Thursday Update on True Love 10th September 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 10th September 2020

Akash has taken care of the goons by the time Mukta comes there. She also calls Rathore asking him to come fast as they have found Ambika’s home. Akash and Vishnu wonder what to do. Vishnu reasons that they mus have certainly planned something to get out from here. Akash cannot afford to lose any minute as they have very less time. He looks at the bonfire outside and gets an idea. He goes to get something while Vishnu waits.

Chaubey calls his guys but no one picks up as they are all unconscious. He wonders as to where they all are. Ambika suggests they all must have fallen asleep but he feels something fishy and goes to check. She has packed her stuff.

Akash looks at the bonfire and recalls how scared Meethi was as she pleaded for her innocence. Ambika loves playing with fire! A chant plays as he goes towards the bottles of kerosene oil kept there. Both Mukta and Vishnu look on in shock. Akash vows to bring out Ambika’s truth in front of everyone today anyhow. He picks up one bottle while Vishnu picks up the other one.

Chaubey couldn’t find anyone. He tells Ambika to leave asap as it can be risky to stay back here. She is confused what danger can they face now. He is scared of loosing her.

Mukta looks on as AKash and Vishnu pour kerosene oil outside the house. While inside, Ambika and Chuabey are shocked to see the house catching fire. Akash is sure they will come out now. They are waiting anxiously for Chaubey to come out. Chabuey asks Ambika to wait inside while he goes outside to check. He is angry with them for setting the house on fire. I will call police right away. Mukta tells him not to worry for she has already done that. They must be on their way. Akash reminds Chaubey of his dare. I will bring out your truth before 5 am. He grabs Chaubey by his collar. Told you I will do it.

Chaubey is worried for Ambika who is stuck inside in the fire. Douse the fire or AMbika will be burnt in this fire. Rathore says Ambika has already died because of her burns. How can she die again? Chaubey is shocked to see him there. This is the same Ambika for whom we are mourning? She is dead already then how can she die again? This is the same Ambika because of whose death Meethi is going to be hanged. Which Ambika are you talking about? Chaubey stands there shocked.

Meethi is being taken for her punishment. Ambika decides to stay inside till Meethi is hanged. Come what may I wont go out. Chaubey calls out for help. Someone save my daughter. Come out! Meethi recalls everyone’s pleas – Akash, Maiyya and Tappu. She is asked to share her last wish. She says I have lost my husband in this fight and if this is my defeat then I don’t want to cover my face while I am hanged. Her hands are tied but her face is not covered as per her wish. The noose is put around her neck. Her family members cry outside thinking about what would be happening inside as Rupam Dehi chant plays. Tappu prays to God to do something. Jogi wishes for some miracle as they don’t have much time left now.

They all can see Ambika from outside and are happy. Ambika is bent upon staying inside as it is about time when Meethi will be hanged. Rathore comments that it will be kind of fair if she dies here in the fire. But in case she dies then it will be injustice to Meethi. We wont be able to get her out otherwise. I will have to save her for Meethi’s sake. Chaubey decides to run from there as that is the best option for them. If they aren’t saved then its their luck but if they are saved then I will lose my respect as well as my uniform. Plus Ambika is not your daughter anyways. He runs off from there when no one is looking at him.

The trio cannot see either Rathore or Ambika. The fire is catching up. Ambika’s lehenga catches fire. Rathore tries to douse it and take her outside but she insists she wont go anywhere till Meethi dies. He slaps her. I thought you are a good human being. I though Chaubey would have given you good upbringing but guess he hasn’t slapped you like this ever which is why you are like this. He lifts her in his arms while she keeps telling him off but in vain. Rathore brings Ambika outside all safe and sound. Lady inspector reaches there by now and she is shocked to see Ambika. Vishnu too looks stunned. Mukta says see I told you that Ambika is alive but you dint believe us. Looks like Ambika’s so called father Mr. Dharamvir Chaubey has ran off from here. Ambika is arrested by the police. She also calls at the police station to stop Meethi’s death penalty as Ambika is alive.

Meethi is about to be hanged when the inspector comes there. He tells the jailor to stop the execution as Ambika has been caught. The charge is wrong. A woman announces in the jail that Meethi’s punishment has been cancelled. Tappu and everyone else hears it and is relieved. They all are so happy to hear the news. The noose around Meethi’s neck is taken off and she falls unconscious.

Ambika is being taken away by the police when she stops asking them to wait for a minute. She wants to talk to Mukta. Please forgive your sister. I want to apologize to you first and then from Meethi. Don’t know what madness drove me to this that I couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong. But now I am able to understand how wrong I was. I am ready for my punishment but I have a wish before going to jail. Can I hug you? Ambika instead takes a pistol from the inspector standing nearby and points it at Mukta’s head. They all panic. Epi ends with Ambika looking at Akash.