Friday Update on Young Love 11th September 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 11th September 2020

Akhiraj and Badri making plan to elope from Jail. Jailer comes and tells the prisoners that they found arms near the weak wall, and beats two prisoners thinking they have broken the wall. The prisoners say they didn’t do anything. The Jailer warns everyone and tells that the wall is repaired and asks them to dismiss plan of elope. Anant calls Nimboli and shows her gems saying it is special tablets. Dadisaa says she used to have it in her 10th class with her friends. Nimboli says it might be 50 years back. Dadisaa says no and shows how to eat it? Nimboli says it is good trick. Anant gives her a packet of gems. Nimboli praises Anant and says Akhiraj never brought anything for her. Dadisaa asks her to stop calling him Bapusaa.

A psychologist comes to haveli on Anant’s request. Anant introduces her. Psychologist says she has a daughter like her and asks if her mum loves and proud of her. Nimboli gets sad and says few mum loves their children and few mum hates their children. Psychologist asks why do you hate her so much and asks if you met your mum. Nimboli recalls Mangla’s words asking her not to disclose any details about her mum to anyone. She says I didn’t meet her anytime. Psychologist asks how can you be so sure that your mum was wrong and says may be someone have kidnapped you, or left you in the trash bin. She says your mum might be still searching you and asks her not to keep wrong thinking about her mum. She says whatever you heard might be wrong?

Nimboli gets angry and says I don’t want to talk anything about my mum. She goes inside. Psychologist tells Anandi to wait for sometime and says your daughter is going through a bad phase. She advices Anandi not to tell truth to her and asks her to have patience. Nimboli comes back to room. Mangla asks what happened? She sees Nimboli crying and asks what happened? Nimboli tells her about meeting with doctor. Mangla gets angry and goes to talk to Anandi.

Anant tells Anandi that he will leave, just then Mangla comes shouting at Anandi. She asks why do they want to take her daughter’s life, and asks if they enjoy seeing her crying. Dadisaa asks her to lower her voice tone. Mangla says nobody cares for my daughter. Dadisaa says you want to tell that you only cares for her, and says they also care for her. She says we have to do something to remove hatred from her heart. Mangla says so this is your way. Dadisaa says I know well that Nimboli will be pained today, but if we stop trying now then Nimboli will cry all her life.

Dadisaa says if one tear falls from her eye then Anandi will cry 100’s of tears. Mangla says she is her mum and knows how she is feeling. Dadisaa says we are thankful to you and will be indebted to you, but there is a big truth beyond this which you can’t change ie, Anandi is Nimboli’s real mum who gave her birth. Mangla is stunned. Dadisaa says this real mum will not let anything wrong happen to her daughter and asks her to leave her worry to Anandi for everyone’s betterment. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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