Friday Update On Young Love Sept 28

Friday Update On Young Love Sept 28

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Cultural programmes begin in the haveli.Everybody is enjoying the fuction and the folk dancers.Anandi is finally brought down in front of everybody,when the dancers part ways for anandi to emerge along with sumitra.Everybody is stunned to see her looking so pretty except sanchi.She takes everybody’s blessings and then goes to face shiv who ssays she’s looking very bful.sumitra seats her alongside shiv.

Then a performer comes along suggesting the next stage of the function which is a game testing the abilities and love that the husband have for their wife.He says that they are going to be bilndfolded and they have to recognize their wives purely on the feel of their hands.To trick their hubands the wives exchange their rings while their husbands’ are being blindfolded.They then come turn by turn,alok,then basant then bhairo then sugna’s father in law,lal singh but everybody fails to recognize their spouses by hands and face the wrath of their wives.Finally shiv’s turn comes.as he proceeds towards anandi rejecting every hand in between,ghuli says to asah tht she thinks shiv would spot correctly.She says she doesnt think so as nobody was able to and they are married,but shiv is not even habituated to the touch of anandi’s hand.But shiv trumps them all by guessing the right hands and everybody is super surprised at the bond they share.anandi too is very happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Anandi’s sangeet ceremony is going on with huge pomp and grandeur,with shiv’s presence.The performer tells anandi’s family to prepare something.Basant says they dont know such stuff and ask the performers only to do something.sumitra too says that they were so busy in preps that they didnt get time to do anything else.Sanchi too taunts them to do something so that they also know what their talent is.She says then she would show them what she has prepared with the help of their dancers.she sarcastically says she’s doing exactly what she was advised for and that if leg pulling which is common in marriages.

Sumitra,bhairo sugna and dadisa then show an item as to how anandi who came in as their daughter in law will leave from this house as the daughter.Anandi and shiv are also joined in by their family in dancing.everybody gets emotional.

Bhawari bhaujai requested saanchi to perform her act. Saanchi said now she will show her kamal. She went up n said she will show love story of shiv n anandi. She described the rescue seq, AnSh r happy. She showed how anandi convinced ds to bring food for shiv, in her act all seems like anandi throwing herself on shiv. AnSh r getting uncomfortable. Then the champi scene, the rain seq…she showed anandi hugged shiv then anandi danced, how shiv took her in his arm,payal scenes…in saanchi’s act all things over the top. All were very uncomfortable.

Now in her act, AnSh saagai…anandi seems more than happy. Ds is shown in bad light. Dadu now lost his cool asked to stop. He asked how she cud do this type of insult. Saanchi says she is just doing mazak masti. They were doing the same mazak with bhai, so y to put finger at her. Ira n dadu scolded her n asked to say sorry to all. Shiv roars at her to say sorry. She came towards Ansh n said sorry to anandi coldly n sat down. All r furious, anandi is in tears. Shiv too said sorry . dadu too said sorry n requested to forgive saanchi looking at her age. Ds covers up by saying that this type of things can be ignored. Situation was brought back to normal. Dadu asked for some dance, masti.

Dadu is beating dhol. First few dancers danced. All r clapping. Then bhawari bhaujai dragged one by one…all to dance floor. Asha, gully dragged AnSh. Shiv signals her to start dancing, anandi nodded. Ansh dance on chaudhury song with bright smile, very close. Ds got kid Jag-anandi FBs n felt bad for jag n wished that to come back fast. Shiv dragged Ds to middle.Anandi dragged dadu to middle. All danced. While dancing DS got fbs of crying jagiya n fainted. All panicked. Bhiron called lal singh. Shiv took ds n asked bhairon to send guests back. AnSh took ds to room. Anandi went down for something. Ds mutters jagdeesh’s name. shiv heard that.

Ds is muttering that she is with j n he will get all happiness in his life, not to worry. Shiv heard. He is sad n worried. Lal singh came with other family members. He checked her n asked to make her drink some water. Sumi made her drink. DS got her sense back. Ds wonders how she came here n y all r looking at her. Anandi said she is tired so that happned. Ds felt sorry that coz of her, anandi’s saangeet is interrupted. Ds said sorry. Shiv recalled ds’s muttering abt jagdeesh.