed and Gunwanti leaves..

At Bundela house,Mai tells Daddaji that mayb Ichha only had given some kasam to Tappu and so she refused to come with them (Why is the writer turning Mai into a villain now);Umed and Ichha then enters the house when Chanda taunts Ichha by telling her that why she is looking so weak after coming from her maayka..mayb becuase in her maayka all r busy looking after Tappu sinse she is pregnent;Ichha as usual is quiet..

Umed then shows his concern to Ichha about they will give this Tapasya’s news to Veer on which Ichha asks Umed not to worry and that she will handle it (I hope Ichha doesn’t go for another sacrifice now)..

At Jogi’s house ,Divya asks Tappu that why she refused to go with Mai on which before Tappu could say anything Jogi comes downstairs and tells Divya that whatever Tappu did was right today;Tappu then goes and hugs Jogi to gain some more sympathy;Jogi then tells Tappu that life is testing us but her family will b always there for her;Jogi then also promises to Tappu that from now onwards she and her child will b her father’s responsibility and that he will give her and her child every possible happiness;(Once again poor Jogi is taken for a ride by her daughter);

Nani is shown angry over Tappu sinse she has no clue why Tappu refused to go with Gunwanti today whewn Tappu comes to manaofy Nani ;Before Tappu can say anything,Divya too enters the room and so Tappu continues with her fake drama of how can she go with Gunwanti sinse Veer is married to Ichha now;This confuses Nani more; Tappu then asks Nani to come downstiars and hv some food sinse she is feeling very hungry;Tappu asks both Divya and Nani to join her for lunch for the sake of her baby at least;After Tappu leaves the room ,Divya tells Nani that god knows whats written in our daughter’s destiny.

At Bundela house Veer enters with a packet of sweets telling everyone about some good news when Mai and others assume that mayb Veer got the good news of Tappu’s pregnency and so celebrating with sweets;But Veer then tells everyone that Ichha is very lucky for this house sinse he got some big contract today on which Umed is very happy but others make a rude face..

Tappu is sitting in her room when Masoom comes with food for Tappu and tries to talk to her but Tappu doesn’t show any inrerest and so Masoom goes out of the room and tells to herself that if Tappu is really doing some drama then why did she refuse to go with Gunwanti;Masoom also tries to talk to Nani but Nani blasts her off..

Nani then goes to Tappu’s room and asks her sarcastically that whether she is planning to reveal their truth to Masoom and others by doing all this sinse Masoom is hell bent on knowing the truth ..reason why she is roaming around her;Hearing this Tappu tells Nani that she din’t tell anything to Masoom;Nani then again asks Tappu that why did she refuse to go with Gunwati when Tappu tells Nani that “If I had gone with Gunwanti in her first call only..then how could I gain that importance in everyone’s eyes ?now let them cry and fall on my feet…let me get some more significance and only then I will go”;Hearing this Nani tells Tappu that she hopes her plan doesn’t misfire in this case on which Tappu asks Nani to relax and tells Nani that Gunwanti will again come to take her back home…so they just need to b patient as its going all right.

Veer goes to Ichcha, happy with the news of his contract. She tries telling him abt Tapasya, but is unsuccessful. He asks for pakodas and she goes to the kitchen. There, Chanda tells her abt the second kitchen, and also abt how she cannot cook there until Chanda is done cooking. She waits outside for hours until Veer shows up asking whats taking so long. Chanda explains and Veer angrily orders pakodas and juice from outside. Meanwhile at the Thakur house, Masoom wants to put Nani in her place and so acts as if she is telling Divya the truth. Nani sends Masoom away. The next morning, Jogi comes to talk to Tapasya and tells her he’s going to arrange the best gynecologist for her.